Top 10 Villain Introductions in Anime 😍🔥

Animes are nothing without a cool supervillain and in this article, we will tell you about some of the best villain introductions in anime. These introductions are as good as anime itself and any anime lover fan must know at least 5 of these villain introductions. 

The villain introductions in anime that we picked are best of the best and when it happened, the excitement level was on a whole other level. So without any further delay, let's get started with the Top 10 Villain Introductions in Anime.


  • Villain Introductions in Anime
      • Beast Titan
      • Caster
      • Meruem
      • Goku Black
      • Pillar Men
      • Luo Lang
      • Overhaul
      • Utsuro
      • Kaido
      • Madara
  • Conclusion

Villain Introductions in Anime

10. Beast Titan

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

We open this list with Beast Titan's introduction, season two of Attack on Titan officially introduces us to the Beast Titan. By now, you should be an expert at distinguishing Titans that are important to the plot from unnamed fodder. Apparently, Zeke isn't as he mistakes the Beast Titan for a run of the abnormal. 

That mistake proves costly as he experiences firsthand the fearsome ability of the Beast Titan. What happens next is more surprising as the Beast Titan shows the capability to command other Titans. He speaks and tries to interrogate the helpless human about the mobility gears, finding those satisfying answers. He relents and allows the Titans to devour their victims.

9. Caster



Next, we have Caster's introduction, Fate Zero's Caster is arguably one of the creepier and more sinister servants in the Fate/Stay Night timeline. Of course, a grand villain like him deserves nothing less than what the Fate/Zero Anime gave him. 

Instead of being cool or amazing like most servants. Caster is nothing short of chilling in a series that prides itself on grey morality. Caster provides that one character, the viewers can immediately latch onto as the bad guy. That one irredeemable, at least in this series villain to root against. On another note, the magnificent and chilling introduction of Caster gave a lot of the absurd scenes that feature this master-servant Jerome. It's a match made in heaven or hell for that matter.

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8. Meruem

Hunter x Hunter


My next top is Meruem's introduction in the eighth spot. It is safe to say that the Chimera Ant Arc elevated Hunter x Hunter to the upper echelons of shounen anime. Much of it has to do with the development of Meruem and the philosophical questions raised throughout the journey of this antagonist. It goes without saying that the development would have been as impactful if the introduction wasn't up to par. 

At the moment of Meruem's premature birth. Everyone immediately saw how he'd factor into the story. When his mother feels him trying to come out, she screams that it's too soon, and then he literally tells her to shut up and forcibly rips himself out of his sack. When Peggy rushes to help her, Meruem cuts him down with a whip of his tail. Pretty disturbing and chilling, but what better way to showcase his initial characterization than the circumstances surrounding his birth?

7. Goku Black

Dragon Ball Super

Goku Black

Now we take a look at Goku Black, the 7th entry on the list. Truth be told, the idea of an evil Goku has been played around for a while now. In fanfiction or even official characters like Turles, I doubt any of them would have had the impactful introduction that Goku Black got with the scene of him staring down Trunks from afar, still sticking in the back of my mind.

Now I know a lot of people were lukewarm or even cautious at the idea of an evil Goku first. But the villain's core introduction and his eventual development gradually won many DBZ fans over.

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6. Pillar Men

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Pillar Men

How could any Jojo fan forget the Pillar Men's introduction? That's sixth on the list. The Pillar Men awakening is one of the more bizarre and gripping scenes in Battle Tendency and that's saying something, a more lighthearted entry in the Jojo series. Battle Tendency suddenly gets far more serious with the introduction of this group of villains. Wamuu awakens by suddenly launching an attack on the Nazis. 

As he breaks out his seal, he does what a Jojo character does, posing before turning serious and crushing what feeble resistance the Nazis gave off. He linked the Nazis together to kill them more easily. Giving one more look is handiwork. He then awakens the rest of his kin. The world trembles at the power of the Pillar Men.

5. Luo Lang

Sword of the Stranger

Luo Lang

The fifth on the list is Luo Lang, fifth place is someone who's no stranger to these lists. Luo Lang from Sword of the Stranger finds his way into another list with his amazing introduction. Lou Lang easily tears through the bandits like the feeble prey they are with superior speed, strength, and tactics of the full display. 

The massacre only further highlights what awaits our protagonist at the climax of the movie. You mean that's what they have to be? Just what do they have to pull out of their arsenal to stand a chance against this beast? Only one way to find out, that's to watch Sword of the Stranger.

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4. Overhaul

My Hero Academia


Number four on the list is Overhaul. The Overhaul is definitely one of the coolest villains in My Hero Academia. Even though we seem at the end of Season 3, his formal introduction is when he comes face to face with the League of Villains. You might expect a new face to be taken aback by the hideout of the nastiest villains. 

He criticizes Shigaraki and the rest of the League. No, he's not interested in joining the league in their quest to crown Shigaraki, the next ruler of the world. Overhaul turns the tables and urges them to join him. Instead, a melee between villains commences showing how little he cares for the lives of his subordinates. Talk about some good old evil vs. evil. Gotta love pissing contests between these villains. They're so fun to watch.

3. Utsuro



What's a way to make an entrance, stepping over one of the main characters and turning the three-on-one battle around to his advantage. That's what this monster of a swordsman does in his anime debut. Anime-only fans watching that scene probably thought, who is this strange masked man? Without knowing that they've already looked at the most overpowered villain in the Gintama universe. 

With Gintoki's help, they were eventually forced back only to reveal a face that would traumatize Gintoki for quite some time. He also displays his regenerative powers, giving our heroes a first glimpse of that terrifying ability that would be more than tough to overcome.

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2. Kaido

One Piece


Kaido is our runner-up, placing second on this top 10 list of villain introductions in anime. Kaido's introduction in One Piece anime is simplistic. The huge beast pirate jumps off a sky island looking for a place to die. Unfortunately for him, he survives the fall and lands on an island surrounded by pirates way out of his league. 

You can guess what happened right after to those poor pirates, can't you? What makes this introduction extra special is the narration and the music. While he descends from the sky. Nothing else can be heard but a long narration of his past deeds going along with ominous music with line after line of hype. You can see how powerful this humongous villain is. Nothing better than having narration and serious music hyping up your first appearance.

1. Madara

Naruto Shippuden


We end the list with who else but Madara from the anime Naruto Shippuden. It's a testament to how awesome he is in the grand scheme of things. He really deserves to have the role of being the ultimate villain instead of being hijacked by Kaguya. Yeah, I said it. If you've been following my other Blogs on this Blogger, this moment doesn't need any introduction. 

Seeing a one-man army fight like that would surely be caught in the moment and struck with awe at the power exhibited by the bad guy. This moment is the key moment that confirmed that Madara is the real deal. This is it's one of the strongest villains that our heroes have to overcome.

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So this is the list for our Top 10 Villain Introductions in Anime. I hope you find this list excited and these are the best villain introductions in anime so far. The Top 10 Villain introductions in anime that we mentioned above are:

  • Beast Titan
  • Caster
  • Meruem
  • Goku Black
  • Pillar Men
  • Luo Lang
  • Overhaul
  • Utsuro
  • Kaido
  • Madara

This is the end of today's list. If you find any mistake in the article, then please let us know in the comment section.

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