Top 10 Badass Rivalries in Anime 😍🔥

Anime rivalries are always the best. In anime, if one is a moon, then another one will be the sun. If one is fire, then another one will be water. Seeing these rivals growing and getting powerful is always chilling. 

This list is dedicated to some of the best rivalries in anime. These are the rivalries in anime that most of us loved the most and admire the most. So without any further delay, let's get started with the Top 10 badass rivalries in anime.

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  • Rivalries In Anime
      • Asta and Yuno
      • Zoro and Sanji
      • Ippo and Sendo
      • Midoriya and Bakugo
      • Shizuo and Izaya
      • Alucard and Anderson
      • Naruto and Sasuke
      • Kenshin and Saito
      • Goku and Vegeta
      • Light and L
  • Conclusion

Rivalries In Anime

10. Asta and Yuno

Black Clover

Asta and Yuno

Asta and Yuno of black clover are at number 10th position. Childhood Friends and foster brothers Asta and Yuno share an interesting relationship. Growing up together both characters are competing for the title of Magic Emperor with a sense of mutual respect. 

However, it didn't all start out this way. Asta is the one who inspired Yuno to be the Magic Emperor thanks to his actions. Of course, being the person that he was at the start of the series. Asta's lack of magic and hyperactive tendencies turned his foster brother cold towards him. But we always knew deep down he always believed and respected Asta.

9. Zoro and Sanji

One Piece

Zoro and Sanji

Next up, number nine is the rivalry between Zoro and Sanji. It's an understatement to say the straw hats master swordsman and chef had a rough start. Always fighting one another. You could say they were always at each other's throats, even over the pettiest matters. The rivalry runs deep and has roots in the two pirates' philosophies with the earliest of this being shown in Normies Along Arc. 

Now the two developed a mutual respect for each other's fighting skills, and their combination in battle is unstoppable. They also have a deep sense of trust towards each other, and their rivalries allowed them to know each other quite well. Beyond the insults and nicknames are too valuable. Members of the crew whose friendships being forged by fire.

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8. Ippo and Sendo

Hajime no Ippo

Ippo and Sendo

The rivalry between Ippo and Sendo at number eight on the list. In a Shounen Anime, you'd expect the hot-blooded Sendo to be the protagonist. But instead, he's one of the key rivals. With his fiery, reckless attitude. He's an ideal foil for Ippo, who handed him his first loss on screen. 

Despite the contrasting personalities, Ippo and Sendo have more similarities than what can be seen on the surface. Both have a similar fighting style family backgrounds and goals in boxing. Outside the ring, the two are friends. Maybe this is the reason why they are two bouts of hype-filled matches. It seems that the two are built to be each other's, worthy opponents.

7. Midoriya and Bakugo

My Hero Academia

Midoriya and Bakugo

Coming in at number seven is Midoriya and Bakugo's rivalry. In most shounen shows we see the wide-eyed and idealistic main character paired with the more realistic, cynical equal. That's where I find it quite nice actually, that my hero academia just changed things up a little bit. Instead of pairing our protagonist with the obvious choice to Todoroki. He gets paired with his childhood friend and eventual bully Bakugo. 

Throughout the season, Midoriya and Bakugo's friction-filled relationship continues and has made more intense, with Deku getting the better of Mr. Explosions a couple of times. Despite the fighting and antagonism between them, they managed to work together on rare occasions and it's not only once Bakugo, let his true feelings out. The relationship between the rivals runs deep and is complicated, anchored by a notable case of jealousy on the part of Bakugo.

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6. Shizuo and Izaya


Shizuo and Izaya

Shizuo's legendary conflict with Izaya put that rivalry in the six. The battles between Shizuo and Izaya, well-known as they have one of the most antagonistic relationships in all of Durarara. How can they not fight after all their major opposites to each other? In fact, it's hate at first sight for the two, with Shizuo throwing the first punch in Izaya responding in kind. 

While Shizuo is impulsive and direct with his actions, Izaya is cerebral, calm, and manipulative, a noticeable characteristic of a troll who's beyond good and evil. The hatred between the two stems from a simple exchange. Shizou immediately sees Izaya for what he is, and Izaya can't accept that this dumb brute of a man can see through his plots and schemes. 

5. Alucard and Anderson

Hellsing Ultimate

Alucard and Anderson

Number five, we have a rivalry between Alucard and Anderson. It's just right that the world's strongest vampire has the Vatican's ultimate vampire hunter for a rival. Don't You agree with that? In addition to being peers in strength with multiple similarities, the two are fitting polar opposites in nature, seemed destined to battle and it shows in their actions as the series progresses. 

There's respect between the two, with Alucard acknowledging Anderson's will and desire to destroy a mighty vampire like him and this is the only opponent worthy of respect from Alucard. Unfortunately, this deeply rooted respect comes to an end once Anderson gave up his humanity in his bid to destroy the vampire.

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4. Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto and Sasuke

Rounding out our pre-top three lists is the pair of Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto and Sasuke are perfect foils to each other. While Naruto is loud, dreamy, and idealistic, Sasuke is quiet, analytical, and cynical. On a serious level, Sasuke is also filled with hatred. A stark contrast to his friendly and understanding rival. What's even more notable is that Sasuke never got power creep. 

I never really felt throughout the story that Sasuke truly been usurped by his rival in the power rankings. He's frequently ahead of the main protagonist in terms of power level, making this rivalry one with an intrigue-filled endpoint as the series went on. It's only fitting that they have their decisive showdown as the last battle of the series.

3. Kenshin and Saito

Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin and Saito

Starting off our top three is the rivalry featuring the duo of Kenshin and Saito. Kenshin and Saito, two swordsmen who've had their share of history. Fighting for opposite sides in the Bakumatsu era. There's no love lost between the two when they encountered each other after the war. Saito was never converted by Kenshin to his side and in all of his appearances, he was shown to be in tip-top shape, as if he's ready to have another epic duel with Kenshin. 

Despite the antagonism between the pair. They've shown themselves to be more than capable allies. They've teamed up on numerous occasions, most notably the battle against Shishio. The two may be rivals, they also show deep respect for each other's prowess with Kenshin, considering the former member of the Shinsengumi a trustworthy companion.

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2. Goku and Vegeta

Dragon Ball

Goku and Vegeta

Our runner-up is the rivalry between Goku and Vegeta. This rivalry is about as classic anime rivalry as you can get. I think this rivalry needs much explaining at all actually. While around half of the dragon ball's opponents can be considered a rival to Goku. None of their rivalries has as much legacy as Vegeta's. Starting out as a villain, 

Vegeta's frequent battles with his peer lead him to break out as a character and becoming a series's mainstay to provide a parallel to our main hero. It wouldn't surprise me if Vegeta is the first thing an anime fans' minds when it comes to naming a rival character. The competitive nature of the relationship between them has codified the archetype of the Shounen Anime rival for years to come when it's all said and done.

1. Light and L

Death Note

Rivalries in Anime

At last, at number one, we have the glorious rivalry between Light and L. The core attraction of Death Note is Light and L's rivalry. Notably the two of them, never actually fight directly. Instead, their battles take the form of mental duels and attempts at outmaneuvering each other. You see, L knows that Light is Kira. He has no proof of that to expose it. 

On the other hand, Light doesn't know L's real name, so he can't just kill the detective to get him off his trail. The game of cat and mouse between the two geniuses is what Death Note prides itself on. L's replacement never had that charisma that he possessed and while they were successful in defeating Light. 

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So this is our list of the top 10 badass rivalries in anime. The anime rivalries that we mentioned are the best of them all. I know a lot of others are missing but this is the list for Top 10, so these were the best fit for this list. The badass rivalries in anime that we mentioned above are:

  • Asta and Yuno
  • Zoro and Sanji
  • Ippo and Sendo
  • Midoriya and Bakugo
  • Shizuo and Izaya
  • Alucard and Anderson
  • Naruto and Sasuke
  • Kenshin and Saito
  • Goku and Vegeta
  • Light and L

I hope you find this list enjoyable. If you find any problem in the article, then you can let us know in the comment section.

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