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Bleach anime series is based on Tite Kubo's manga. It was produced by Studio Pierrot and directed by Noriyuki Abe. With a total episodes of 366, this series aired on TV Tokyo from October 2004 to March 2012. Bleach is one of the best shounen anime in my opinion. Just like the Naruto anime moments, Bleach gave us a lot of remembering moments. In this list, we will be reviewing some of these. Today's list is dedicated to the Bleach anime moments. So without any further delay, let's get started with the Top 10 Bleach Anime Moments.


  • Bleach Anime Moments
      • Ichigo Becomes a Shinigami
      • Aizen Trolls Everyone
      • Orihime's Goodbye
      • Gin's Betrayal
      • Ichigo Arrives to Fight Aizen
      • Final Getsuga Tenshou
      • Ichigo Saves Rukia
      • Ichigo Vs Byakuya
      • Ichigo's Rage Moment
      • Aizen's Betrayal
  • Conclusion

Bleach Anime Moments

10. Ichigo Becomes a Shinigami

Episode 1

Bleach Anime Moments

Of course, a top-ten list of memorable moments would not be complete without the one that started it all. Ichigo becoming a Shinigami. To sum up the main character Ichigo's life changes in an encounter with the Shinigami Rukia. 

When a hollow attacks the Kurosaki household, Rokia gets injured. With him as their only hope, Ichigo accepts the responsibility and lets Rokia stab him, transferring her powers to him and turning him into the substitute Shinigami. It's a strong and powerful image that fittingly kicks off this epic supernatural adventure.

9. Aizen Trolls Everyone

Episode 293

Aizen Trolls Everyone

Next is Aizen battling the Captains and Wizards in Fake karakura Town. Need more proof that Aizen is by far one of the most broken villains ever conceived in anime history. Look no further from this whole sequence in Fake Karakura Town. After the united front of the Gotei and the Wizards finished taking care of business, it should be easy, right! He has a whole bunch of powerful opponents ready to gang-up on him. 

The battle started and he easily dispatches a few captains. However, the numbers game would eventually catch up to him and he finds himself finished off by Hitsugaya in poetic fashion. When were you under the impression that Aizen can be done by lowly captains and Wizards that don't even comprehend his power and he's only getting stronger and stronger as the battle rages on?

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8. Orihime's Goodbye

Episode 141

Orihime's Goodbye

The next moment is the one where she says goodbye to Ichigo. Aizen sends various forces to act as a diversion. The one who finally intercepts the girl is none other than his fourth Espada Okie Ora. Threatened by Ulquiorra, Orihime agrees to go with him to Hueco Mundo. However, for someone who is the embodiment of nihilism Espada isn't heartless after all. Instead of taking a straight to Aizen, Ulquiorra allows Orihime to say her farewells to one person without anyone else's knowledge. 

For Orihime, the choice is clear as day. Finding herself inside her choice's room for the first time, she confesses her love to a sleeping Ichigo. In her confession, she tells him of her dreams and reaffirms her love for him. This is a dramatic scene that sets the stage for the next Arc. The scene where Orihime can't bring herself to kiss Ichigo and the confession that remains for me one of the key scenes for this girl in the entirety of bleach. You can't help but feel sad for her as she says supposedly the last farewell.

7. Gin's Betrayal

Episode 307

Gin's Betrayal

In a seventh-place is Gin's betrayal to Aizen. Talk about the top ten anime betrayal or what. For me, one of the moments that struck me the most as I watched the end of Aizen Arc is the scene where Gin pierces his sword right through Aizen's chest. He reveals the trick to playing around Kyoka Suigetsu. As well as the true nature of his Bankai. It's here that the Gin's true intentions are revealed. All this time it's spent being at Aizen's side, establishing him as a close ally. Everything is for the sole purpose of exacting revenge on this man. 

How fitting that even his Bankai's name can be translated to God killing spear. It's as if Gin been destined to kill Aizen all along. All is for not, as Aizen revives almost immediately and puts a quick end to Gin's ambitions. Gin spends his last moments lamenting his failures and apologizing to Rangiku. On the more hopeful note, he lives long enough to see Ichigo merge out of the dumb guy. Upon seeing the fire of resolving in the eyes and finally dies knowing that he can leave the rest to Ichigo.

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6. Ichigo Arrives to Fight Aizen.

Episode 308

Ichigo Arrives to Fight Aizen.

Next, it's Ichigo arriving Karakura town to fight Aizen. Just as Aizen seems unstoppable and all hope seems lost out of nowhere here comes none other than Ichigo. Gone is the hesitant youth with shaky resolve and Ichigo that waves against Kim's relentless assault. Ichigo stands before Aizen a completely mature and confident combatant. 

One doesn't have to look anywhere but his appearance to see proof of a man who's been through hell and back. Thanks to the training Ichigo has transcended his limits far beyond what Aizen had become. To further, at this point Ichigo simply grabs Aizen and throws him down to have a fight where the two of them wouldn't be interrupted. One doesn't simply manhandle Aizen like that. It's finally time for the final showdown.

5. Final Getsuga Tenshou

Episode 309

Final Getsuga Tenshou

Number five is, of course, the Final Getsuga Tenshou. The battle against Aizen was going well so far. Breaking enhanced Kido with his arm, check! Destroying the landscape with the swing of a sword, check! To cap it off he also turns yearlong favor to Aizen by stopping Aizen's sword with his hand. 

With Aizen reeling and shaking disbelief. Ichigo decides that it's time to finish the fight once and for all. It's here that he unveils the Final Getsuga Tenshou. In terms of hype, nothing really compares to seeing Ichigo in Final Getsuga Tenshou in his bid to finally defeat the overpowered Villain in anime. His finisher Mugetsu is especially important because it's a move that eliminates the last traces of a Shinigami power once he used it. It's truly all or nothing attack that seeks to end Aizen.

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4. Ichigo Saves Rukia

Episode 54

Ichigo Saves Rukia

Rounding out the pre-top number four is Ichigo saving Rukia. You see those who are a bit older will recall when times were simpler in bleach. This moment is the pinnacle of the renowned Soul Society Arc. Ichigo's step between a gigantic Phoenix that's about to kill Rukia. 

Showing never seen before strength and a renewed resolve forged from his journey. Ichigo stops the being of pure energy right before all hells about to break loose. The calm and confident look on Ichigo's face is a look of a strong protector. One who overcomes trials to get to exactly where he is and this awesome moment of saving Rukia is one of his personal highlights in the entire series.

3. Ichigo Vs Byakuya

Episode 58

Ichigo Vs Byakuya

For our third moment is Ichigo versus Byakuya. What makes the Ichigo versus Byakuya fight so great you asked? It's important to know that this fight happened way before the character's powers went over the top and the fight started becoming predictable reveal fests. Where the one who runs out of new power loses. What we have here is a fight of the two key players in the story together letting them face off in a clean one on one fight with everything on the line. Ichigo had just save Rokia yet in one chain of badass moments. 

Meanwhile, Byakuya was never over-hyped like Aizen, but he's considered a mighty opponent and fresh off making mincemeat how this vice-captain just obtains Bankai. More than a battle of strengths, this fight is also a clash of ideals. Ichigo and Byakuya as a fight at the end of the Soul Society Arc would go down as one if not the best fight in bleach history. The action is back-and-forth with Ichigo showcasing his new Banaki that lived up to the hype and knocked down the proud captain.

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2. Ichigo's Rage Moment

Episode 271

Ichigo's Rage Moment

Ichigo's full hollow transformation finds a way to the second spot on the list. Throughout most of the Hueco Mundo Arc. Ichigo has done a pretty good part playing the underdog. The final fight against Ulquiorra showed how outmatched and outclassed Ichigo is. A dramatic moment in that fight is when Orihime and Ishida chase after the two combatants. Only to be greeted with the site of Ulquiorra delivering the finishing blow to our protagonist blasting the hole through his chest. 

Hearing Orihime's cries of despair something brings awakened within the practically dead Ichigo. His inner hollow. Now taking over the host's body the hollow turns the tables and destroys Ulquiorra in one chilling sequence of events. Even a secret technique gets brushed aside by this incredible force that aims to destroy everything in sight. 

1. Aizen's Betrayal

Episode 60

Aizen's Betrayal

Aizen's iconic review as a traitor to Soul Society takes number one on this list. Did you get off guard by this before? A lot of us sure did. Gin's been the one that's been set up as the orchestrate of the events of the Arc. Kubo had other ideas and Gin ends up being just a co-conspirator all along. 

To demonstrate his power Aizen waste no time mowing through two captains. Bankai Hitsugaya and Bankai Komamura both fall to him in one hit and so he finally finds himself face to face with Ichigo and Renji. The fight goes as well as you'd expect. After extracting the Hogyoku from Rokia, Aizen gets forced back temporarily. Along with his two captain accomplices you leave to Hueco Mundo and that's the last we saw of Captain Aizen and Ichigo's theme.

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This is the list of the best Bleach Anime Moments. I hope you enjoy and find this list informative and enjoy it. The Top 10 Bleach Anime Moments we mentioned above are:

  • Ichigo Becomes a Shinigami
  • Aizen Trolls Everyone
  • Orihime's Goodbye
  • Gin's Betrayal
  • Ichigo Arrives to Fight Aizen
  • Final Getsuga Tenshou
  • Ichigo Saves Rukia
  • Ichigo Vs Byakuya
  • Ichigo's Rage Moment
  • Aizen's Betrayal

If you find any mistakes in the article, you can let us know in the comment section.

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