Top 10 Cutest Anime Girl 😍🔥

It's time to rank the best of the lot! These are no ordinary Top 10 Cutest Anime Girl. These are the top 10 best in the world. This should give anyone the gist of how elite, special and legendary these are. 

This is my own personal list so if you don't find your favorite anime girl then don't come at us with anger, After all, we all have our own choices. So this is the list for my Top 10 Cutest Anime Girl 2020.


  • Cutest Anime Girl
      • Sakura Minamoto
      • Yukishiro Nanako
      • Masuzu Natsukawa
      • Yui Yuogahama
      • Adashino Benio
      • Mafuyu Kirisu
      • Akane Mizuno
      • Mashiro Shiina
      • Fumino Furuhashi
      • Miku Nakano
  • Conclusion

Cutest Anime Girl


Anime: Zombie-land Saga


At number 10, the cutest anime girl on our list is Sakura Minamoto. Sakura Minamoto is the main protagonist of Zombie-land Saga. An ordinary girl who faced many misfortunes. What I love the most is her straight, dark-rose pink color hair with a section of it brought up with a blue and pink bow. Her bangs are brushed to the left side and has blue eyes. 

Sakura actually dies in the anime when she gets nailed by a truck. But she rises as a zombie from the ashes. The smile showed that it doesn't always have to be easy. You just have to accept it and live on.


Anime: Senryuu Shoujo (2019)


Moving on to number 9th position, we have Yukishiro Nanako. Yukishiro Nanako was ranked number 1 on best anime girls of 2019. Yukishiro is a cute and slender white-skinned girl with long dark-purple hair. 

She keeps her hair straight for the most part and also has purple eyes. She is a kind, caring, cheerful and outgoing girl who always wears her heart on her sleeve, which often causes her to slip out some of her feelings. She was ranked number 1 on Crunchyroll for a reason.

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Anime: Oreshura (2013)


At number 8th position one of the cutest anime girls is Masuzu Natsukawa. Surely, It was a tough one. Wanted to fit in "Zero Two" but Masuzu is more badass hence earns a slot in my Top 10. She is that one girl in your school who's blessed with charm and looks. 

That one girl who every boy wants and every other girl is jealous of. Although Masuzu hated love and romance. Her twisted personality is caused by her family problems, which also caused her to hate anything about 'love'.


Anime: Oregairu (2015)


Yui Yuogahama is also among the cute anime girl. She is the second one from anime Oregairu and yes the best girl in Oregairu. She had a very unique personality. Even when she was sad, she had a smile on her face. She has a friendly attitude mostly to everyone around her and usually ends up befriending them. 

She is not all deterred by those who refuse her kindness, such as Hachiman and Yukino Yukinoshita. Legendary Hachiman describes her as good looking, dumb, popular type.

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Anime: Twin star Exorcists (2017)


Next at number 6, we have the cute sweet anime girl Adashino Benio. I have watched tons of animes, and my favorite one was Twin Star Exorcists. So it would've been harsh if Benio, one of the main protagonists of the anime, was not able to make a list. 

Benio first comes off as a cold, quiet person, who dislikes talking and is easily irritated. After warming up to Rokuro, Benio is shown to actually be a very caring person. She is also easily embarrassed. She has waist-long black hair that has a set of long bangs that frames her forehead.


Anime: We never learn: Bokuben (2019)


Next, we have Mafuyu Kirisu as the 5th cutest anime girl. There's something about her hair. This pink color is something. She thinks that people should follow their talent and that they shouldn't be swayed by emotions. 

She is messy but often has to clean her room. She is also very clumsy and often makes "mistakes" that put her in unpleasant situations and often hurt her. She is without a doubt worthy of being on this list.

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Anime: Like the moon, so beautiful.


Number 4th cute anime girl is the Akane Mizuno. Only a few know the gem that Akane is. If there was one word for her, it would've been 'Common'. Akane has brown eyes, dark hair, and a fair complexion. Although she is apparently indirect and active. 

Akane has a different personality, she gets embarrassed by the crowd and easily gets scares when people are around her. When it got a little difficult, the poor girl broke down. But in the end, it was a real pleasure to be happy again.


Anime: My pet girl of Sakurasou (2014)


Moving on to the top 3 the cutest anime girl is Mashiro Shiina. Back in 2014, this was the 1st real anime that I watched. It's one of the only 3 animes that I've watched more than 3 times. Shiina has always been the kind I've been searching for. Shiina is the main female protagonist of the story and a world-famous artist. 

Other than drawing, she is otherwise reliant on others. Thus, lacking even the most basic common sense. She is wonderful, and she also has a very slim physique. She has pale skin followed by red eyes and long pale blonde hair. To me, Shiina has been the best anime girl of all time.

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Anime: We never learn: Bokuben (2019)


After watching the anime and studying her life, I came to the conclusion that if I were a girl, I would've been Furuhashi. So alive and a larger-than-life personality. She has blue silky waist-length hair. 

Her beauty is definite as she is also titled as one of the prettiest girls of all time. Fumino is a silent girl, seldom talks to classmates except for very few close friends. She is emotional and is very sensitive to feelings. The saddest part was to see her lose her mom. I really wished she could be my number one. I really loved her smile and style.


Anime: The Quintessential Quintuplin (2019)


So the most cutest anime girl on our list is Miku Nakano. Any otaku out there must've wondered if Fumino was my number 2, then it should've been someone extraordinary. She is, without a doubt, the greatest and prettiest girl of all time. Miku is an emotionless-looking anime girl with medium-length brownish-red hair. 

Miku is noted to have a low sense of dignity and less care about her appearance. Miku is a silent and shy girl who has a negative way of thinking and low confidence. Don't give up after failing just twice. We'll be able to do it next time. We'll make it! Failure is the stepping stone to success, right?

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So this is my list for the Top 10 cutest anime girl. I hope you enjoy this list. Please note that this is my own personal list for the cutest anime girls. There are tons of anime, and I haven't watched all of them so there are chances that I might miss the one you like the most. The cutest anime girls that we mentioned above are:

      • Sakura Minamoto
      • Yukishiro Nanako
      • Masuzu Natsukawa
      • Yui Yuogahama
      • Adashino Benio
      • Mafuyu Kirisu
      • Akane Mizuno
      • Mashiro Shiina
      • Fumino Furuhashi
      • Miku Nakano

If you find any mistake in the list or you have any suggestion regarding this list, then please tell us in the comment section.
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