Top 10 Last Second Saves in Anime 😍🔥

Animes are always known for their plot twists, stories, animation and best fights. All these things make a perfect anime to watch. We've seen a lot of time that in a crucial time someone has to save the day. This list is dedicated to some of the best last seconds saves in the anime history. So without any further delay, let's get started with the Top 10 Last Second Saves in Anime.


  • Last Second Saves in Anime
      • Midoriya and Friends Save Bakugou
      • Killua Save Knuckle
      • Tomioka Saves Tanjiro
      • Black Bulls save Finral
      • Mustang Save Rize and Alphonse
      • Hiko Seijuro Saves Yahiko
      • Ichigo Saves Rukia
      • Skull Knight Saves Guts and Casca
      • Sinbad Saving Everyone
      • Shanks Saving Coby and Stops The War
  • Conclusion

Last Second Saves in Anime

10. Midoriya and Friends Save Bakugou

My Hero Academia

Midoriya and Friends Save Bakugou

A hero has to save everyone including the fellow heroes and that is no different for a hero in training. While the pro heroes were busy working to put a plan that how to save Bakugou after the League of Villains kidnapped him. Midoriya made the executive decision that the heroes in training should rescue him now. 

Of course, everyone has to take a side to go with him or to stand back and let the pro heroes handle it. In the end, it was Midoriya, Iida, Momo, Kirishima and Todoroki who went on a suicide mission to save their temperamental friend. Things got serious as Deku and friends realize what they got themselves into. Fortunately, they actually did manage to save Bakugou in the end.

9. Killua Save Knuckle

Hunter X Hunter 2011

Killua Save Knuckle

Feeling enraged by Youpi insulting Shoot, Knuckle prepares a punch that would demolish the Chimera Ant. Unfortunately for him though he played right into his opponent's hand. Using his force against him, Youpi turns the battle around and puts a pompadour man on the verge of death. Thankfully Killua's timely arrival saves Knuckle from his grim fate. 

The animation of this scene is just superb with all those angles graphic effects and foe symbolism. Looking at it without spoilers and having no idea what's gonna happen next, you think that surely Knuckle done for. That's what makes this rescue scene so exciting. I'm not the only one who thought that Knuckle's gonna die. Thanks, Killua for saving him.

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8. Tomioka Saves Tanjiro

Demon Slayer

Tomioka Saves Tanjiro

We all know episode 19 of Demon Slayer. In the next episode, we get the epic scene of Tomioka saving Tanjiro. Since the start of the series, Tanjiro is probably being the Demon Slayer corpse's water pillars only real friend and Tomioka saves our MC in his time of need. Coming in at crucial moment Tomioka stands a worthy opponent to the white demon who's been in a throne in the Kamado siblings side. 

For those doubting Tomioka's strength, this episode put that to rest. The powerful Demon Slayer demonstrates the difference between him and Ruby by showing off his abilities before winning the battle and eliminating the white demon.

7. Black Bulls save Finral

Black Clover

Black Bulls save Finral

The Black Bulls coming in to save their squadmate is seventh on the list. Finral's most important battle comes in the Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament. Practically grown as rivals to each other Finral Langris finally get their chance at a showdown. Despite Finral's brave showing, he falls down in the battle against his superior brother. 

After the match, Langris rub salt in the wound by commenting that there's no possibility that his inferior brother can beat him out. Before he can even finish Finral, Magna, Luck and Asta come to rescue him. It is not about the tournament anymore now, the black bulls just step in to protect their friend from harm. 

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6. Mustang Save Rize and Alphonse

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Mustang Save Rize and Alphonse

Now tell me you saw this coming. Even before seeing this episode, I knew something like this was definitely gonna happen. If there's anyone who'd pull out a last-minute save of Rize and Alphonse is got to be their trustworthy partner. After thinking that the colonel died, Rize loses the composure that she's known for and unloads on Homunculus. It is too bad though her opponents someone who would not die even if you kill her. 

Despite Alphonse's heroic attempt of protecting her, things were looking bleak for good guys and then they see completely alive Mustang who shows up at last. Revealing the secret that how he survives his wounds, Mustang burns Lust repeatedly. Even the toughest of Homunculus has a limit to its regeneration and after reviving so many times Lust finally dies in an ironic twist at the hands of a man who never fell for her for a while.

5. Hiko Seijuro Saves Yahiko

Rurouni Kenshin

Hiko Seijuro Saves Yahiko

Talk about David vs Goliath. Standing face to face with a giant armed with a sword capable of cleaving anything in half, Yahiko shouts his friend's name. Just in the nick of time help arrives in the form of an unexpected rescuer. Badass music heralds the entrance of the strongest character in the Rurouni Kenshin universe. Master Hiko stops the giant's sword. 

He then shows why he's the strongest by winning against Fuji. At least he paid respect to his opponent before finishing him off in just one hit. So powerful that he had to be kept out of the main plot.

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4. Ichigo Saves Rukia


Ichigo Saves Rukia

Rounding out the pre top three at number four is Ichigo saving Rukia. You see those who are a bit older will recall when times were simpler in bleach. This moment is the pinnacle of the Renowned Soul Society Arc. Ichigo's step between a gigantic Pheonix that's about to kill Rukia. Showing never seen before strength and a renewed resolve forged from his journey. 

Ichigo stops the being of pure energy right before all hells about to break loose. The calm and confident look on Ichigo's face is a look of strong protector. One who overcomes trials to get to exactly where he is and this awesome moment of saving Rukia is one of his personal highlights in the entire series.

3. Skull Knight Saves Guts and Casca


Skull Knight Saves Guts and Casca

Opening our top three is a scene from the third Berserk movie. It is fair to say that Skull might totally steal the spotlight in this scene. We've just seen the rise of Femto in the eclipse but for some, the arrival of the new Lord of darkness is a warm-up for the epic moments that comes next. On entering the eclipse, Skull might ride through the minions of darkness. 

To rescue Guts and Casca, Skull charges and leaves defeated apostles in his awake. Even Femto's attack fails to faze him and he successfully makes his way to get away. His glorious charge and rescue add even more to what's already been a gripping scene. Just who is this mysterious knight really? Well now you better start watching Berserk to find out

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2. Sinbad Saving Everyone


Sinbad Saving Everyone

At number 2 is legendary Sinbad coming in with Seven Seas Alliance at the climax of Magi second season. Magi second season ended with a battle against a Medium that would not look out of a place in actual MMO. Even with the aid of Co Empire, things were looking bad for our heroes as Medium simply kept shrugging off attack after attack. 

I told you this is an MMO boss before, right?. Before the Medium proceeds with heralding the second end of the world, a bolt of lightning stops it. Who else can you count on to make a grand entrance? but Sinbad King of the Seven Seas. Sinbad and Seven Seas Alliance launched their attack on Medium. Reunions happen and a whole plethora of new Djinn equips get revealed as the battle against Medium takes another turn in what has already been a rollercoaster of a final boss fight. 

1. Shanks Saving Coby and Stops The War

One Piece

Shanks Saving Coby and Stops The War

At the top of our countdown is  Shanks coming in to save Coby and ending the Marineford War. Ever see a character so strong and badass that he stops and entire war with just his presence. If you haven't then perhaps you haven't seen One Piece. Toward the end of Marineford War Coby finds himself staring death in the face. 

Coby just finished his dramatic speech that took all the courage in the world. However, Akainu doesn't seem impressed. He simply tells Coby that second has been wasted and gets ready to him. Before Akainu strikes from out of nowhere Shanks one of four Emperors interferes. Stepping in and protecting Coby, Shanks declare the war to be over. To everyone's surprise that finishes things, that's it. Through sheer force of intimidation, Shanks end the war. No high profile defeats, no flashy one on one battle. It over just like that.   

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So this is the list for the last second saves in anime. I hope you enjoyed our ranking. The last-second saves in anime that we mentioned above are:
  • Midoriya and Friends Save Bakugou
  • Killua Save Knuckle
  • Tomioka Saves Tanjiro
  • Black Bulls save Finral
  • Mustang Save Rize and Alphonse
  • Hiko Seijuro Saves Yahiko
  • Ichigo Saves Rukia
  • Skull Knight Saves Guts and Casca
  • Sinbad Saving Everyone
  • Shanks Saving Coby and Stops The War
If you find any problem or mistake in the list, you can let us know in the comment section.

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