Top 10 Naruto Moments 😍🔥

Naruto is one of the best anime. Naruto gave us a lot of remembering moments, and in this list, we will be reviewing some of these. Today's list is dedicated to the best Naruto moments. These moments are from both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. So without any further delay, let's get started with the Top 10 Naruto Moments.


  • Naruto Moments
      • Naruto's Entrance
      • Gaara Vs. Rock Lee
      • Naruto Finally Accepts The 9's Tails
      • 3rd Hokage's Sacrifice
      • Reveal of Tobi's True Identity
      • Might Guy Eight Gates
      • Itachi vs Sasuke and Revelation
      • Madara's Introduction
      • Jiraiya's Death
      • Naruto vs Sasuke Final Battle
  • Conclusion

Naruto Moments

10. Naruto's Entrance

Naruto Shippuden Episode 163

Naruto's Entrance

At number 10 we have Naruto's return in Sage Mode and his battle against Pain. Leaf and his champions have all been devastated at the face of the mighty Pain and as all hopes seem lost. Who else deserves to make his grand entrance but our hero. After all these years Naruto finally acknowledged the triumphant hero that he became. He came a long way on a hero's journey Naruto finally get the recognization he deserves from everyone.

9. Gaara Vs. Rock Lee

Naruto Episode 48

Gaara Vs. Rock Lee

At number 9, We'll start off with the battle between Gaara and Rock Lee. Many people lauded the Chunnin Exams Arc as one of the best Arc in the early Naruto series, and if I have to pick one fight from the whole tournament, I will go for this one without any doubt. Who knew that the Rock Lee would be the one to take Gaara to the limit. Even if we're all savvy viewers who knew that Gaara would come out on top, the fight still kept all the fans at the edge of their seats. To release never seen before power, Rock Lee's tenacity seemed unstoppable. In a way, part of the young 8 years old me wishes they pulled the trigger on this one. 

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8. Naruto Finally Accepts The 9's Tails

Naruto Shippuden Episode 329

Next in the line is the scene where Naruto accepts the Nine-Tails sealed within him. Let's just say for the most of the series, Naruto's relationship with Kurama has been rocky, to say the least. The moment the two decide to put their differences aside in the Fourth Shinobi War and work together at the moment that would send chills down any fan's spine. It's a necessary step forward in the hero's journey and the scene of Shonen hero finally to terms with the powers he shunned for so long is truly is a sight to behold. It looks great when it happens in bleach and certainly looks cool as hell in this series.

7. 3rd Hokage's Sacrifice

Naruto Episode 79

3rd Hokage's Sacrifice

The next entry on the list is 3rd Hokage's sacrifice during the invasion of Konoha. Naruto is a series full of heart toughing deaths and one of the very first instances in series is when Third Hokage dies in the climax of Konoha crush arc. To stop a deceptive and powerful Orochimaru, Sarutobi invokes the Shinigami. Realizing that he still has no power to defeat the evil shinobi for good, Sarutobi on the next best course of action. Sealing the evil shinobi through the arms and preventing him from using the Ninjutsu. At the cost of invoking Shinigami, however, Sarutobi has to pay with his very own life. Sarutobi's death marks one of the major losses that Naruto fans have to experience. 

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6. Reveal of Tobi's True Identity

Naruto Shippuden Episode 343

Reveal of Tobi's True Identity

Up next we have the reveal of Tobi's true identity. Ever since his introduction. the Tobi character has been an enigma. Constantly shifting from a comedy relief to credible threat, who would have expected that the masked Tobi to be one of the last Akatsuki members left standing. Turns out the Tobi is actually Obito Uchiha who proceeds to further add fuel to fire of the Fourth Shinobi War. His subsequent battles with the heroes culminating with him taking control of Ten-Tails are some of my favourite fights in the final Arc. They also  

5. Might Guy Eight Gates

Naruto Shippuden Episode 421

Might Guy Eight Gates

Might Guy unleashing the full power of eight gates is ironically fifth on the list. A supposedly powerful character who's is being relegated to a goofy mentor role. Rock Lee's master finally gets its time to shine in a showdown against Madara. The unstoppable shinobi with his full force with the 8th gate technique is certainly is one of the best moments in the series. Might Guy at the full power of 8 gates technique was able to go with toe-to-toe against Madara. Despite, not being able to put down invincible villain, the transformation gets the acknowledgement from a powerful being such a Madara. The form truly is a testament to his awesomeness and his hidden power that's been withheld for most of the series.

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4. Itachi vs Sasuke

Naruto Shippuden Episode 137

Itachi vs Sasuke

Next on the list is Itachi's battle against Sasuke and the revelation of the truth behind the Uchiha Clan massacre. One of the main driving forces behind Sasuke's action in much of the series revolved around getting stronger. For what purpose? Revenge against his brother Itachi who murdered entire Uchiha Clan leaving him as the only survivor. It would only be proper for the brothers to have their fated showdown and they delivered. Unleashing their amazing techniques on one another, it is Sasuke who eventually came out on top. As if the emotional farewell between the brothers isn't enough it is revealed that Itachi had massacred the Uchiha Clan to prevent the Civil War. The reveal that Itachi had been a hero all along was one twist that shook the very foundations of the series. 

3. Madara's Introduction

Naruto Shippuden Episode 322

Madara's Introduction

Next, we have Madara's appearance in the Fourth Shinobi War. What an entrance! One deserved by no less than what many consider to be the series's real final boss. After being restored thanks to the Reincarnation, Madara lives up to all hype as he crushes into the battlefield devastating the fouth division in his awake. We can see in that very scene how far ahead he is and how he effortlessly defeats an entire army with his intelligence and power. Not only that he proceeds to single-handedly defeat the Kages, the Tailed Beasts and pretty much everything that is thrown at him. Miracle after miracle wouldn't be enough to stop him casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi that engulfs the world. 

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2. Jiraiya's Death

Naruto Shippuden Episode 133

Jiraiya's Death

Number 2 is certainly one of the most iconic losses for fans of the series Jiraiya's death. For the longest time of a pervy and ever-lovable member of Legendary Sannin has been the closest person to a father figure for Naruto. Knowing this, It kind of felt inventable that he would fall somewhere the line. This just happens in his mission to gather intel. He goes down in a blaze of glory putting up one hell of a fight against Conan and Pain before finally going down. Despite lamenting over his failures as he faces his end, Jiraiya's death doesn't turn out to be entirely gloom and doom. Make no mistake this is one of the saddest moments in the series. However, seeing Jiraiya die with the smile also one of the uplifting moments in the entire series. The master's part in the story has ended with his death but he knows he can leave rest to his young pupil to save the world. 

1. Naruto vs Sasuke Final Battle

Naruto Shippuden Episode 476

Finally at number 1 is Naruto vs Sasuke. Of course, the series just had to end this way. It is as destined the final battle of the series would be a no-hold-barrel battle between hero and his rival. Naruto and Sasuke are no strangers to fighting each other but this is the battle that culminated all the buildup that's been set up early into series. More than just a battle of strength, this is the ultimate battle of philosophies that the series takes so much pride in if Talk No Jutsu is any indication. Sasuke can be seen as the culmination of all the ideologies that Naruto had to overcome in his journey and no one else can be a more fighting final opponent for our hero, not Madara, not Obito and certainly not Kaguya.  

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So these are the best moments of Naruto anime. I have deployed links for your information. These moments are from both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. The moments mentioned above are the following:
  • Naruto's Entrance
  • Gaara Vs. Rock Lee
  • Naruto Finally Accepts The 9's Tails
  • 3rd Hokage's Sacrifice
  • Reveal of Tobi's True Identity
  • Might Guy Eight Gates
  • Itachi vs Sasuke and Revelation
  • Madara's Introduction
  • Jiraiya's Death
  • Naruto vs Sasuke Final Battle
If you find any mistake in the article, please let us know in the comment section.

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