Top Ten Anime Villains of This Decade 😍🔥

10. Izaya


Anime Villains

Izaya is a manipulative and sleazy person who enjoys chaos and conflict. While he's a villain through and through, he goes about his business in a more affable way being more of a bystander who loves witnessing chaos consume people and their resulting reactions. Izaya is a chaotic neutral one that you're better off avoiding if you value your sanity. Late on, he finds a blonde man a worthy rival and their battles are legends all over the busy ward

9. The Major

Hellsing Ultimate

Anime Villains

At number 9 is the war-obsessed villain from Helsing. Now his scheme set the foundation for the story's conflicts. Only a few can get how deranged the Major is. As someone who loves all aspects of war and the consequences of war didn't matter much to him nor which side he ended up on as long as there's bloodshed it's enough to satisfy this crazy psychopath. Then again what else could you expect from the commander of Nazi vampires? Even Alucard at his worst doesn't come close to how sick and terrible the Major can be. Ironically for someone who loves war so much, the Major is actually a terrible fighter.

8. Doflamingo

One Piece

Top Ten Anime Villains

As a long series with the legacy, One Piece has its own colourful and intriguing villains. Among that Doflamingo is arguably my favourite his glasses his overall aura and his quotable speeches, there's a lot to like about Doflamingo. He's intimidating and entertaining despite being a powerful threat to our heroes and let's not forget his creativity with his powers. He is one of the few villains in One Piece whose backstories don't completely redeem him. His experiences merely drove him further into villainy, and I think that's one detail that we can appreciate with how his character gets developed.

7. Makishima


Top Ten Anime Villains

Personally speaking, I find Psycho-Pass's work quite dystopia in some angles. Which is why Makishima at one point comes across as a very interesting character. Sent to liberate society from the Sibyl System, he presents himself as a Dark Messiah blessed with enlightenment. His natural charisma attracts numerous followers, and he masterfully organizes murders in his quest to overthrow the Sibyl System. Despite all of his parading as a saviour, he basically just does things out of a personal vendetta. This character is especially relevant in modern society considering that he's a product of a world and a society that denied his rights to exist.

6. Takasugi


Top 10 Anime Villains

The enigmatic Takasugi served as the primary villain in the series up to the introduction of Utsuro. In my opinion, Takasugi's backstory and motives were kept in the dark for most of his story. At first, he seems to be a one-dimensional edgy villain known for his goal of revenge against the world. Then comes his backstory and we find out there's really more to this villain. He's truly a good example of a victim of circumstance. I guarantee that I'm not alone whose perspective of him changed after seeing the story from his point of view.

5. Yoshikage Kira

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

Top 10 Anime Villains

I believe Kira is a far more compelling villain than Dio because of how unique he is for a serial killer. Kira's neither a super genius nor insane. Instead, he's just a plain old murderer. No justifications, no conscience, he's just a villain given powers and acting on his instincts. He doesn't have a grand motivation in doing the things he's doing. He's just following his instincts and his own mental desires. We even see the story from his perspective, and I think that makes Kira a great villain.

4. Askeladd

Vinland Saga

Top 10 Anime Villains of all time

Vinland Saga has been picking up steam as expected due to its compelling villain Askeladd. In a series about Vikings, you'd expect the antagonist to be a badass rugged man with overwhelming power. What makes him so dangerous isn't his overwhelming power. I think Askeladd's key trait is his ability to read people. He's a master of deception, and you have to be at the top of your game when facing him. This makes him a dangerous foe that often must overcome. One wrong read and Askeladd will gladly make you pay. Overall he's a lot more complex than he seems.

3. Aizen


Top 10 Anime Villains of all time

Bleach has a lot of villains with a legacy like Aizen. besides his broken powers and seemingly endless transformations, Aizen is most known because of his mind games. His powers of illusion already play to that few can defeat Aizen in a battle of wits. Whatever plan or strategy you bring, Aizen will have a counter to it whether it be a carefully crafted plan or the simple act of overpowering. Few can stand against Aizen at the top of his game. Immortality and overly tuned combat abilities to his superior intellect and have a formidable opponent you get. 

2. Madara Uchiha

Naruto Shippuden

Top Ten Anime Villains of This Decade

Once more, we welcome Madara to another list. When I first heard of the legendary leader of the Uchiha, my expectations were off the roof. As he made his appearance in the Great Ninja War, those expectations were met. He entered the war like a well-oiled machine of destruction. No one came close to matching his strength, tactics and power mastery. Madara didn't disappoint in his battles against the whole shinobi army, 5 Kages, Might Guy and Naruto Sasuke. I'd say that the way he was defeated was a bit of a disappointment.

1. Meruem

Hunter x Hunter

Top Ten Anime Villains of This Decade

At the top is the main villain of hunter x hunter's Chimaera Ant. The Chimaera Ant finds himself at the top as a perfect antithesis to our protagonists. The strongest Chimaera Ant Merum is a ruthless beast who knows no mercy. The great thing about Merum is his character development. Starting off as the ace that gives no value to life, he slowly develops into a complete character. Despite starting off as a sociopath, the Meruem you see by the end of the arc is a completely different and complex character by all means.

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