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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of the best modern anime. Today's list is dedicated to the demon slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba and its best moments. There were a lot of them, but we just added 10 best moments of them all. Some of these moments even gave us goosebumps. So without any further delay, let's get started with the list of Top 10 Demon Slayer Moments.


  • Top Ten Demon Slayer Moments
      • Opening Scene
      • Final Selection Boss Fight
      • Muzan's First Appearance
      • Battle Against the Swamp Demons
      • Battle Against Susamaru and Yahaba
      • Demon Slayer Pillars Appearance
      • Battle Against Spider Demon Mother
      • Muzan's Massacre
      • Zenitsu vs Tongue Demon
      • Tanjiro vs Rui
  • Conclusion

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Top Ten Demon Slayer Moments

10. Opening Scene

Demon Slayer Moments

We start off the list of Demon Slayer moments with the opening scene. Our hero comes home to a nightmare, seeing his family slaughtered by demons is something that would surely haunt anyone for years to come. The only survivor Nezuko awakens as a demon just as Tanjiro tries to carry her to safety. With his own sister attacking him due to her demon instincts, Tanjiro is saved by Giyo Tomioka. 

Resolving to kill Nezuko as she's turned into a demon, Tomioka is stopped by Tanjiro who immediately gets knocked down by the superior Demon Slayer. Seeing her brother's fall, Nezuko moves in to protect him from Tomioka. It's a new development for demon Slayers seeing a transformed demon somehow retain her familial instincts. All these events push our hero to the start of an epic journey.

9. Final Selection Boss Fight

Demon Slayer Moments

The final selection boss fight deserves a spot on this list, and it finds itself at number 9. One of the key moments in most Shonen anime is the first battle where our protagonist unleashes his soon-to-be mainstay power. 

Facing an uphill battle due to his lack of experience, Tanjiro finally makes his breakthrough in this life or death fight. His reckless attacks were ineffective to the demon. After a suspenseful battle, Tanjiro releases his water surface slash cutting through the demon and finally avenging Urokodaki's fallen students.

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8. Muzan's First Appearance

Demon Slayer Moments

In eighth place, we have Muzan's first appearance is one of the best moment of the Demon Slayer. It goes without saying that a series villain has to make a lasting first impression. He said to be the originator of all demons, and it actually comes as a surprise that he was introduced so early in the series. 

He had short screen time then, but we immediately get to see what he's capable of. In seamlessly among the crowd of people, he shows off his capability of creating demons in front of our protagonist.

7. Battle Against the Swamp Demons

Top Ten Demon Slayer Moments

Next on the list is the battle against the swamp demons. Tanjiro investigates a local town that's being plagued with mysterious kidnappings. It doesn't take long for the culprit to reveal himself. However, the kidnapper demon isn't alone, in actuality, there are three of them. 

Now faced with a numbers disadvantage, it seems that the newbie Demon Slayer is at his end. For our surprise, Nezuko joins the fight and helps to protect Kazumi and allowing Tanjiro to go on the offensive. It turns out that his little sister is also a capable fighter in her own right.

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6. Battle Against Susamaru and Yahaba

Top Ten Demon Slayer Moments

I think the moment that features the two demon siblings and Tamayo and Yushiro should be at number 6. Having found unexpected demon allies, it's then that an assassin breaks through the house with invisibility techniques. Now the battle begins, Tonjiro is on the defensive against the numerous balls being thrown at him. 

It takes a while before he finds the source of the ball's pinpoint accuracy, a second assassin, that's been guiding the projectiles with arrows. Thankfully Tanjiro got Nezuko on his side to go after the other demon. After a hard battle, the siblings defeat the two demons only to find out that they're not even members of Muzan's elite demons despite their strength.

5. Demon Slayer Pillars Appearance

Top Ten Demon Slayer Moments

Continuing with the countdown of best moments in Demon Slayer, we take a look at the appearance of the Demon Slayer pillars in Mountain Natagumo. Sensing that something is gone mishap in the mountain, two of the Demon Slayer elites get sent to the Mountain Natagumo. One of them is a familiar face Tomioka, and the other one is Shinobu. Shinobu makes her way west and saves the Zenitsu with her beautiful and graceful battle techniques. 

As for Tomioka, he encounters Inosuke and saves him from another Spider Demon. Confirming that the enemy that Inosuke is been struggling against isn't even one of the twelve elite. It's fortunate for Tanjiro's group that they got help in the form of these elites. I'm positive that the group would have been wiped out without them.

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4. Battle Against Spider Demon Mother

Top Ten Demon Slayer

Coming in at number four is the battle against the spider demon mother. Tanjiro's group is greeted by an unpleasant sight at Mountain Natagumo. They discover that demon Slayers have been mysteriously attacking each other inside the forest even coming under attack themselves. Now it doesn't take long before Inosuke locates the source of the problem, a spider demon that can control others like puppets. 

Tanjiro gets to the demon's mother and finishes her off with his Water Surface Slash. As the spider demon mother dies, she warns Tanjiro that one of the 12 elite demons is on the mountain. That's a fight that gets the audience's attention for the next phase of the Arc.

3. Muzan's Massacre

Top Ten Demon Slayer

Number three moment is Muzan's massacre at the end of the anime series. Personally, I consider the Mountain Natagumo Arc the true climax of the anime. What follows is mostly an art for the characters to wind down and to take a momentary break before a major set of battles. Even then the Functional Recovery Arc gives us a memorable scene featuring Muzan and his demon underlings. 

Muzan makes one more last appearance before the end of the series in the form of a woman to disband the lower order of his elites. Instead of just disbanding the order of demons Muzan slaughters them.

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2. Zenitsu vs Tongue Demon

Top 10 Demon Slayer Moments

The fights between Zenistu and Tounge demon is at number 2. Underestimating this type of character can have dire consequences. 

He immediately gets his time to shine in the Arc. Inside the Dreamhouse, the cowardly demon slayer spends his time running from the Tongue Demon. After getting trapped by the demon, Zenitsu gets terrified to the point where he passes out. When all looks doomed, he gets up in a trance in which he unveils badass technique of his own, the Thunder breathing technique, and kills the demon in one attack.

1. Tanjiro vs Rui

Top 10 Demon Slayer Moments

Finally, we have the most hyped fight of the series. Tanjiro vs. Rui explores the themes of the unstoppable power of family love. Now, Rui desperately wants a family but his vision is damn twisted and founded on nothing but fear and still through repeated abuse. 

He's shown to be incredibly sensitive to the subject of family and gets really mad when Tanjiro points it to him. This angers him to the point that he demands that Tanjiro take his words back and threatens to kill him if he doesn't comply but after witnessing Tanjiro's sister's selfless act of shielding him from Rui's threads, Rui becomes obsessed with the idea of developing a bond with Nezuko. 


That's it for our list. I hope you find it informative and let us know do you agree with your list or not? What moment should be on the list in your opinion? The comment section is all yours and if you find anything wrong in this list, then also please let us know.

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