Top 10 Saddest Naruto Moments 😍🔥

Naruto surely gave us a lot of memorable moments to remember. The one who is a fan of this great anime will surely remember these saddest moments in naruto. Today's list is dedicated to the Top 10 Saddest Naruto Moments

Please note that the moments that we included are from both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Some of these moments are so naruto's sad moments and full of sorrow, be prepared with tissues in your hands to wipe out your tears. Without any further delay, let's get started with the Top Ten Saddest Naruto Moments.


  • Ten Saddest Naruto Moments
      • Death of Yahiko
      • Gaara's Backstory
      • Death of Zabuza and Haku
      • Death of Neji
      • Kushina and Minato's Death
      • Naruto's Goodbye to Minato
      • Death of Obito
      • Death of Asuma
      • Death of Itachi
      • Death of Jiraiya
  • Conclusion

Saddest Naruto Moments

10. Death of Yahiko

Naruto Moments

The first saddest naruto moment is Yahiko's death. Threatened by Akatsuki, Hanzo sets up a trap for its founders. He kidnaps Konan and pushes Nagato to kill Yahiko, their leader to save himself and her. Unwilling to let his friend bear such a burden. Yahiko sacrifices himself by walking into Nagato's knife asking him to fulfill their dream of bringing peace to the world.

Yahiko's selfless death marks the drastic changes to the gentle Nagato. He vows to bring peace by all means even if it means waging war. With the power of his Rinnegan, he creates the six paths of pain. Nagato leads the Akatsuki from the shadows, but when his salvation finally comes, it's at the hands of Naruto who resembles Yahiko in so many ways.

9. Gaara's Backstory

Naruto Moments

If there's anyone who grew up as lonely as Naruto, it's Gaara. The sand ninja loses his mother at his birth and is kept at arm's length by his father and is feared by the village. Like Naruto, he has a beast sealed within him. In this bleak existence, Gaara has just one person he trusts his maternal uncle Yashamaru.

When the young Gaara fatally injured an assassin one night, he discovers to his horror that it's none other than his uncle. This moment marks Gaara's transformation from an unloved child into a cold ruthless boy. He edges the word love on his forehead, which means he'll love only himself until Naruto melts his icy heart and saves him.

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8. Death of Zabuza and Haku

Saddest Naruto Moments

On their first mission outside Konoha, team 7 was up against the deadliest Zabuza. At the end of a show of ninjitsu, Zabuza's life was on the brink as he faces Kakashi's Chidori. Suddenly Haku shields his master. Zabuza treated the young orphan as nothing more than a toy but when Naruto rages at him for showing no emotion for Haku's sacrifice and cries bitter tears for his enemy. 

Even the cold-hearted Zabuza has moved to tears. Lying beside Haku in his dying saddest moments in naruto, the mercenary wishes for them to be together till the very end. You've seen that even the demon of the Hidden Mist is capable of such raw and honest emotions.

7. Death of Neji

Saddest Naruto Moments

One of the saddest moments in naruto is when Neji Hyuga sacrificing his life to save Naruto during the 4th Ninja War. Serious and cold Neji was a member of the Hyuga clan's branch family, and he knew that he could never lead the clan despite his undeniable talent. 

He was also dismissive of Naruto calling him a failure but his attitude changes when the knucklehead ninja surprises him by beating him in the Chunin exams. He shields Naruto and Hinata from the Ten-Tails attack. As he dies the curse mark on his forehead borne by members of the branch family fades to seal his Byakugan forever.

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6. Kushina and Minato's Death

Top Ten Saddest Naruto Moments

The death of Minato and Kushina from the hands of Nine Tails is our pick for the sixth saddest moment in Naruto. Having sealed the rampaging nine tails inside their infant son to save Konoha, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki are on the verge of death. 

In the final message, Kushina says goodbye to baby Naruto in a naruto sad moments way. Kushina gathers all of her love for her baby into one big goodbye. The moments are made all the more bittersweet by our knowledge of the lonely life that waits for Naruto.

5. Naruto's Goodbye to Minato

Top Ten Saddest Naruto Moments

Next, we have Naruto's goodbye to Minato Namikaze as another saddest naruto moment. It's the end of the Great Ninja War, and Naruto has to say goodbye to Minato, the father he just got to know. Before his reanimated forms returned to the afterlife, Minato wishes his son a happy 17th birthday. 

Naruto assures Minato that he has been eating well, has many friends, he respects teachers, and that he's no longer lonely. When he says goodbye to Minato, the bright smile slowly crumbles, and he can barely hold his tears. He knows that it's the last time he will get to see him in this lifetime and that makes this moment super naruto sad moments.

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4. Death of Obito

Top Ten Saddest Naruto Moments

Next up we have Obito's death in the 4th Ninja War. The boy who dreams of becoming Hokage is unfailingly kind to the elderly, is in love with Rin, and is jealous of Kakashi. The young Uchiha was as pure of heart and endearing as the playful Tobi. Madara gave the series one of its greatest antagonists and with his death, he redeems himself. 

Fatally wounded Obito's persuaded by Naruto to join the Shinobi Alliance. In its final onslaught against Kaguya, he uses the last reserves of his chakra to save Kakashi's life. This moment counts as one of the saddest moment in the anime.

3. Death of Asuma

Top Ten Naruto Moments

Bringing up the top three is the death of a teacher in the fight between Hidan and Asuna. Facing the ritual-obsessed Hidan, Asuma tricked into forming a fatal blood bond with the immortal Akatsuki member. As the sky darkens and rain falls death comes fast and unexpected.

In his last words to Ino, Choji, and Shikamaru as their sensei, Asuma reminds them of their strengths and weaknesses and dies after a final puff of his cigarette. Asuma's death is sad because of its impact on his students and his unborn child. After all that, It was satisfying to see Shikamaru avenging his teacher with Hidan's death.

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2. Death of Itachi

Top Ten Naruto Moments

We all waited for Itachi vs Sasuke fight, don't we? Itachi has the dubious distinction of slaughtering his entire clan in one night. Sasuke the only surviving Uchiha made it his life's mission to kill his sibling. Itachi and Sasuke throw everything they've got at each other in all or nothing battle. 

It was the final moment between Sasuke and Itachi where it all concluded with Itachi's death. Itachi seemingly takes Sasuke's eyes to replace his own damaged pair but instead, he falls dead to the ground. Sasuke was thrown into deep despair when he finally learns the truth behind the massacre and Itachi's actions. These saddest moments in naruto cement Itachi's position as the Naruto universe's greatest tragic hero.

1. Death of Jiraiya

Top Ten Naruto Moments

Episode 113 of Naruto Shippuden was the episode of the death of Jiraya where it was Jiraya vs Pain fight and damn that was heartbroken. Naruto hasn't seen much love and laughter until pervy sage Jiraiya comes along. In his company, Naruto increases his skills masters Sage Jutsu and most importantly controls his Nine-Tails Chakra. Jiraiya is a father figure and the biggest influence in Naruto's life. 

When the Toad Sage was killed by pain during an intelligence-gathering mission, Naruto's grief knows no bounds. While the sight of Jiraiya being struck down by a beloved former student is tragic enough. It's heart-wrenching to see Naruto sitting under the lamp of a convenience store, holding on to a double-stick ice popsicle. Naruto's flowing tears make this death the saddest moment on this list.

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That's the list for Top Ten Saddest Naruto Moments. What are your saddest moments in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden moments?

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