Top 10 Useless Anime Heroes 😍🔥

Side heroes in anime are useful most of the time but not always. Sometimes anime heroes are just useless so we prefer that they should not be there. This list is dedicated to useless anime heroes. 

We've ranked them according to their uselessness and inefficiency. If you are interested in the anime content then check the top 10 anime content also. So without any further delay, let's get started with the Top 10 Useless Anime Heroes.


  • Useless Anime Heroes
      • Smokey
      • Max
      • Hathaway Noa
      • Index
      • Lucy
      • Chad
      • Sakura Haruno
      • Tristan Taylor
      • Chris Thorndyke
      • Yamcha
  • Conclusion

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Useless Anime Heroes

10. Smokey

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency


We start our list of useless anime heroes is Smokey from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency. Smokey is an African black boy who was an insignificant thief in the series.  He became a fellow of Joseph Joester in New York after he steals the wallet of Joseph Joester and surprisingly Joseph Joester save this boy from police officers. 

He was worthless for almost every time as compared to other sidekicks of Joseph Joester. He was a sidekick of Joseph Joester and after Speedwagon exposes in the show, it makes Smokey a useless character and tag along.

9. Max



Next. on our list of most useless anime heroes with Max from Pokemon. Max is a 7 years old boy who is the brother of May a 10 years old girl. May, Ash, and brock set on a journey and Max join them. He is a pokemon trainer in this anime but he is too young to get a pokemon. 

Max is a bookworm who always read about pokemon but has received only two Cameos since his departure. He was a worthless brat for almost the entire series and hardly engage in any battle with Ash and others. He was a useless encyclopedia with them and nothing more.

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8. Hathaway Noa

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

Hathaway Noa

Coming up next on our useless hero's list, at number 8 is Hathaway Noa from Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack series. You would have thought that the child of unbelievable Earth Federation leader and Gundam symbol Bright Noa would have done everything he could to live up to his dad's legacy but he didn't. 

With Char energizing the remainder of Zeon's powers, it gave the ideal chance to Hathaway to step up, just for him to spend the entire motion picture contesting with everybody, fanning over Quess, and in any event, murdering Amuro's new love attachment. He only got a couple of a greater amount of his dad's infamous slaps.

7. Index

A Certain Magical Index


Moving onto next to our list of useless characters we have Index from anime A Certain Magical Index. The index is a useless character as compared to Misaka. Misaka has all of the qualities, she is badass, has powers and a perfect anime lady to be a waifu. When we relate Index with Misaka, we see the uselessness of Index in the entire series.

I mean, what is the reason for adding some useless and unfit characters in anime if they do nothing. Other ladies from this anime were remarkable and they were capable of doing something. It is a matter of fact that if these other ladies were not present in this anime we will not care about Index anymore.

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6. Lucy

Fairy Tail


Next, we have Lucy from Fairy Tail. Lucy is quite pretty and attractive to see. But unfortunate for Lucy, she is on our most useless anime hero's list. Her character received mixed critics, people criticize Lucy for her lack of character development. She might be a little bit useful in this series but she is the least useful member of the Fairy Tail franchise. 

For her unfortunate, she stuck most of the time by the hands of her combatants. If we compare her with others like Erza, Juvia, Mirajane, Wendy, Levy, and all of her summons, we see Lucy did nothing.

5. Chad



Next on our list, we have Chad from Bleach. The original name of Chad is Yasutora Sado and he is one of the best friends of Ichigo Kurosaki. The character is loveable and cherishable, most of the people liked that character also. But the reason for putting this character into this list is that he lost most of his battles. 

He was an awesome character but for his unfortunate, he is always losing from in battels. His character development is not so good in anime he only manages to win a decent fight that was against an Arrancar Subordinates. He never progresses as a character but was a punching thing for his friends.

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4. Sakura Haruno


Sakura Haruno

Next, we have Sakura Haruno from Naruto. Here we are talking about younger Sakura from Naruto and not matured Sakura from Shippuden, because in Shippuden she was somewhat a useful character. 

In Shippuden, her character development was impressive and she even manages to defeat a member of Akatsuki with the help of Lady Chiyo. But in Naruto, she was useless most of the time. While Naruto and Sasuke were trying their best to become stronger. She was just a cry baby, who always cries and asks for help from Naruto and Sasuke. She was just a useless burden on their team. Most of the Naruto fans criticize her character because she did nothing in the whole Naruto series.

3. Tristan Taylor

Yo-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Tristan Taylor

Here we have our top 3 useless characters and number third is Tristan Taylor from Yo-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. He became friends with Yugi, Jomouchi, and Anzu. Later on, he became a friend of Bakura as well. He was a useless character of Yugi's party. Despite having super strength in his voice, he was still a useless character in the series. When it comes to playing a children's card game, he was nothing but a useless character. 

He actually lacks abilities to play a children's card game.  His sacrifice in Noah filler Arc was sad and won many people's hearts but he was still useless. He didn't accomplish much in his screen time.

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2. Chris Thorndyke

Sonic X

Chris Thorndyke

Moving onto the second most useless character, we have Chris Thorndyke from anime Sonic X. This little boy met Sonic and rescued him. I think it was his only achievement in this anime. This boy was so obsessed with Sonic and always stick with him like glue. 

He tends to be a big fan of Sonic but most of the time it annoys viewers. This kid was the most hated character of the Sonic X franchise because of his creepy obsession with Sonic. He gets a lot of screen time but he was also useless and creepy in that screen time.

1. Yamcha

Dragon Ball


Our number one useless anime hero is Yamcha from the Dragon Ball franchise. He was just a martial artist who tried his best to get Bulma. For his unfortunate, a Saiyan get her and he left empty-handed. His resemblance to Goku is the reason why I cared about this character. 

Despite looking like Goku, he wasn't badass and powerful like Goku. He was defeated by Saibaman who were merely some little aliens and after that, he never gets his dignity back. He was not an outclassed fighter in this series. I think no one can ever beat the uselessness of Yamcha.

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So this is the list of useless anime heroes. I hope you will be agreed with our list because these are the most useless and inefficient anime heroes that don't add much in anime or in any fight. The useless anime heroes that we mentioned above are:
  • Smokey
  • Max
  • Hathaway Noa
  • Index
  • Lucy
  • Chad
  • Sakura Haruno
  • Tristan Taylor
  • Chris Thorndyke
  • Yamcha
I hope you find our list informative. If you find any mistake in the article, please let us know in the comment section. If you disagree with our list, then please let us know how you will rank them.

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