Top Ten Most Impactful Anime Fights of Decade Part 2

10. Alucard vs Andreson

Helsing Ultimate

Top Ten Most Impactful Anime Fights of Decade Part 2

Helsing Ultimate anime is full of badass and overwhelmed characters and the long-awaited showdown between Alucard and Anderson lastly happens. After a long wait Anderson decides that it's time to finally annihilate vampires in London. Alucard quickly takes charge of the fight by overwhelming his rival with familiars before. Alucard reveals his secret weapon, Helena's Nail, and a transformation into a monster puts him on par with the vampire. Alucard's strike allows him to finally finish off his transformed rival. The fight presented for what is the final battle between the two opponents. In the end, Alucard shows to be too much for Anderson to handle.

9. Father vs Everyone

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Top Ten Most Impactful Anime Fights of Decade Part 2

At number 9, We have the last battle between Father and everyone from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. In this consequential conclusion of the anime, we observe Elric brothers and almost everyone they've ever been involved with, fighting against almost the God-like being acknowledged as the Father. It is nerve-racking. The last few flashes head to a lot of new revolutions.  It is quite interesting to see how all the passion leading up to the final episodes came to this epic fight and almost everyone who's helped by the Elric brothers shows up to perform a part in this epic fight.

8. Takamura vs Eagle

Hajime No Ippo: Rising

Top 10 Most Impactful Anime Fights

At number 8, we have the clash between Takamura and David Eagle. The hard-hitting style of Takamura against the calm moves of the American gold medalist makes a suspenseful and intriguing match. While most boxers have gimmicky combat styles, David Eagle has a simplistic arsenal. He doesn't have much in the way of finishing moves, but it's unwise to underestimate him. While the shortage of all those flashy moves may mean that he has no particular powers, it also means that you just have to be better than Eagle to beat him. After an exhausting match that featured his eye problems, Takamura defeated the American in the boxing ring but sure had to go through hell to win. What makes this match so impactful is the ending, seeing him punch non-stop for 10 seconds by pure willpower is just so emotional and classic at the same time

7. Kougami vs Makishima


Top 10 Most Impactful Anime Fights

A conflict between the two most charismatic figures Kougami and Makishima is at number 7 on our list. I remember the battle having tons of hype the first time around because we've yet to know the full extent of Makishima's fighting skills and whether he could overcome Kougami. What makes this fight unique is how realistic it is. Hand-to-hand combat was excellent and another thing to note is how Makishima and Kougami represented their personalities, in essence, the fights between a wonderful style and a rough aggressive style. Although, I won't accuse you if you didn't notice it the first time around because you were so engaged with the spectacle. The choreography is just astonishing, and if you want to find a fight that can assure you to give Psycho-Pass a shot possibly this is the one.

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6. Odasaku vs Gide

Bungou Stray Dogs

Top 10 Anime Fights

Next, we take a look at Odasaku vs Gide. What better way to fight a villain than with alike powers. Now, let me say that both opponents have future sight as their abilities. A fast and furious gunfight follows gifted by the ability to penetrate seconds into the future and predict each other's actions. The two fighters exchange shots seemingly being unable to hit each other due to the future site. People humorously relate this short fight as a battle between two Sharingan users, I suppose it's not too far off the mark. If you're up for a fight with blazingly swift action and a sequence of events then this fight is for you.

5. Midoriya vs Bakugou 2

My Hero Academia

Top 10 Anime Fights

The rivalry between Midoriya and Bakugou been brewing for years, and after a long time coming the two finally have their destined face off in My Hero Academia's Exam Arc. It's a legendary rivalry that closes in an epic one-on-one showdown. An emotionally loaded battle is furthermore heightened with Midoriya finally deciding to fight and showing his rival the current abilities of his One For All, even unlocking a power-up for it in the manner. With all the makings of a perfect rivalry in Shounen anime, the battle takes a wild twist towards the end, and once the dirt settles the battle has a clear winner.

4. Mogami vs Mob

Mob Psycho 100

Top 10 Anime Fights of all time

Among the various fights in Mob Psycho, I'd say that mob vs Mogami should be a contender for the greatest ones in the decade. The battle between the two takes place in figuratively multiple dimensions. It's more of a psychological fight. Mob initially proves to be the better fighter, overwhelming Mogami before falling into the enemy's trap and being forced into enduring mental torture. It takes an intervention to snap Mob out of it and defeat Mogami. Notably, the fights marked by the release of Mob's question mark, Percentage Mode, one of his most astonishing forms and power-ups. Despite being weaker physically, Mogami proved what he's really capable of in this battle and along with Mob Psycho's notable animation showed us a wonderful example of a psychic battle in a Shounen series.

3. Archer vs Shirou

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Top 10 Anime Fights of all time

After all Shirou's biggest challenge in Unlimited Blade Works, in my opinion, isn't even the king of heroes, it's his future self-fed up with the world he fought to defend and changing into a cynic. The fight between Shirou and Archer is not the most dramatic in this anime but it's arguably the most significant and climactic one, especially, for our hero. Shirou literally stands no chance against Archer in a straight-up fight. However, this battle isn't about power. There's really only one win for either of them, breaking down the other's ideas and making them accept their choices in life are wrong. In this battle of willpower, it's Shirou who comes out on top. Even though Archer has the fight won by all means he hesitates after being faced with the harsh reality of seeing his past ideal self.

2. Battle of Shiganshina District

Attack on Titan

Top Ten Anime Fights of all time

Attack on Titan's third season highlights the most anticipated fights in the series's history. After their initial debuts as beings of damage in the reveal of their identities, it's finally time to take down Beast, Armored and Colossal Titans. Levi was taking care of Beast Titan while Erwin and his squad were sacrificing themselves. Surprisingly, it was Armin's intelligent plan to take down Colossal Titan but not without a steep price. Meanwhile, the rest of the group go up facing the Armoured Titan whom they decide to defeat completely. Despite their efforts, they finally get breathing room as Hanji opens up the door to their counter-attack with thunder spears. Mikasa finishes off the Armoured Titan, ending the last among the three Titan's reign of terror for good. The fights are marvelous and give everyone their shine.

1. Kakashi vs Obito

Naruto Shippuden

Top Ten Anime Fights of all time

I'd like to highlight a battle that deserves appreciation. Ever since the flashbacks to Kakashi's past in the introduction of Obito, I had an indication that the Uchiha is seemingly still alive somewhere. When he's revealed to be Tobi, it's only natural that he and his former childhood friend approach each other and settle things once and for all. This fight clearly has the best hand-to-hand combat action we've seen in Naruto up to this point. Their fight inside Kamui's dimension is all sorts of brilliant and pits the best of the best in terms of their alike eye powers. The fight might have been overshadowed by Obito's quick transformation but don't let that divert you from the fact that before he becomes the master of the Ten-Tails, Obito had one hell of a fight against his former friend.

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