Top 10 Best Hunter x Hunter Moments 😍🔥

The Hunter x Hunter is the reboot of the 1999 original anime based on Yoshihiro Togashi. Hunter x Hunter is a story of Gon whose dream is to become a professional hunter. By following this dream he embarks on an adventure, and this adventure became dangerous with time. The show gets more solid with each episode in each arc. It also gets progressively darker with time.

Today's article is dedicated to the best Hunter x Hunter moments. So without any further delay, let's get started with the list of Top 10 Best Hunter x Hunter Moments.


  • Best Hunter x Hunter Moments
      • Leorio punches Ging
      • Killua's One-Shot kill
      • Killua vs Youpi
      • Kurapika vs Uvogin
      • Palace Invasion
      • Kite's Death
      • Requiem
      • Meruem and Komugi's Last Moments
      • Netero vs Meruem
      • Gon vs Pitou
  • Conclusion

Best Hunter x Hunter Moments

10. Leorio punches Ging

Leorio punches Ging

Our first best Hunter x Hunter moment is when Leorio lands a punch on Ging. Leorio is a big brother figure to Gon and the rest of his friends. No doubt he was a teen, but he looks older than his age. He takes this role very seriously. In episode 140 he lectures Ging for being a bad father.

The Ging is a person who abandoned Gon as a baby to pursue a career as a hunter. Even Gon was inspired by his father and follows his path but his friends weren't too happy with Ging's parental negligence. Leorio infuriates when Ging declines to visit Gon who was almost dying after a brutal battle and was in the hospital. He directs his rage into one immensely gratifying empowered punch and straight-land it on his face.

9. Killua's One-Shot kill

Killua's One-Shot kill

At number 9, we have Killua's one-shot kill. This was the epic moment where this anime shows its darkness. It comes as early as episode 11 in the Hunter Exam Arc. Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, and their other companion must defeat a team of notorious prisoners to go to the next round of the exam.

Killua was up against Johness, who was a mass murderer known for cutting his victims with his bare hands. It was an unequal match because the power level of both was entirely different. This epic moment leaves everyone in shock and terrified except for Gon because Gon was the one who knew about the reality of Killua and his origin. Gon explains to them calmly that the Killua is from a family of elite assassins.

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8. Killua vs Youpi

Killua vs Youpi

Killua shows us why he is one of the coolest characters in the hunter universe. He confronts the beast-like Youpi who is one of three royal guards in the service of the Chimera Ant King Meruem. Killua goes into God's Speed Mode, which is an ability that allows him to move and react much faster than the limits of his body for a short duration.

Killua transforms himself into a Silver Streak of raw power when he was just starting to fight Youpi. He hits Youpi with a barrage of electric attacks. Even this beast was not able to do much against Killua's attacks. It's one of the coolest clashes in the series. It also reminds of Killua's dark past because this ability and power were born because of his family's torture training and electric shocks that Killua receive in childhood.

7. Kurapika vs Uvogin

Kurapika vs Uvogin

Next, one of the best Hunter x Hunter moments from our list is when Kurapika was up against Uvogin. Kurapika's Emperor Time is just as amazing as Killua's God Speed Mode. Kurapika was the lone survivor of the Kurta clan, and he had a deep grudge against the Phantom Troupe. Phantom Troupe is a gang of thieves who killed his people for their Scarlet Eyes.

This hate toward Phantom Troupe is the reason for Kurapika's character development and his Nen ability. His special ability is the form of five chains on his right hand that is specially conjured to kill Phantom Troupe. In the battle against Uvoigin, Kurapika reveals the frightening power of Emperor Time. When Kurapika's eyes turn scarlet, transforming the natural conjurer into a specialist with 100% control over all six Nen abilities. In the end, Uvogin died without uttering a single word about the whereabouts of his other troop members.

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6. Palace Invasion

Palace Invasion

The next best moment from our list is when the hunters infiltrate the palace in the kingdom of East Gotoh for their final showdown to bring down the King. Entering from a portal that was previously placed by a specialist infiltrator Knov, everyone immediately runs into the palace and sees Youpi sitting on the staircase. The staircase that leads to the King's chamber.

In order to take down Meruem, they all must defeat this powerful enemy first. Meanwhile, another invasion was also underway at the same time. This time it was chairman Netero and Killua's grandfather. They both crash land on Pitou and Poof with a meteor shower of Dragon Aura. All that leads this show to the most memorable fights and unexpected outcomes.

5. Kite's Death

Kite's Death

At number 5, we have Kite's death. The kite was one of the closest friends of Gon that meets him on his journey of finding his father Ging. Gon's adventure leads him to Kite who was a former student of Ging. They both form a strong bond despite not spending much time together.

In the Chimera Ant Arc, the Kite, Gon, and Killua confront Neferpitou who was also one of the royal guards. Kite sacrifices himself to save the two boys when he finds themselves at a great disadvantage. Kite's lifeless head in Pitou's lap is one of the most disturbing moments in Hunter x Hunter. Kite's death was the reason for Gon's sudden change and his character development. All that leads us to one of the most iconic moments in anime history.

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4. Requiem


Next, the best moment of anime Hunter x Hunter is a beautiful funeral to a fallen comrade. Hunter x Hunter spider leader kidnaps the girl and gets her to write him a fortune with her abilities. The fortune speaks of Uvogin's death.

In memory of his dead partner, Chrollo orders the rest of the troupe members to head for the auction venue and go wild. Meanwhile, he was up against the mafia hitmen that were sent for his assassination. This brilliant spectacle of destruction, action, and sensation all set to the haunting music of Mozart Lacrimosa. At this moment, Chrollo shows us why he should be one of the series's most charismatic villains. At that moment, we come to know that Spiders are not just a group of thieves but a close-knit family.

3. Meruem and Komugi's Last Moments

Meruem and Komugi's Last Moments

At number 3, we have the greatest and saddest scene of Hunter x Hunter. In the beginning, it was hard to think of Meruem as anything but a murderous being. He was ruthless until he met a blind and clumsy girl Komugi. Komugi is the reason why he turns himself completely.

It all started with a game to kill time and after that, it takes Meruem on a life-changing journey. It is enthralling to see this wild and mighty King grow a heart. The story of their incredible friendship ends with a final game of Gungi. King's final moments surely bring tears to almost everyone. It was very unlikely to see a mighty and powerful villain like King die like this.

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2. Netero vs Meruem

Netero vs Meruem

In the second place, we have Netero vs Meruem fight moments. It is without a doubt one of the best fights in the Hunter x Hunter anime. A fight that's even hyped more by the epic soundtrack in the awesome narrator delivering an epic showdown between Netero and the Chimaera Ant king Meruem. More importantly, this is about the ideological conflict and what it means to be a human.

Meruem is probably my favorite anime villain of all time. On the opposite corner stands in Netero fighting to save humanity from extermination. Netero devoted his life to martial arts. Similar to the king, he displayed a great deal of pride when it comes to his own abilities. His goal in life is to find a worthy adversary that he can fight with his whole spirit. They both admire and acknowledge each other as worthy opponents. This fight, in my opinion, is the most epic fight of the decade.

1. Gon's Transformation

Gon's Transformation

At last, we have the best Hunter x Hunter moment which is Gon's transformation. Gon was overcome by pain and hate, and it was undoubtedly the most terrifying transformation in anime history. He sacrifices his life energy and all of his Nen abilities, in order to turn into an older stronger version of himself. Only a blind desire for revenge exists in Gon's eyes.

After an unexpected transformation, the sides of the fight completely switched. Later on, it becomes a brutal one-sided takedown where the lines between good and bad blur to such an extent that it was hard to see who's right and who's wrong. Gon becomes a monster with dead eyes and started beating an already lifeless Pitou to a pulp.


So this was the list for our best Hunter x Hunter moments. What are your favorite moments that we might miss? Please let us know in the comment section of this article. The moments that we told you about are:

  • Leorio punches Ging
  • Killua's One-Shot kill
  • Killua vs Youpi
  • Kurapika vs Uvogin
  • Palace Invasion
  • Kite's Death
  • Requiem
  • Meruem and Komugi's Last Moments
  • Netero vs Meruem
  • Gon vs Pitou
I hope you find this list entertaining. If you find any mistakes in the article above, please let us know in the comment section.

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