Top 10 Rematches in Anime 😍🔥

Rivalries aren't born in one fight nor in one day. Some of the best sides of anime are their multiple fights featuring a plucky protagonist. Rematches are a nice way to give something to fans to look forward to. Wouldn't you want to see your favourite character in action again after he just busted by a strong villain? These rematches gave birth to some of the most fabulous rivalries that we love. So take a look at Top 10 Rematches in Anime.

10. Achilles vs Chiron

Fate Apocrypha

Top 10 Rematches in Anime

Achilles vs Chiron's second clash, in my opinion, one of the best clash in Fate series. With good hand-to-hand combat, that is the fight that makes you want to see again and again. If you've seen a psycho pass's famous hand-to-hand battle then I think this fight is equally great to that fight. You can feel the energy of both fighters in this fight. We can see in this fight that Achilles slowly make headway in overcoming the wall that prevented him from fighting. In this final battle, the gloves are off, and we were treated with the best payoff for a rivalry between friends.

9. Crocodile vs Luffy

One Piece

Top 10 Rematches in Anime

Crocodile and Luffy had three fights, and while Luffy put up better showings in each fight the powerful warlord keeps putting him down decisively. Make no mistake the fights against Crocodile have final boss fight vibes. The master of sand seems unbeatable in all these fights. Now they Came to the third fight. Finally, Luffy finds a way to get over this unbeatable enemy and finds out that he has one a major weakness "Water". Luffy uses this single most effective weapon against his nemesis getting into his head. You can say that Luffy had plot armour for this fight, but we can also argue that Crocodile was defeated because he lost his calm. Overall I would say that this makes for a nice smart final fight.

8. Ichigo vs. Grimmjow


Top 10 Rematches in Anime

Our next fight is between Ichigo and Grimmjow. As for most of the shounen series, the start of a new arc means the hero's all powers are nothing in front of a new villain. Bleach is not different from that, with Ichigo's Bankai which he spent a lot of time mastering quickly being matched by Grimmjow. Grimmjow gave Ichigo and Rukia a beating after revealing himself to be one of those Shinigami Hollow Hybrids. They both again come face to face inside Hueco Mundo. Ichigo comes to terms with his Inner Hollow and the Grimmjow is ready to whip out the Arrancar version of Bankai. The two collide in a fight that shares similarities to the last Renji fight. Ichigo overcomes the Arrancar's claw blades and finishes the fight with a decisive slash.

7. Ippo vs Sendo

Hajime No Ippo

Rematches in Anime

In 8 is the rematch between Ippo vs Sendo. The two had a classic match in their first clash, and we were seeing whether they'll recreate the magic with a second fight or not. They get into the ring second time with the resulting fight being one of the best fights ever in the series. The fight had that magical big match appeal one could demand from a fight. The music was simply just perfect. If I'm not wrong and this fight was originally supposed to be an ending point for the series which could explain the whole final boss feels that the fight had all over it. The fight was so good designed to be the best fight of the series, and everyone was happy with an amazing series.

6. Eren vs Female Titan

Attack on Titan

Rematches in Anime

The early Eren's fights don't have a better win-loss record. Previously in the episodes, there was one fight between Eren and the Female Titan. Transformed by rage and unbridled fury Eren attacks the Female Titan. To be our surprise, Eren gets absolutely destroyed. But it was not same for the second time when the Female Titan was once again on rage. After some struggles in transforming into Titan, Eren springs into action once again. To be honest, Female Titan was too strong in comparison to Eren. Even in this rematch, she still gets the upper hand on transformed Eren. However, this time Eren has the backup of his comrades; Survey Corpse'. Annie (Female Titan) finally falls against the might of humanity. After a clear defeat, she renders her in a state of being trapped inside a crystal.

5. Midoriya vs Bakugou

My Hero Academia

Rematches in Anime

Rematches are the best if the two characters have chemistry with one another like our Midoriya and Bakugou. The childhood friends Midoriya and Bakugou have the best chemistry between them. With different backgrounds, personalities and life trajectories, the two former childhood friends come face to face once more upon their reunion as teens. They battled in one of the most emotional fights of the anime. They went at each other with everything they got. Midoriya even getting to show off some nifty new tricks with his quirk that he hasn't mastered yet. In the end, Bakugou was the clear victor of this fight. After all that explosions and destruction, Bakugou doesn't find any joy in the victory as he's confronted the harsh truth at the end.

4. Lancer vs Archer

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

Rematches in Anime

Our next rematch is between Lancer and Archer in Fate/Stay Unlimited Blade Works. I can say that Cruz surely is one of the strongest servants in the Fate/Stay Night series. We are talking about a guy who made Gilgamesh work half a day for victory in another route. In Ultimate Blade Works, in a second encounter with Archer, he allows him to finally show off what he actually capable of. Lancer goes all-out in his try to defeat Archer in their duel. The two strong servants go all-out in showing off pretty much everything in their sleeves. Had it not been for Archer's sheer experience and resourcefulness battle, the fight would have been over quickly. 

3. Alucard vs Anderson

Hellsing Ultimate

Top 10 Rematches

It seems that Alucard and Anderson are made for each other. They had their first encounter early on, and it was too bad that Integra had to rob us of an epic looking fight that was just about to begin. It took a while before their final fight. They come at each other with their full strength and to unleash their furious attacks in succession in a touch-and-go battle. The match is a key highlight of the series, and it featured a lot of newly-revealed forms and twists. In the end, Alucard stands tall and Anderson never really stood a chance in a straighter battle against him. Anderson saw his defeat coming a mile away but who could refuse the chance to settle things with your rival once and for all.

2. Goku vs Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z

Top 10 Rematches

At number 2, we have anime's most iconic rivalry that is between Goku vs Vegeta. When this battle came out, it was one of the most hyped battles in the Dragon Ball series. The second encounter between these two is the much-awaited rematch for the fans. This isn't just a battle, it's an illustration of how far these characters have come. Personally, the fight had all the elements of a classic DBZ fight, but I'd like to focus on the surprising depth this fight had. The surprising element of this fight was that Goku actually had access to SSJ3 but held back. Well, we can also see how far Vegeta had gone in his mad quest for surpassing Goku in term of power. 

Naruto vs Sasuke

Naruto Shippuden

Top 10 Rematches in Anime

We'll finish this list with probably one of the most favourite fights in Shonen anime history. These two have been through a lot in their life. Naruto and Sasuke had their decisive final showdown at the end of the series in the Final Vally. They finally had their final battle after all at the end of series. Naruto spends half the series looking for Sasuke and their previous confrontations have generally ended in Sasuke's favour. This time after the main antagonists Madara and Kaguya were take care of. Naruto has one last thing left to do. They put on a show to be remembered for all of Naruto Fans. Coming at each other with the peak evolution of their powers, Naruto and Sasuke fight to a surprising draw. In the end, Naruto was the technical winner, as the former friend turned enemy finally relented and made peace with his eternal rival.

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