Top 10 Best Anime Punches of all Time 😍🔥

Some times you don't need such superpowers to defeat a villain in anime, but you need a good impactful punch right on the face. In Today's list, we're taking a good look at Best Anime Punches of all Time. Some might be simple but our main focus will be how on much impactful that punch was and how beautifully it was delivered. So without any more delay lets just get started with the Top Ten Best Anime Punches of all Time.


  • Best Anime Punches of all Time
      • Saitama's Serious Punch
      • Hideyoshi Parts the Sea
      • Midoriya vs Overhaul
      • Gon vs Pitou
      • Luffy Punches Celestial Dragon
      • United States of Smash
      • Naruto Punches Toneri
      • Natsu's Final Punch vs Acnologia
      • Jonathan Punches Dio
      • Eren Punches a Titan
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Best Anime Punches of all Time

10. Eren Punches a Titan

Attack on Titan

Top 10 Best Anime Punches of all Time

We start off our list with Eren's punch. Attack on Titan is a series where the power of friendship doesn't work, and you can't just powerup up by some emotional events. Nonetheless, it provides us with one of the best punch in anime history. 

The punch that Eren landed on the face of a Titan was quick and easy, and you can feel the real impact of it. That was the one serious hit that no one will forget soon. That head of Titan went flying and crashed all the way into a building. It shows how powerful Eren's newfound power was as a Titan. I mean we've got to keep him looking strong until we can put him toe-to-toe with the really big ones like Female Titan and Armoured Titan.

9. Jonathan Punches Dio

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Jonathan Punches Dio

At number 9 we have Jonathan's punch to Dio. Jonathan Joestar vs Dio is a legendary rivalry for people in the Jojo series. One of the Dio's most important confrontations comes down to end with one solid punch. 

This is the fight to showcase how badass and amazing Jonathan is. Armed with just his bare fists, he brings his everything in that one punch against Dio. Despite Dio's supernatural strength, he proves no match against Jonathan's final punch which wrecked him. Talk about overkill, Dio gets destroyed right there. Sadly for Joester, that's not the end of Dio as he comes back to haunt Joestar and his family many times. 

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8. Natsu's Final Punch vs Acnologia

Fairy Tail

Natsu's Final Punch vs Acnologia

Moving onto number 8, we have Natsu's final punch vs Acnologia. That's one big way to end a series final fight. For all the extraordinary magic and creative powers that fairy tale introduced to its final arc. The climax comes down to the classic Fairy Tale way. 

Natsu powered up by the extreme friendship with everyone cheering delivers a huge rainbow-coloured fire dragon punch to Acnologia. No one can endure that, especially if you're a villain in the Fairy Tale. Backed with the cool dragon force theme, Natsu ends the final battle in the only means he can. For me, the excellent moment here is Acnologia understanding that he can't tackle the attack because of the damages he sustained in the battle against Igneel. Even in death, the fire dragon still finds a way to lead his son to win.

7. Naruto Punches Toneri

The Last: Naruto The Movie

Naruto Punches Toneri

Coming up next we have Naruto's fantastic punch. Naruto The Last has some chilling and unforgettable moments. For me, one of the best highlights is this one overpowered punch. In his fight against Toneri Naruto change his tailed beasts mode chakra out of his hand, resulting in one super punch. 

Holding onto a piece of Hinata's shawl, Naruto throws a punch that shakes the area creating holes in its way and sending Toneri flying. The animation team did their best to give us the best. I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt the energy when Naruto unleashes his all energy against Toneri. Especially noteworthy thing after this punch was the shock on Toneri's face.

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6. All Might's United States of Smash

My Hero Academia

All Might's United States of Smash

How can this list be complete with All Might's legendary United States of Smash? I'm really glad that the villains in anime are rarely overlooked. All For One was quite a mysterious guy in the Hideout Raid arc. In the clash between All Might and All For One, All Might uses this most powerful smash attack that concentrates all of One For All's remaining power into All Might's fist and All Might deliver this astonishing punch and crushes through All For One. 

The impact of this smash is so strong that the wind pressure created from its delivery left a massive crater in the ground. The influx of power received was such, that All Might's broken right arm was instantly restored to full capacity. I bet My Hero Academia fans were waiting for this to be mention, don't you?

5. Luffy Punches Celestial Dragon

One Piece

Luffy Punches Celestial Dragon

Coming up next at number 5 we have Luffy's punch that lands on Celestial Dragon's face. There's a rule in anime it's to never rage the Shounen lead hero. Particularly one who feels as passionate about others as Luffy. Seeing Hachi gets shot was enough to send Luffy over the edge. 

Without second thinking, he waves at Celestial Dragon and sends him flying over the room. We've seen Luffy knocked a lot of people, but this is one of the more impulse-driven and emotional ones in the series. Everyone left speechless as they stare at the damage. Luffy punched a Celestial Dragon without hesitation or care about the outcomes that would follow through.

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4. Gon vs Pitou

Hunter x Hunter 2011

Gon vs Pitou

At number 4 we have Gon's punch. Changing revelation and character progression Gon proceeds to destroy Pitou in what many consider to be one of the top significances moment of Hunter x Hunter. The knowledge of Gon was taken over by his newfound nihilism. The animation and representation all come together to produce a classic scene. 

The punch Gon delivers simply puts the exclamation mark on the build-up. It says something when Gon's picture in this scene becomes one of the most commonly used photos to represent the top moments of Hunter x Hunter 2011. With something as big and as awesome as that only a finishing punch like the one that Gon delivered would be enough to put a satisfying end to this battle.

3. Midoriya vs Overhaul

My Hero Academia

Midoriya vs Overhaul

There's another remarkable punch from My Hero Academia but this time it is Midoriya, not All Might. My Hero Academia fans have long been waiting for this and the anime delivered more than we assumed. A recent episode of My Hero Academia Midoriya unleash 100% One For All against Overhaul. 

With a villain able of transmutation and transformation, is absolute force gonna be enough? Turns out all you need to do is hit the other guy hard enough and enough times but that doesn't make the scene any less epic. Midoriya attacks Overhaul with plenty of punches, piercing through all the protection he has. Blasting overhaul from the sky with one serious punch was so chilling to watch. For such an overpowered villain overhaul met his match here.

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2. Hideyoshi Parts the Sea

Sengoku BASARA

Hideyoshi Parts the Sea

How can we not mention Hideyoshi's punch that parts a sea. In contrast to his usual portrayal as a crafty monkey, Sengoku Basara Hideyoshi's a gorilla of a man ruthless and powerful. His win-loss record against heroes is a shred of evidence to his power but none can match his Sea parting punch in terms of how badass it is. Such a display of power is something the only anime can do. 

I wouldn't be shocked if his opponents' heads explode from one of those punches. Hideyoshi's pretty much a God in human form. A God among mortals and I'm not lying. You've got to see this clip to believe it.

1. Saitama's Serious Punch

One Punch Man

Top 10 Best Anime Punches of all Time

At the top spot, it is Saitama. People don't need much convincing to come to terms with how overpowered Saitama is. Just to give an example, we have his performance against Boros to show. All villains are said to fight against Saitama in one hit, and after watching this scene it's not hard to know why Boros himself got a front-row seat to witness the destruction a serious Saitama can bring. 

After an intense battle that spans across space and features the alien leader regenerating through Saitama's punches, Boros decides that it's time to end it all. Boros release his trump card that is collapsing star roaring cannon. He looks to kill Saitama and eradicate the planet. It's this over-the-top craziness that makes One Punch Man such as satisfying an entertaining watch and for me, there's no better showcase of that than the serious punch.


I hope you guys enjoy our list. These are the best anime puncher of all time so far. The best anime punchers that we mentioned are:

  • Saitama's Serious Punch
  • Hideyoshi Parts the Sea
  • Midoriya vs Overhaul
  • Gon vs Pitou
  • Luffy Punches Celestial Dragon
  • United States of Smash
  • Naruto Punches Toneri
  • Natsu's Final Punch vs Acnologia
  • Jonathan Punches Dio
  • Eren Punches a Titan

If you want to tell us anything regarding that, then you're welcome to tell us in the comment section.

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