Top 10 My Hero Academia Moments 😍🔥

My hero academia is one of the best anime. Boku no hero academia gave us a lot of remembering moments, and in this list, we will be reviewing some of these. Today's list is dedicated to the best my hero academia moments. These moments are from season 1 to season 3 and season 4 is not included, so don't get the wrong idea. So without any further delay, let's get started with the Top 10 My Hero Academia Moments.


  • Top Ten My Hero Academia Moments
      • Entrance Final Exam Moment
      • All Might vs Midoriya & Bakugou
      • Bakugou's Rescue
      • Stain's Rage Moment
      • Midoriya vs. Todoroki
      • All For One's Introduction
      • Midoriya vs. Muscular
      • All Might vs. Noumu
      • Midoriya vs Bakugou Round
      • All For One vs All Might
  • Conclusion

Top Ten My Hero Academia Moments

10. Entrance Final Exam Moment

Episode 4

Entrance Final Exam Moment
Starting off from number 10, it's the entrance exam's final moment. At the start of the show, our young character Midoriya was pretty much a loser. In the world full of incredible abilities, he was a quirkless nobody and to make matters worse; he wanted to become a superhero. It's like to become a pro basketball player while having no arms. 

He recognized for his courage by All Might who luckily for him, has a gift of being able to transfer his ability to another person. It's all about the journey of becoming a superhero, a lot of shonen show start this way but when they get that one moment to shine and this was Midoriya's moment to shine

9. All Might vs Midoriya & Bakugou

Episode 37

All Might vs Midoriya & Bakugou
At number 9, we have All Might vs Midoriya and Bakugou. Some lessons learned hard way, the really hard way. Hit over the head hard, slammed over the ground hard, stepped on hard... The inspirational quote goes "Nothing in life hits as hard as life." Well, I'm pretty sure All Might hit harder. 

I think this is the moment who made Bakugou one of the most popular characters of series. His "I'm not gonna back down" attitude and "No matter what the difference in strength is, I'll destroy whoever I'm facing" mentality makes you love him, even he's a massive prick.  

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8. Bakugou's Rescue

Episode 48

Bakugou's Rescue
Moving on to number 8, we've Bakugou's rescue. This was a close one, A lot of us thought at that moment that we were gonna lose Bakugou here as well. Luckily for us though, He's a badass that spits at the arms of the League of Villain. 

This arc starts off tense with the third villains league attack now bolstered by the new recruits. They kidnap Bakugou and try to recruit him. He gives them a "Hell no" and then it all accumulates through an epic rescue orchestrated by Midoriya. 

7. Stain's Rage Moment

Episode 30

Stain's Rage Moment
At number 7, it's Stain's rage moment. Although All For One is stronger for most of us, Stain is the best villain so far. I think we just love people who don't back down when facing challenges longer than themselves and characters that have strong consistent values. The hero killer just like that. Sure, his goal is to kill a bunch of pro heroes too but he's doing it out of his own twisted desire to purge society of all fake heroes and it's still admirable how he faced against so many heroes and he doesn't back down. 

He also saves Midoriya from a villain because he thinks that he's someone who deserves to be a superhero. When Endeavour, the second strongest hero shows up, does stain run away? No. He calls him fake and starts walking toward him. That is the attitude we all need to have just without the killing part. 

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6. Midoriya vs. Todoroki

Episode 23

Midoriya vs. Todoroki
Next on the list at number 6 is when Todoroki uses his left side. Two things make this moment amazing for me, the first is Todoroki's personal growth. My hero academia has a diverse and well-made supporting cast and Todoroki is one of my favourites. He's someone with the most natural talent out of all of the next generation students and yet he suppresses his half of it because of his relationship with his father. 

This is where he gets over his inherited past and looks toward his own self-made future. The second is the mentality of Midoriya. He encourages Todoroki to use his full power to get over his mental issues and grow like a man and this opposes his personal goal of the moment to win the match but it serves the greater goal of having a peaceful world by helping the allies grow as heroes. 

5. All For One's Introduction

Episode 47

All For One's Introduction
At number 5, it's All For One's introduction. I'm really glad that the villains in anime are rarely overlooked. They play a crucial role in every series. A hero is only as strong as the villain he faces exception of One Punch Man, of course. 

The brighter the light the darker the shade. All For One is the darkness of the light of All Might. As much as All Might is loved, All For One is feared. His presence, power and dark philosophy all accumulate into one of the best and most chilling antagonist introduction I've ever seen in Shonen anime. 

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4. Midoriya vs. Muscular

Episode 42

Midoriya vs. Muscular
Next on the list at number 4 is when Midoriya defeats Muscular. While there doesn't seem to be any power ranking in my hero academia. Muscular was probably the most powerful opponent Midoriya faced up to this point in the show. Midoriya once again pushed far beyond his limits when trying to protect someone. This characteristic of his was the reason why All Might pick him as his successor. 

We saw that he made the right choice when Deku managed to put everything in his attack to defeat Muscular against all odds. It also shows why Stain save Midoriya and thought he's worthy of being a hero. Midoriya has consistently placed his own life into danger to save others from danger and these are the moments where he always managed to shine the most. 

3. All Might vs. Noumu

Episode 12

All Might vs. Noumu
At number 3 we have All Might vs Nuoumu. This first attack of the league of the villains is the first time we saw some organization on the villain's side. The attack gave a lot of students a chance to shine especially Midoriya but no one as much of the spotlight in the attack as All Might. 

All Might is the strongest figure that no one can push him at that point in the series. Noumu, the artificial human-made by One For All with the explicit purpose of defeating All Might, has the ability of shock absorption meant to counter All Might's attacks. This epic fight gave us the first full extent of All Might's power: both his physical strength and mental fortitude to overcome his own boundaries and push himself past his illness and limits. 

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2. Midoriya vs Bakugou Round 2

Episode 61

Midoriya vs Bakugou Round 2
In the second place, it's the fight between Midoriya and Bakugou. Unlike others who grew up with their quirks, refining them stronger as they grow. One For All is a full-grown quirk that's given to someone who has no idea how to use it. It's like giving a machine gun to a toddler. But then the person who receives the One For All grows faster than anyone.

So from Bakugou's perspective, it must be infuriating to see the weak boy he's known since childhood has now caught up or might overtake him. It's a lesson to not comparing yourself with others. While both of these boys grown up in strength substantially. Bakugou is not looking at his own growth, but looking at Deku's. Instead of finding joy in his own growth, he finds pain in his classmate's growth. 

1. All For One vs All Might

Episode 49

All For One vs All Might
Finally, at number 1, it's One for all vs All Might. All For One is the villain above all villains. While in the show we're seeing a peaceful world where the villains have retreated in the recent past. It wasn't like this. At the start of the quirk era, crime used to rule society. At the top of this world rule by the villains stands All For One: The king of villains. 

The turning point of the world is probably when All Might Defeat All For One. All Might is the third user of One For All user to attempt this and the first to succeed. What we see in the show is a reenactment of their last fight years ago. That was the probably the last time we see All Might at his full strength and it was glorious. 


So these are the best moments of my hero academia. These moments are from season 1 to season 3. I hope you enjoy that list. The moments mentioned above are the following:

  • Entrance Final Exam Moment
  • All Might vs Midoriya & Bakugou
  • Bakugou's Rescue
  • Stain's Rage Moment
  • Midoriya vs. Todoroki
  • All For One's Introduction
  • Midoriya vs. Muscular
  • All Might vs. Noumu
  • Midoriya vs Bakugou Round
  • All For One vs All Might

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