Top 10 Best Action Games For Android 😍🔥

A lot of people don't have a gaming PC to play games. Now the mobile gaming industry is growing rapidly because of games like PUBG and CODM. You can now have the joy of games on your own mobile. 

This list is dedicated to the best action games for android. This list is not for IOS users, so don't get the wrong idea. Some of these games might be available on AppStore, but not all of them may be available. So without any further delay, let's get started with the list of best actions games for android.


  • Best Action Games for Android
      • Into The Dead: Zombie Survival
      • Metal Soldier: Shooter
      • Dragon Ball Legends
      • Brothers In Arms 3
      • Modern Combat 5
      • Shadowgun Legends
      • Fortnite Mobile
      • Mortal Combat X
      • Call Of Duty Mobile
      • PUBGM
  • Conclusion

Best Action Games for Android

10. Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival

Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival

One of the best action games for android in our list is Into The Dead 2, which is the second part of Into The Dead. This is an FPS shooting survival game with a lot of realistic graphics and zombie apocalypse. You don't have a lot of bullets to shoot down zombies in this game like other zombie games have. This is the thing that makes this game super fun to play and a unique product. 

You only have a limited amount of bullets, so you only use these bullets when needed the most. The gameplay is very simple, your character moves forward. You can only move slightly left or right. Player has no choice but to just move forward and never go back. As the game progress, there will be a lot of guns to use. Controls are very easy, and you can master them in no time.

9. Metal Soldier: Shooter

Metal Soldier: Shooter

Next is Metal Soldier: Shooter on our list. This is a 2D game and a reminiscent of a classic game Contra. Your main character is a futuristic Gunman who blows up many tanks, machines, etc. This game is truly amazing. The gameplay is very smooth and background music is an addition to the joy of gameplay. 

This is not a bulky game that took up your mobile space very much and isn't a high-end game that requires a good phone to play. This is a game that can be played in a low-end mobile with ease. The levels get tougher and more intense as you proceed further in-game. Game is very addictive.

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8. Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends

Coming up next at number 8, one of the best action games for android is Dragon Ball Legends. There are few games on the mobile platform that are based on anime. Dragon Ball Legends is one of the few games. This game is based on the Dragon Ball anime. I hope everyone knows that series. The game has powerups and unique fighting styles. You can through punches and some kind of energy bomb onto your enemies. 

Graphics and animation are astonishing in this game which makes this game more addictive. The story of Dragon Ball Legend is drawn from the story of Super Saiyan Broly Arc. Every Dragon Ball fan will love to play this amazing game. The animation and character's voice make gameplay more exciting  

7. Brothers In Arms 3

Brothers In Arms 3

At number 7, we have Brother In Arms 3. If you are a fan of shooting games, then this game is just for you. Brother in Arms depicts world war with eyecatching graphics and a ton of action. There is no cluster of buttons on the screen which makes this game easy to understand and easy to play. You don't have a lot of guns with you, instead, you only have one gun of two that can be upgraded with level. You can upgrade your weapons and can unlock other characters also. 

The game has both modes, singleplayer as well as multiplayer. Singleplayer is real fun to play, but the real fun starts when you play multiplayer. The game uses a very detailed and amazing environment. The gameplay is smooth, enjoyable and fun to play. You should check this out.

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6. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5

Next in our list at number 6 is Modern Combat 5. Modern Combat 5 is a first-person shooting action game. Action game lovers will know about this game already. You will be a soldier, and you will lead your team. You will also kill enemies and will destroy helicopters and boats with machine guns. If you're a fan of Call of Duty or Battlefield game, then you'll surely love to play this game on your smart device. 

Just like the previous Brother In Arma 3 game, you have two modes which are singleplayer and multiplayer. You can play 5 vs. 5 in multiplayer mode, and there is a story mode in singleplayer. Modern Combat has other modes too, for example, events, Bonus modes, etc. It’s definitely one of the most fun action games you can play on Android.

5. Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends

Want to play an alien shooter game? Then this is just for you. Shadowgun Legends is an alien shooting game that is quite enjoyable to play. Shadowgun Legends is one of the best action games for android. This is the best game of its genre. Weapon mechanics are simple. The action is superior and graphics are of a high standard. The gameplay involves everything including shooting down aliens, destroying their bases and blasting off their heads. 

The game has a feature to talk and interact with other players who are playing this game, which makes this game more enjoyable. The story mode is interesting with hundreds of missions that include Co-op mission, raids, PvP. There are a lot of character customizations and optimizations in this alien shooting game, and you can pick your gun from hundreds of other guns.

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4. Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile

Moving onto number 4, we have Fortnite. Fortnite is a battle royal game with more colourful and creative graphics. The gameplay is very simple, you don't have any campaign mission in this game. This is purely a multiplayer game in which you will land on an Island and will fight until you're the lone survivor. Battle royal mode can be played in a solo, duo or in a team of 4 players. The game has other modes also like 50v50, big team mode and a lot more. 

The one thing which is added in this game is the building structures. You can build structures by breaking other stuff and by collecting building material from it. Game UI is a bit confusing, but if you play further this game, you'll understand everything in no time. Graphics are not realistic but are more animated. I think this is a thing that makes this game unique.

3. Mortal Combat X

Mortal Combat X

Moving onto number 3 is Mortal Combat X. Mortal Combat X is a hand to hand combat fighting game. Have you ever play Tekken? Did you love the Tekken series? If Yes, then this game is for you to play it on your mobile phone. This is one of the most brutal games out there. You can fight in 3v3 and can change your character at any time during gameplay. 

You'll get rewards from winning the matches. Rewards can be used to optimization stuff, unlocking new characters and actions. The game has a campaign mode which is quite fun to play. If you want to play with other players, then the multiplayer option is also available for you. 

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2. Call Of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty Mobile is at number 2 on our list. CODM is also a multiplayer game just like Fortnite and PUBG. Just like Fortnite and PUBG, CODM has battle royal mode and 5v5 mode. Despite these modes, CODM has other side modes too, for example, Gun Game, Area defence etc. CODM has a lot of optimization of guns. 

You'll get a lot of rewards after winning a match. You will unlock a lot of guns and other things by increasing your level. Game design is not simple to understand. Battle royal mode is not as good as PUBG and Fortnite, but 5v5 and other modes are the real deals. You'll require up to 1GB of ROM and a high-end mobile specs to play this title smoothly.



So the best action games for android is PUBGM. PUBG is a whole package. PUBG has seasons, modes, different guns, skins, costumes, etc. I'm sure, you heard this game before or even played this or even is playing. Battle royal is just like Fortnite and CODM. You land on an island, pick up guns and medkits. You play until you are an alone survivor. 

Solo, Duo and team modes are also available. Just like other battle royal games, this game is also very intense and full of action. Battle royal mode has 4 different maps also. There are a lot of options in PUBG. TDM is a 4v4 mode, in which you play until you win or kill opponents 40 times. You need a high specs mobile and up to 2 GB to install this game.

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So this is the list for the best action games for android. All of these games are worth playing. Some of them need an internet connection to play, but some of them can be played in offline mode. All of these games are best that are available on PlayStore. The games that we mentioned above are:

  • Into The Dead: Zombie Survival
  • Metal Soldier: Shooter
  • Dragon Ball Legends
  • Brothers In Arms 3
  • Modern Combat 5
  • Shadowgun Legends
  • Fortnite Mobile
  • Mortal Combat X
  • Call Of Duty Mobile

I hope you find this list informative. If you find any mistake in the article above, then you can let us know in the comment section.

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