Top 10 Useful Information About Video Mapping Art 😍🔥

When you imagine a building sparkling beautifully at night accompanied by magnificent audio. Or suppose you see the Eiffel tower emitting complex shapes made of light. Well, both are products that combine projection tools with rugged fields or what is known as video mapping or video mapping.

Useful Information About Video Mapping Art

The artist can show his or her artworks with Projection Mapping Event content media to promote her or his artworks to people. The following is some information about video mapping.


  • Useful Information About Video Mapping Art
      • Definition of Video Mapping
      • Video Mapping's Requirement
      • Interesting About Video Mapping
      • Initial Purpose of Video Mapping
      • Video Mapping Process
      • Important Thing for Video Mapping
      • Video Mapping's Medium
      • Video Mapping in Modern Era
      • Types of Video Mapping
      • Video Mapping Popularity
  • Conclusion

Useful Information About Video Mapping Art

1. Definition of Video Mapping

Video mapping or what is known as video projection is an artistic lighting technique that creates objects of various shapes, often not on a flat plane that becomes the display screen for a video projection. For example, a simple form of a pile of boxes to a complex or as big as a building.

2. Video Mapping's Requirement

Video mapping requires a dark place or it is usually done at night so that there is a contrast between the projection color and the dark background so that it creates bright and clear projection colors. By using special software, video mapping can create the illusion of objects exposed to video projection light. 2 or 3-dimensional objects are mapped spatially into a virtual program that resembles the original shape of the object that is used as the display screen.

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3. Interesting About Video Mapping

The most interesting thing is how this light projection gives the eye illusion of the object that is the highlight of the projection. With the right video and lighting, the shape of the projection container that becomes the spotlight can appear to change shape, such as collapsing or bulging and others according to the creation or desire of the video designer.

4. Initial Purpose of Video Mapping

Initially, video mapping was a revolution in map recording visualization. By recording the Global Positioning System (GPS) signal with a videotape, then entering the data into the computer, so that the map can be reviewed more easily and more clearly. What used to be only written data, now you can experience experiences in the field. With this advanced technology, artists and creative people have started mixing this mapping with video and other beauties to produce video mapping.

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5. Video Mapping Process

The first process is recording audio and visuals to be geographically registered or geo-registered. The data is taken from GPS satellites and then converted to a video camera. So that every GPS satellite captures data at the same time, the video camera captures it too. Then the second process is indexing, the image captured by the camera is connected to the computer by first converting it into digital form. 

The last stage is a review in which the indexed database can be accessed both audio and visually. Then the operators or video designers can enter the video that has been prepared to be applied to the projector.

6. Important Thing for Video Mapping

One of the most important things that must be fulfilled when you want to undergo or make a video mapping is the need for total darkness, both in the object to be highlighted and in the surrounding area. This is the foundation for video mapping as bouncing light projection works best in complete darkness. By fulfilling these basic conditions, the size, shape, rest, or movement of an object, object, or plane to be projected does not matter.

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7. Video Mapping's Medium

The projector is used as a minimum power of 10,000 lumens to project the video. The potential that this medium can achieve looks promising. As one of the most dazzling and innovative lighting techniques, video mapping can serve as a message loader or a story. Because video mapping can present more stories from billboards, bigger than TV screens, more memorable than print media, video mapping will be more attractive to the public and effective for use in advertising and marketing. Then many also use video mapping purely as entertainment or decoration, such as at Disneyland, music concerts, and venues such as bars or restaurants.

Some of us probably don’t know about this thing accurately because some people still think that an art exhibition is only held inside a gallery. Actually, there are still arts that are shown by some of the artists inside a gallery for a particular exhibition event. Most of them are two dimension artworks such as paintings because people still like to see paintings in particular frames on the wall.

8. Video Mapping in Modern Era

In this modern era, we have so many opportunities to create things that we have in our heads. Some of the young and talented artists even have their own signatures for each type of art that they present to people. There are so many young and talented artists who study a lot of new things in art schools. 

They also elaborate on so many influences that they get from other artists from different countries in the world. There are so many different classifications in art and each of the artists can represent their own cultures from their homelands. Some of the artists from Asia are giving so many vibrant influences in modern arts.

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9. Types of Video Mapping

Recently, they create so many old and classic types of artworks and they mix them with the modern effect from the present era. Young artists always have their own rebel insights and they tend to develop new skills in their artworks. Today, many young artists can see a lot of modern art literature and they like to mix each of the elements in modern arts with other concepts from different sources. Most people know there is no limit to art because it lives in us and it gives a lot of different senses to us. Some artists represent their artworks through those video graphic motions and they use a lot of different media as their personal canvases.

Nowadays, we don’t need to visit a specific art exhibition if we want to enjoy some of the modern artworks from young and talented artists. Those young artists use a brand new technology that they call projection mapping and they can show their graphic designs directly to people. They can create almost all types of visual artworks on a building’s walls or the roads. Basically, this latest technology allows them to present their remarkable artworks on different kinds of surfaces. They normally use a pre-production method just before they present their visual artworks to people.

They can recreate some of the video graphics that aren’t accepted by some of their clients and they can change them immediately with the new one. Most young artists will also make a video mapping on a certain surface, therefore, they must make sure that the surface can handle the full image of their video mapping artworks. It is important to check every single thing for their artwork’s presentation before they show them to people at some public places. Most video artworks are in three-dimension concepts because many people like that kind of concept very much.

10. Video Mapping Popularity

This unique visual art has not attracted much interest in the majority of the public. But it is also proven, when this visual art video mapping is shown in public, the audience will always be amazed. However, that does not mean that no one has become an expert in video mapping. 

For those of you who are curious to know who has succeeded in honing the ability to display stunning video mapping that can be enjoyed by a wide audience, we selected some video mapping artists in the world. Here are some of the names of artists or video mapping teams that we admire.

Limelight Art

A group of video mapping artists has been established since 2006 and has many branches in various parts of the world. Limelight Art has 34 branches in continental Europe, 8 branches in America, 28 branches in Africa and the Middle East, 4 branches in Asia, and 2 branches in Australia. 

A total of 76 branches were established with the same motivation, namely to inspire and awaken the general public by making light art more affordable throughout the world through their work.


As the name implies, Maxin10sity (read: maxintensity) has intense and maximum works. It is a little hard to imagine the audience not being mesmerized by his extraordinary work. MaxIn10sity was founded in 2014. Not surprisingly, they won 1st place in the Chartres en lumieres competition - Videomapping Contest in France for 3 consecutive years from 2012.

Sembilan Matahari

This team of artists from Bandung has won several international video mapping championships, namely Japan and Moscow. Sembilan Matahari, which was founded in 2007. With the aesthetic and technical needs of this team of artists covered by the aesthetic and technical needs of this team of artists, it's no wonder that Sembilan Matahari is one of the best video mapping artists in Indonesia.

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We hope this useful information about video mapping art will prove to be beneficial for you in any case. With this information, we hope you have got the idea of video mapping art a little bit or more. 

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