Top 10 Best Steering Wheel For American Truck Simulator - Buyer's Guide

The American Truck Simulator game is for people in love with driving but doesn't want a racing one. However, you won't be just driving around aimlessly but have to attain different targets. It increases the qualities like managing and achieving goals, caring about financials, regulation of money, and careful investments. Hence, you won't be just playing a game; you will be learning new traits as well.

Best Steering Wheel For American Truck Simulator

In order to enjoy the game with full potential, you should have certain essentials. As it has a very relaxing and calming vibe, spending extra money on gadgets will take you to a whole new level. The basic game can be played on any laptop or computer, but gamers who want to make their own solitude need some vital techs like

  • The chassis
  • The wheel 
  • The pedals
  • The monitor
  • The console

These external devices will help you feel immersive and real-life driving experience. But the most important gadget is the steering wheel and pedals. There are multiple brands available that have wheels and pedals combo. You can choose the best steering wheel for an American truck simulator among the herd of incredible devices and have an epic adventure.

The chair should be one of the best ones made of the highest quality material and give an ergonomic comfort while playing for long hours. It should also have a lot of adjustment options that can suit every type of gamer.


Best Steering Wheel For American Truck Simulator   

Whatever qualities you are looking for, there are many options available in the market. Searching and choosing the best wheel for an American truck simulator might take a lot of time. But don't worry, we have listed the best steering wheel for American truck simulator with all their features, pros, and cons to help to decide easily.

So read the article, and we are sure you will have your pick from the list.

Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel


  • No. of pedals: 3
  • Force feedback: Dual motor
  • Rotation: 900 degree

The Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel is the best American truck simulator setup. It has three excellent stainless steel pedals that are very strong and durable, providing an immersive gaming experience with real-like brakes and accelerators. The gamer will feel exactly like driving a real-life car and will play like a pro.

The wheel itself is made of leather material, giving it a perfect grip. It provides less strain on the wrist due to its ergonomic comfort shape. Hence play for long hours and accomplish all your task without getting tired.

The dual-motor force feedback lets you feel all the bumps and resistance and know when you are drifting from the lane. Thus, you will able to have better control over the vehicle and will be able to complete your targets on time.

The wheel needs a shifter to assist the gamer in having the experience and control, just like in the real world. All the materials are durable and comfortable, allowing gamers to enjoy and relax while playing the simulator. All in all, with a design of an actual wheel and accessories to produce excellent results, it is the best steering wheel for ATS.


  • Durable materials
  • Best rotation for easy driving
  • Amazing force feedback
  • Real like design
  • The control buttons are easy to access on the wheel
  • the shifter and pedals are very easy to use


  • Not suitable for playing heavy racing games
  • Have to buy shifter separately

Thrustmaster TX RW Leather Edition

Thrustmaster TX RW Leather Edition


  • No. of pedals: 3
  • Force feedback: Dual motor
  • Rotation: 900 degree

Designed for perfection, this Thrustmaster TX RW Leather Edition is the best American truck simulator steering wheel and pedals. The material used to cover the wheel is soft leather with hand stitching to get the best fit. The look and feel of the steering are just like a real one. Thus play the game and enjoy the stimulus of real-life encounters.

Equipped with Next-Gen 900° force feedback, a Brushless servo motor, Dual-belt mechanism, and HEART Technology, all make it an outstanding device to have a captivating experience. This tech transforms the wheels and pedals setup into a real-life simulation and gives better control of the trucks. Hence, have all the fun of travelling on the highways and devour breathtaking views by just sitting in your room.

The most fabulous feature is its wheel material. They are made of good quality plastic giving a soft padded feel to your feet even if you are barefoot. The base of the pedals is designed to have a better grip and no slipping of your feet from the pedals. 

So move your truck at your speed with lag-free gear shifts and relax the position of the pedals. Also, the wheels and pedals are adjustable, so you can easily choose a comfortable place that will make you less tired and help you achieve all long-hour shifts.


  • Good material of the wheel and pedals
  • Long durability
  • Very comfortable alignments
  • Best techs to help have an outstanding experience
  • Good rotation and size of the wheel


  • Expensive
  • Need external shifters

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Subsonic SA5156 Gaming Wheel

Subsonic Gaming wheel


  • No. of pedals: 3
  • Force feedback: Dual motor
  • Rotation: 900 degrees
  • wheel size: 26 cm

One of the most budget-friendly and reliable steering wheels is the Subsonic gaming wheel. The Subsonic SA5156 Gaming Wheel is mainly made of plastic on the outside, while solid steel is in the middle.

The base of the wheel is built so that the gamers can play it in 2 positions, either on the knee or any flat surface. Hence, even without a rig, you will get an outstanding experience and the vibrations are felt intensely.

The two pedals are made of plastic and don't have much resistance, making the gaming experience a little average. The wheel angle is pretty awesome, giving the immersive gaming control while racing. The motor is a double vibrator instead of force feedback, which is understandable as its cost is relatively less.

The controller has to be connected with it for selecting and moving around the menu. The gear shifter is on one side only and is manual, which is great for a realistic driving experience. There is an additional digital pedal shifter present at the back right side of the wheel. 

There are also many programmable buttons on the left side of the wheelbase that you can personalize on your own. Overall this is a pretty awesome budget-friendly American truck simulator steering wheel and shifter


  • Two playing position 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good rotation angle


  • No force feedback
  • No D-pad

PXN V3II PC Racing Wheel

PXN V3II PC Racing Wheel


  • Wheel size: 10.24inch/26cm 
  • Rotation angle: 180 degree
  • Pedals: 2
  • Force feedback: Dual motor 

The PXN V3II Racing Wheel is small in size but still a well-designed wheel for gamers. Its frame is made of sturdy plastic. The rubber covers the plastic where you grip the wheel, making it an excellent anti-slip wheel while playing for long hours. The grips also have great ergonomic comfort and won't put a strain on your wrists and hands.

The wheels have two built-in vibration motors, resulting in a smooth drive and realistic feel of the road. A pair of paddle shifters are present at the back of the wheel, which can be customized on a PC. Thus, you will have the sensations of a real-life drive within the boundary of your house.

The wheel has 180 degrees rotation which is just good enough. Heavy trucks are a little hard to control with this small rotation, but the close-to-natural feel compensates for the deficiency.

The base is wider than the wheel, making its profile appear small. If you don't have a rig, You can attach it to any flat surface with powerful suction cups or clamps. The two pedals are made of plastic and have an arched design, making them comfortable and easy to use. 

They also have fantastic feedback giving an impressively real feel. Hence, the PXN V3II Racing Wheel is the best setup for an American truck simulator. 


  • Outstanding design
  • The wheel is very sturdy
  • Can be placed on any surface easily
  • Good force feedback
  • The manual shifter gives an excellent real-life feel


  • Does not have a clutch pedal.
  • Does not work with PS4

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Logitech G29 Driving Force Race Wheel

Logitech G29 Driving Force Race Wheel + Logitech G Driving Force Shifter Bundle


  • Wheel size: 27 cm
  • Rotation angle: N/A
  • Pedals: 3
  • Force feedback: Dual motor

The Logitech G29 Driving Force Race Wheel has a design mimicking the actual wheel of cars. The body is made up mainly of metal and has a leather finish making it quite durable and sturdy. The use of leather rather than plastic compared to other competitors gives it the extra edge and expensive look. It also helps in enduring the harsh handling while playing for long hours. 

The three pedals give a smooth and immersive driving experience. The accelerator, brake, and clutch each help in providing the driver with a real-life feel with different pushes and pulls of the road. The brake pedal has more tension at the end of its depression, resulting in much better force. Therefore, achieve all your goals with ease while enjoying the thrill of the drive.

Gears shifting metal pedals are present behind each side of the wheel. They're firm with a satisfying click and very easy to use. Thus, there is no need to buy external gear shifters. The force feedback is excellent and gives impressive reactions. LED light indicators are also present on the wheel, giving the whole appearance a promising look. All in all, it is the best American truck simulator steering wheel and pedals.    


  • The design gives it a costly and decent look
  • The pedals are durable and comfortable
  • Good rotation range give the driver great control
  • The force feedback is amazing
  • No need for an external clutch


  • May have some compatibility issues.

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458


  • Wheel size: 27 cm
  • Rotation angle: 240 degrees
  • Pedals: 2
  • Force feedback: Brushless force feedback

The next most popular best wheel for truck simulators on the list is the TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition by Thrustmaster. As the name indicates, the racing wheel has the iconic Ferrari label in the middle. However, its design is quite decent and straightforward compared to other fancy Ferrari wheels. 

The wheel's rim is made mostly of plastic and rubber and has a firm grip. The middle portion has solid metal built, making it highly durable. Although it may not be a royal design, still it's pretty sturdy and can endure long hours of play without getting worn out easily.

The wheel's performance is outstanding with 240 degrees of wheel rotation and brushless force feedback motors. The force feedback uses an all-belt-driven system which gives a much smoother feel while driving. The system is quieter and delivers an immersive real-life experience than other competitors.

The Ferrari 485 also has a cooling system with a fan that kicks in after 10-20 minutes as the belt drive uses large heat. The fans cool the system considerably and reduce the risk of damage while playing for long hours. Two pedals are adjustable, and the user can choose the inclination that best suits them. The paddle gear-shifters are aluminum, giving them a strong build and a satisfying click. 


  • Unique design
  • Amazing and durable body 
  • Cooling system to reduce overheating
  • Least expensive


  • Only two pedals
  • Have more of a racing game look
  • D-pad is absent

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HORI PS4-052U Racing Wheel

HORI PS4-052U Racing Wheel


  • Wheel size: 28cm
  • Rotation angle: 270 degrees
  • Pedals: 2

It is the most budget-friendly wheel that'll still be able to deliver an immersive driving experience. The Hori PS4-052U Racing Wheel is a good option for playing less demanding American truck simulators rather than other racing games. 

With the rotation of 270 degrees, it's just about enough for controlling heavy trucks. The wheel has a beautiful design, good grip rubber trim, and an adjustable dead zone on the top. Although there are only two pedals with no-stick shifts, the control is excellent. They also have a retractable full-sized footrest for added ergonomic comfort while playing for long hours. 

The pedals are completely adjustable, making the setup extremely easy to control while playing and giving the virtual track real-life feels. It is an excellent feature as it provides comfort to all types of users. Thus, enjoy a full-blown driving adventure without spending much of your hard-earned money.

The wheels also have sensitivity levels which the gamers can choose to get more control and assistance during driving. Based on your experience, you can decide how much automation you want. Hence, it is the steering wheel and pedals for the PC American truck simulator.


  • Cheapest price
  • Adjustable pedals
  • Anti-slip rubber grip 
  • Durable 
  • Great sensitivity levels
  • Excellent clamps for stability


  • The pedals slide during use
  • Force feedback is not present

Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 

Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari


  • Wheel size: 28cm
  • Rotation angle: 240 degrees
  • Pedals: 2

Fantastic build, superb design, and best quality along with the low price, who said you couldn't get everything in one device? This Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari Wheel is equipped with all the right features you wish for. Thus there is no need to throw extra bucks on buying expensive wheels to get the best results.

The wheel is a big size one, with outstanding automatic re-centring technology. This is achieved by a bungee-cord system that helps the wheel to get back to its original position easily. It greatly helps in conserving energy and time while driving through missions. This technology lets the gamer get linear resistance from the wheel whether you are turning left or right. Hence, the gamers feel a real-life experience and may not even realize that they are playing a game.

The pedals have a very wide footrest to give ergonomic comfort to the player and can withstand playing long hours without any issue. They are also very responsive and have excellent smooth performance. Thus, you will not be disappointed in making sharp turns or wanting swift brakes during the game. It has many buttons to assign for usable options and can give good control over the drive. All in all, it is the best wheel for an American truck simulator.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Good drive
  • Great control
  • Smooth reactions of pedals
  • Ergonomic comfort
  • Automatic re-centring


  • No clutch pedal
  • No force-feedback
  • Not for heavy gaming

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PXN PC Steering Wheel

PXN PC Steering Wheel


  • Wheel size: 28cm
  • Rotation angle: 270 degrees
  • Pedals: 3
  • Force feedback: Dual-motor

The amazing PXN PC steering wheel is very multitalented and compatible with all the available consoles. It can be easily configured through an app to your console and give you the most extraordinary response. The best feature about this steering wheel is its dual nature of rotation. For more intense and fast racing games, you'll find the 270-degree rotation, while for the simulator driving games, the wider 900 is chosen for a great response.

The steering wheel also comes with a shifter available for simulating games, resulting in an intense real-life encounter. The size of the wheel is also excellent, with many buttons to be assigned for different options. Therefore, the gamers can play and adjust every detail with ease. So, enjoy the ride and focus on the tasks without worrying about the controllers.

The three pedals are made of steel and are very durable. They are very responsive and have the required resistance allowing the gamer to control heavy trucks easily. The gear shifter is also very sturdy and built to withstand any amount of playing hours. These qualities make it withstand any amount of abuse the drivers put on the setup. Thus, it is the American truck simulator steering wheel and shifter.


  • Very durable body
  • Good and quick response
  • Two types of rotation angle
  • Shifter available for immersive gaming
  • Great force feedback


  • Does get broken after a few months
  • Looks a little cheap

Hori AB04-001U Racing Wheel

Hori AB04-001U Racing Wheel


  • Wheel size: 28cm
  • Rotation angle: 270 degrees
  • Pedals: 2

A Microsoft licensed steering wheel designed especially for Xbox users; this Hori AB04-001U Racing Wheel is a decent purchase. As it is made for the Xbox series, you will find different designated buttons to choose options easily without needing a controller. 

A d-pad is present on the left, while profile switching and sharing options are present at the bottom of the wheel. It also has programmable buttons on the right, which can be assigned to any function of your choice. You can also configure whether you want a full 270-degree rotation or an intense 180 one for racing games. Thus, a great option gives amazing control to the user.

The material used to make the wheel and pedals are very good quality plastics and rubber, which results in outstanding grip and comfort. Hence, the gamers can play for long hours without getting tired. 

It also has a great sensitivity while controlling the vehicle, and no matter what size you are driving, you'll feel in complete authority. Overall, not a bad choice for less cost and can easily make its way in the list of the best wheel for truck simulators.


  • Good quality of material
  • Amazing rotation angle
  • Great customizable option


  • The wheel is very sensitive and may be hard to adjust
  • The instruction manual is not clear

Buying Guide for the Best Steering Wheel For American Truck Simulator

From the multiple choices available in the market, picking the best possible device can be difficult. Especially if you don't know what features to look for. Driving games are not just about the twists and turns, but to attain the premium experience, you will need to feel the push and pull of the road.

So following is the list of features that will help you gain real results and the best driving simulation.

Wheel Diameter

It is a crucial quality of the steering wheel. The wheel diameter should match the length of your hands. Big hands can cope with large wheels, whereas small wheels are better suited for average hands.

The diameter of the wheel is also essential for turning your truck quickly. As the vehicles driven in the game are huge, they need to be steered properly. Thus, while choosing the best steering wheel for ATS, always search and select the wheel with a suitable diameter and turn.

Force Feedback

When you buy the proper wheel for playing the American truck simulator, the force feedback is the one thing you need for a better real-life experience. The laptops and computers do not provide the thrill and sense of roads. 

If you want more than just a gaming environment, you want the best feedback mechanism the wheel can provide. The bumps of the street, the resistance of the cat eyes, and the feel of gravel under your tire are all enhanced with the feedback system.

There are three types of feedback mechanisms currently present in the wheels,

Direct Drive: The wheels are directly connected to the motor, which provides all the vibrations of the feedback.

Gear-Driven: The wheel is connected to a gear system that provides all the correct feedback feels. Some good wheels have a gear-driven feedback system that augments all the road drive properties.

Belt-Driven: It has a belt that connects the motor to the wheel. This setup gives the best result and has the most potent feel.

Hence, look carefully and know what type of feedback mechanism is present in the wheel before buying it.


Pedals make you're driving a lot easy. They assist the gamer while playing for long hours. Thus, there is less strain on your hand. Therefore you can play as much as you want without getting tired. They also augment the driving experience by giving the gamer a real-life feel. 

But in order to have an immersive gaming sensation, the quality of the pedals should be good. The cheaper options may sound budget-friendly, but they will have a shorter life span and poor reactions. Hence choose the best pedals made of excellent and durable material.

There are also three pedals or two pedal options available with the wheels. According to your experience and ease, you can either choose a clutch system or just the accelerator and brake combination.


As the gamers spend long hours playing the simulator, if the material they are made of is not good, they will get wrist pain quickly. The good made of the wheels result in providing relaxation and excellent grip for the user.

Whereas cheap and hard plastic may cause the gamer strain and will not deliver ergonomic comfort. They will also be less durable if the quality is very poor. Thus always opt for the best quality material while shopping for the best wheel for a truck simulator.

Degree of rotation

All of the wheels available in the market have a limited degree to which they can rotate. The best and most expensive American truck simulator steering wheel can rotate up to 1080o, while some low-priced wheels may have less degree. To control a big and heavy truck, your wheel needs to have a greater degree of rotation. This will result in good command over the drive. 


The wheels have a list of OS that they are compatible with. Thus make sure you have a suitable device or monitor that supports the system requirement of the wheel.


The manufacturers are continuously designing the wheels to assist in the gaming and look like a real one. But there are gamers who like some extravagant or unique design. Multiple devices are present, ranging from natural looks to outstanding sporty design. Therefore, choose the one that makes you comfortable and satisfies your image.


The steering wheel and pedal setup can be more impressive by placing it in a cockpit for steering wheels. This results in ease of use and makes the gaming more realistic. 

These qualities are essential in determining whether you have the best setup for the American truck simulator. Hence, look for these features when shopping for the wheel.


Having the right tools is critical for enjoying your gaming with full potential and ease. In today's market, the options available are countless. For instance, Logitech, Thrustmaster, and other less famous manufacturers continuously bring some amazing and new updates to the market. You should also consider the best GPS with backup camera for better control and stability.

Searching for the Best Steering Wheel For American Truck Simulator which is right for you in every way can be a little overwhelming. In order to have the best experience of your life while playing driving games, you should consider certain factors and choose the one within your budget.

The best American truck simulator setup is the one that has

  • Wheel rotation more than 90 degrees
  • Less weight
  • Three pedals
  • Force feedback motor
  • Good grip
  • And durable material

All the products mentioned in this article have been discussed to great lengths so that you have a clear picture in your mind. Hence this list might help you choose the best steering wheel for Xbox one.


What is the Best Steering Wheel For American Truck Simulator?

The best wheel for an American truck simulator depends upon certain factors. You can have a difference from just gliding through streets to an immersive thrilling experience. The features of the wheel and the game you play has a lot of influence in making the wheel perfect for you. 

As the American truck simulator is not a very demanding game you can easily choose any wheel that has the required minimum specs and is within your budget. We have explained the pros and cons of some of the best choices in detail in the above article. So choose the one that attracts you the most.

How do you set up a steering wheel?

  • I. Attach the pedals (and shifter) to the Wheel. 
  • II. Attach the power adapter to the Wheel.
  • III. Connect your Wheel to a free USB port on your PC/console.
  • IV. Set the pedals, shifter, and wheel up on the seat in their designed position or any flat surface.

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