Top 10 Blue Decor Items For Your Home

When you’re decorating your home, it’s important that you have a rough idea of a theme to follow, what pieces you’ll want to utilize around your home, and the key colors you’ll be using throughout the decorating process.

Having a rough idea of how you want your home to look, will keep you on track and avoid you purchasing items that may not mesh with the rest of your home’s décor. This will help keep you to a budget as you don’t spend your hard-earned cash on décor pieces that you don’t need.

If you’ll be using blue as a key color in your home’s decoration, then you’ve found the right article to read as we look over the best blue décor items you can have in your home, from the best blue blinds to funky blue art, and even brilliant blue storage solutions!


  • Blue Decor Items For Your Home
      • TONSÄTTA Blue Vase
      • Homer Indigo Curtain
      • Habitat Benson Floor Lamp (Blue)
      • RISATORP Storage Basket
      • Toscana Navy Blackout Roller Blind
      • Blue Balcome Ornaments
      • Blue Ceramic Gluggle Jug Mini
      • Andes Wallpaper
      • Bonjour Shrimp Wall Art
      • Bastrop Duck Egg Roman Blind

Blue Decor Items For Your Home

10 – TONSÄTTA Blue Vase –


This beautiful blue TONSÄTTA vase from IKEA is an incredibly stylish vase that works as a lovely blue accent piece in almost any décor scheme. But this lovely mouth-blown vase will work best in homes inspired by Scandi design as its deep blue color will contrast perfectly against the neutral hues used in Scandi design.

When you think of IKEA décor, you may think of flat pack furniture and mass-produced items, but this piece from IKEA is actually hand-made and blown by mouth by expert glassblowers with years of experience creating unique, finished glass products. However, even though they’re made by skilled craftsmen, this vase is still incredibly affordable, making it a great piece to have no matter your budget.

9 – Homer Indigo Curtain –

Homer Indigo Curtain

The Homer Indigo Curtain from DotcomBlinds will make a stylish addition to almost any home, with its beautiful deep blue color making it perfect for Scandi homes as shown in the picture above, but its brilliant blue color will vibe well in pretty much any décor setting or theme, as either an accent piece or a focal point.

Not only is the beautiful and deep color of this curtain excellent, but the fabric itself is also top-notch, being made from a fabric blend including cotton, linen, and viscose, which gives this stunning curtain a feel as luxurious as it looks. These curtains also have plenty of lining options, so you can rest easy knowing that wherever you want this curtain, there is an appropriate lining to make it work well.

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8 – Habitat Benson Floor Lamp (Blue) – 

Habitat Benson Floor Lamp (Blue)

This brilliant Benson floor lamp made by Habitat for Argos is an incredibly functional, yet minimalist piece that will bring a bit of light to any room in your home. Its sleek design and slim base mean that it can fit in pretty much any space without you needing to clear space for it. It is incredibly useful and Furniture Removal London can easily deliver it if you’re looking for a versatile décor item you can ‘plug and play anywhere in your home.

The stylish design of this floor lamp very clearly takes inspiration from the ‘industrial chic’ design, which looks to emulate the cool, urban look of industrial buildings and translate that look into residential settings. With its slender body, metallic frame, and exposed bulb, this lamp hits all the right design cues you’d look for in an industrial-style floor lamp.

7 –  RISATORP Storage Basket –

RISATORP Storage Basket

If you’re looking for a functional, yet stylish piece of decorative storage in a lovely soft blue hue, then the RISATORP pale blue storage basket from IKEA may be the perfect piece for you and your home.

This piece has a cute look that is reminiscent of a child’s toy, giving it a cutesy look and feel, without sacrificing any functionality. While this storage basket can be used anywhere in your home, it’s clearly designed for the kitchen as a delightful little storage piece for fresh fruits and veggies, but it will still work brilliantly storing items anywhere in your household or even as a basket for condiments on a picnic.

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6 – Toscana Navy Blackout Roller Blind –

Toscana Navy Blackout Roller Blind

When it comes to bedroom blinds, having blinds made from a blackout fabric is a must! This is because the blackout fabric will stop light from the outside world from leaking into your bedroom at night and disrupting your sleep, but we’ve selected this blackout blind in particular thanks to its stunning Navy blue finish, which will create contrast against more minimal décor schemes.

This blind of course has a lovely blue color and a powerful blackout fabric, but where this blind really comes into its own, is the options for how you can operate it, you can choose the basic chain operation that’s common on roller blinds, a crank operation for easier use of even a remote controlled version for those who love new technology.

5 – Blue Balcome Ornaments –

Blue Balcome Ornament

If just a single new blue décor piece just isn’t enough for you, then this set of three Balcombe ornaments from Dunelm may give you your fix for multiple blue décor pieces. This set of ornaments and their funky shapes will look great grouped up together or spread out across a room, providing a nice sense of uniformity that can help solidify a room's décor.

These lovely ornaments are made from ceramic, which makes them hardy, and a stunning glazed finish that provides a blue color and a nice shine to the ornaments. These ornaments can be used just as decorative pieces or they can also be used as vases for flowers if you’d like to add a bit more flair to them.

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4 – Blue Ceramic Gluggle Jug Mini –  

Blue Ceramic Gluggle Jug Min

This decorative koi jug is both small and striking, this statement jug is made in a traditional Asian design in the style of a koi fish, with a mouth-shaped pourer that makes a satisfying ‘glug-glug’ noise when you pour from it, which is why it’s called a ‘gluggle jug’.

This stylish jug is made with glazed ceramic, which gives it its lovely shiny look! The ceramic is engraved with detail for the scales, fin, and head of the fish, to help create the natural look of the koi fish. This decorative jug can be used as a water jug, a decoration, or even a vase if you were so inclined.

3 – Andes Wallpaper –

Andes Wallpape

If you’re looking for some stunning blue wallpaper to bring some life into your home, then this brilliant hand-drawn wallpaper, with a blue floral design will be perfect for you. The stunning hand-drawn design in a rich blue color contrasts delightfully against the pure white backing, which creates an unparalleled look, which will lighten up any room in your home.

This wallpaper is sold on but is designed and made by Sian Elin, who are incredibly focused on the sustainability of their products, producing them all in-house using sustainable materials and sustainable production techniques to ensure that they help create a greener planet for us all to enjoy.

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2 –  Bonjour Shrimp Wall Art –

Bonjour Shrimp Wall Art

If you like eccentric design pieces in your home, then this Bonjour Shrimp Wall Art from Oliver Bonas should be right up your street. Featuring a funky shrimp and a wave design made from beads woven into the lovely navy blue fabric base, as well as a welcoming word from the Shrimp as he greets you with a ‘bonjour’ every time you see it!

This funky shrimp wall art is painstakingly made by hand, as artisans weave the various colored beads onto the backing fabric, which makes this piece as impressive as it is unique. The art is then framed in a stunning gold look frame, which helps give this quirky piece a classy feel.

1 – Bastrop Duck Egg Roman Blind – 

Bastrop Duck Egg Roman Blind

Finally, we move on to this mesmerizing duck egg blue Roman blind from The Bastrop Duckegg Roman Blind is made from duck egg blue fabric, with a delightful geometric white pattern adorned onto the fabric, which is sure to catch the eye.

This stunning blind from DotcomBlinds is made from a gentle polyester fabric that is smooth to the top and visually stunning. It also comes with a choice of linings, from dimout linings for when you want to keep rooms well lit, blackout linings for use in media rooms and bedrooms, and a thermal lining that will help insulate your home during the winter months. 

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