Top 10 Best Shorts For Thick Thighs - Buyer's Guide

Being plus-size, people are always self-conscious about their clothing. They struggle to find the garments that fit them perfectly, don't show their curves too much, and are still comfy. It is especially concerning in summer when the need for light clothing, shorts, and swimsuits is overwhelming. 

Curvy people have different problematic zones; the most common is the thigh area which makes choosing shorts and jeans very difficult. Sometimes spending hours finding the right fit and comfortable garment in a shop is inevitable. 

Still, they are, struggling to get confidence in their outfit. Thinking that maybe they have chosen the wrong design, shape, etc., is always at the back of their minds.

Best Shorts For Thick Thighs


Best Shorts For Thick Thighs        

Buying clothes online can be overwhelming as you may not get what you want. It is especially daunting for fat people as they want a good fit and comfortable piece of garment, and without trying it first, it may end up badly. 

But don't worry, we are here to help you choose the best shorts for large thighs by listing some of the top-rated products with all their specs. 

1. Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Bermuda Short


  • Fabric: 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex
  • In-seam: 10.5 in
  • Style: Bermuda 

If you are looking for a simple, elegant, and classy design shorts, Lee Women's relaxed-Fit Bermuda Shorts are just right for you. They are straight-fit shorts with a Zip-Fly button closure to ensure easy wearing. The length of the shorts is a little longer, ending just above the knee, which results in taking the spotlight off the thighs. Hence people with heavy thighs would find it extremely comfy and stylish.

The 10.5 in in-seam makes it wide and perfect for large thighs. The simple design makes it suitable for any casual occasion. Whether you are going for a picnic, parties, boating, or golfing, you will be able to blend easily and feel confident. 

The 2% spandex gives the fabric the required stretch, which causes plus-size people to be able to move freely and comfortably. The shorts also come in single solid colours, making pairing them with any top very easy. The single colours are perfect for making heavy people look slimmer and smarter without exaggerating their curves.

The back of the shorts has two pockets to keep your mobiles and wallets safe and within reach. They are also easy to wash in machines and are very durable. All in all, they are the best jean shorts for thick thighs with a simple and classy design. 


  • Simple design
  • Loose fit
  • Good stretch on the fabric
  • Stretchable waistband


  • The waistband is low for some users                            

2. SCHHJZPJ High Waisted Wide Leg Shorts

SCHHJZPJ High Waisted Wide Leg Black Faux Leather Shorts for Women


  • Fabric: leather
  • Style: A-line

The stylish SCHHJZPJ High Waisted Wide Leg Shorts are the best for small gatherings and parties. Having a high waist and lace design, they give a slim fit on the waist and make you look stylish and smart. The laces also help in easy wearing and pulling off without putting any strain.

So have a weekend night out with friends or a sunny day brunch; these shorts will give you the boost of confidence you need. The shorts have pockets at the front for keeping your mobiles, wallets, or gloss in arms reach. They are very wide and can hold large objects with ease.

Faux leather is a very stretchable fabric, and thus the huge curves are not a problem for them. They will snuggle perfectly and still won't be too tight. Hence they are a very comfortable pair of shorts which can be best for curvy people with big thighs.

The design is also not straight but has a slight A-line cut at the base so that there is more space for movement. This means that the shots will fit perfectly around the hip region and still don't strap the thigh region. Therefore, your wide thighs will not be too prominent, and overall the look will be great.

So have fun, enjoy, and be confident and comfortable in these flattering shorts for big thighs.


  • A-line design
  • A good stretch of the leather
  • Laces for easy wearing
  • Great fit and shape 


  • Material is not so durable
  • Need hand washing        

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3. TIRAMISU Women's Casual Faux Leather Shorts 

TIRAMISU Women's Casual Faux Leather Shorts


  • Fabric: leather
  • Style: high waist

If you are a bike enthusiast and want comfy and stylish shorts, this one is for you. They are also made of faux leather, which is the no1 choice for bikers. TIRAMISU Women's Casual Faux Leather Shorts are also very stretchable, making them comfortable to wear.

The shorts are high-waisted and have a zipper for easy access. Two zippers elevate the design on the sides. These shorts are perfect for bike riders as well as for parties. Pair up with any leather jacket, and you will boost with confidence.

As the fabric is leather, it is also water-resistant and moisture repellent. Hence summer days won't be a problem for sweaty thighs. The interior is soft and does not stick to the legs. All of these details will make your thighs look smaller and slimmer.

The length is a little short so people can wear them with leggings or high boots. This will also decrease the chances of your thighs looking wide and will make the overall outfit very stylish. The material is very durable and, with proper care, will last very long. Do not machine wash and store them in a dry place so that the leather doesn't tear off. They are the best bike shorts for thick thighs with excellent fit and design.         


  • High waisted
  • Stylish design
  • Great stretch       


  • Very shiny
  • Not for everyday use
  • Very short length

4. THUNDER STAR Women Casual Denim Shorts

THUNDER STAR Women Casual Denim Shorts


  • Fabric: jeans
  • Style: ripped
  • In-seam: 3 in

One of the best ways to get a great fit of the shorts and have space for heavy thighs is to have a rip or cut at the base. This will make you look stylish and smart and won't clench your thighs. So these denim THUNDER STAR Women shorts are just the right choice for curvy people.

They also have 2% spandex which gives them the required stretch and makes them comfortable. The whole ripped jeans effect also takes the spotlight away from the thighs and gives a slim look. These shorts are perfect for any outdoor summer trip with friends. So enjoy the fun and have a blast by pairing them with any top. 

Easy to wash and manage, they are the best buy for your money. There are two front pockets to keep your essentials. The fabric is also very breathable, and you won't feel trapped and hot in it. The design makes them versatile and fit to pair with anything anywhere. Hence they will be your best friends for the entire summer with comfort and ease.

They are mid-waisted and short in length, so heavy girls can wear them easily and have confidence in themselves. Don't let the curves stop you from following the fashion and get some fun. These modern, stylish shorts are the best jean shorts for thick thighs.


  • Modern design
  • The ripped bottom gives more freedom of movement
  • Pockets for keeping essentials.


  • Too short in length

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5. Roswear RES0001 Women's Ripped Shorts Jeans

Roswear Women's Ripped Denim Destroyed Mid Rise Stretchy Bermuda Shorts Jeans


  • Fabric: jeans
  • Style: Ripped Bermuda
  • In-seam: 3 in

Not a fan of too short lengths; don't worry, these Roswear RES0001 Women's Ripped Shorts Jeans are just for you. The modern ripped shorts with knee-length is too good to miss. For people with fat legs, the shorter lengths may be a problem and make them self-conscious. Hence these Bermudas are the boost in confidence you need. 

The ripped areas give more space and don't make the shorts too tight-fitting. The zipper and button make them easy to wear and secure. The material has 5% elastane, making these shorts very flexible and stretchy. So they snuggle and hug the shape of your waist perfectly, giving a very slim appearance. 

These shorts are made for people with wide hips, big thighs, big butts, and large bellies. The stretch and rips give excellent mobility; hence sitting, running, walking, or jumping in these shorts is no issue. There are four pockets, two in the front and two at the back giving ease of holding all your belongings. They are easy to wash in machines but don't wash aggressively as the rips may widen. 

All in all, it is the best shorts for big legs with good length and material.


  • Great modern design
  • Long length
  • Many pockets to hold accessories
  • Very durable and stretchy material
  • Amazing fit


  • Rips are easily destroyed if washed in machines
  • Flimsy zipper

6. Dry Fit Cargo Golf Shorts for Men 

Dry Fit Cargo Golf Shorts for Men


  • Fabric: 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex
  • Style: Bermuda
  • In-seam: 10.5 in

Not only women men struggle with their weight too. Avoiding wearing shorts may seem like a good option, but some places are bound to have you wear them, like golfing. When your colleagues have a golf weekend plan or your boss invites you to one, you can't ignore wearing shorts.

Don't worry, these Dry Fit Cargo Golf Shorts is just perfect for men with big thighs to cover. They are very casual-looking shorts with a straight fit and simple design. These shorts are perfect for playing golf with knee-length to cover the wide thighs.

They are made from sweat-wicking, dry-fit material, which doesn't allow any moisture to stick to the material for long. Therefore you can play golf all day without worrying about sweaty butts or thighs. The 3 % spandex and elastic waistband give it great stretch and fit so that the big thighs are not clenched. This gives the whole lower body a smart appearance and makes your thighs look slimmer.

Equipped with many pockets, they can hold your essentials like car keys, wallets, mobiles, glasses, etc., so that your hands are free. Some pockets are also provided with zippers to secure the belongings and don't get lost. Overall, they are the best shorts for thick thighs with all the right features.


  • Many pockets
  • Pockets with zipper for additional security
  • A straight fit makes thighs slimmer looking
  • Elegant design
  • The material quickly absorbs and dries the sweat.
  • Good length   


  • Fabric gets wrinkled easily

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7. Libin Men's Outdoor Hiking Shorts 

Libin Men's Outdoor Hiking Shorts


  • Fabric: 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex
  • Style: Bermuda

These are another one of the men's shorts that are great at comfort and style. Made of nylon material, the Libin Men's Outdoor Hiking Shorts are water-resistant and sweatproof.

The simple straight design makes them ideal for people with thick thighs as they transform the whole lower body into one proportion. The simple design and the water-resistant make them suitable for any occasion like hiking, tracking, or any casual activity.

The 4-way comfort stretch woven fabric makes them great at snuggling to the legs with a perfect fit. The stretch results in providing increased mobility and space for heavy bottoms. Therefore you can do all types of activities and feel confident while wearing them without getting any attention to your bottom. These shorts also have spandex of 12 %, which is quite good in providing stretch to the fabric. So don't worry about getting overly tight shorts that make you uncomfortable and squished.

The shorts are equipped with 4 pockets with a zipper and two hand pockets. The size of the pockets is large enough to accommodate all your essentials with ease. Moreover, the elastic waistbands and zipper fly with buttons help wear it easily for men with wide thighs.  

Gathering up, these are the best shorts for big legs with water repellent qualities.


  • Sweatproof
  • A good amount of pockets
  • Elastic waistband for good fit
  • High % of spandex
  • Wrinkle-free


  • The elasticity of the waistband is not great
  • The crouch area is too long

8. UNIONBAY Men's Survivor Belted Cargo Shorts

UNIONBAY Men's Survivor Belted Cargo Shorts


  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Style: Bermuda

Classy style and loose-fitted long shorts, what more do you need, right? What if there is more to the design? The UNIONBAY Men's Survivor Belted Cargo Shorts also come with built-in belts. The belt adds style to the shorts and takes the spotlight away from the heavy thighs. 

The shorts are very loose-fitted, making them excellent for curvy people. The cotton material is very breathable and comfy. The 11" inseam gives vast space between the thighs allowing increased mobility. Therefore, enjoy all the outdoor fun in summer with these easy-to-wear and loose-fitted shorts.

As the cotton material can be machine washed, the shorts are easy to manage and don't require additional care. The overall look and design make the outfit fit for heavy people and don't make the thighs prominent. You can wear them to any outdoor event, summer parties, and whatnot.

The length of the shorts is perfect for people with wide thighs as they cover them and make the lower body appear straight. Along with style, these are equipped with many pockets for all your essentials. These pockets have flaps and buttons to ensure that all your belongings are secure and easily accessible.

These shorts also come in a variety of sizes which can fit people of all types of curvy bodies. Hence they are the best wide-leg shorts for big thighs.


  • Baggy style
  • Long length
  • Many pockets
  • Easy wash fabric


  • Easy to wrinkle
  • Pockets are too deep so that reaching the item is difficult

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9. Fuwenni Women's Casual Elastic Shorts

Funny Women's Casual Elastic Waist Comfy Cotton Beach Shorts with Drawstring


  • Fabric: 47% Cotton + 43% Polyester + 10% Spandex
  • Style: loose fit

Made with cotton and 10% spandex, these shorts are very comfortable to wear. The fitting of the Fuwenni Women's Casual Elastic Shorts is very loose around the thigh region so that heavy people can wear them easily.

The elastic waistband allows excellent fit and stretch to the waist and makes you look slimmer. With drawstrings, you can tighten and secure the shorts with your ease. So you can wear them while doing any activity, and they will feel safe and secure. 

The simple design with folded edges gives it a classy finish and doesn't make your thighs prominent. You can wear them to the beach, hiking, running, or on simple outings without feeling self-conscious. These shorts are designed in keeping curvy people in mind with soft fabric and stretchable material. The slanted pockets are a plus to the functionality of the shorts. 

Pair them with any top and make a runway look with ornaments to keep the spotlight away from the thighs. All in all, it is the best shorts for women with big thighs.


  • Loose-fitting
  • Drawstring to give secure fitting
  • Simple design
  • Stretchable material


  • Maybe a little short in size
  • Need care while washing

10. HIJEWE Men's Camo Cargo Shorts  

HIJEWE Men's Camo Cargo Shorts


  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Style: loose fit

What better way to hide the curves than by camouflaging them? These HIJEWE Men's Camo Cargo Shorts are just perfect for people with heavy thighs. Made of 100% cotton material, they are very comfortable and stylish.

The zipper and button make them secure and easy to wear. While knee-length gives good coverage and hides the wide thighs effectively. The material is very lightweight and easy to wash. The breathable fabric and lose fit make them a perfect pair of summer shorts.

Multiple secure pockets and solid colours give it a stylish vibe, thus making it suitable for any outdoor activity. So enjoy outings with friends, pool parties, or just long beach walks; these shorts are perfect for them all. The comfort these shorts provide is so good that wearing them in your house is also no issue.

Therefore these are the best flattering shorts for big thighs.


  • Good colour for hiding the curves
  • Great fit
  • The fabric is very lightweight
  • Easy to wash


  • There is no elastic at the waistband
  • The fabric is not very durable.

Types of Shorts for Thick Thighs

If you are in need of help too, then this article is all about guiding you to find the best shorts for thick thighs. Some of the all-the-time short styles that will indeed look best on people with big thighs and also feel comfortable are as follows

Belted Shorts

Nothing distracts the focus from the thigh as some blingy, shiny, beautiful belts. It will make your waist look slim and prominent, enhancing the body's overall shape. So choose the shorts with belts to have a comfortable and stylish look without causing much attraction to the thigh. 

Dark Colored Shorts 

Dark shades never go wrong. They make you look slimmer, take away the spotlight from the curves, and give you a boost in confidence. No matter what the occasion is, if you choose single darker shades of shorts, you will pull it off with ease. It looks incredibly chic and expensive without any other ornament.

A-Line Shorts

Mostly curvy people choose straight-fit designs to make themselves look slimmer, but it is not always correct. A-line or a little loose-fitted short can also work wonders. As the short doesn't fit the thighs, they make them look thinner and are also great in terms of comfort. Whether you sit, run or walk, they are just the right shorts 

Baggy Shorts 

Baggy shorts are the best for everyone. They look cool, stylish, comfy, and casual for all outdoor trips. Baggy shorts not only feel very comfortable, but they also give the whole lower body the same stature. Hence the thick thighs don't feel out of line.  

High Waisted Shorts

High waist shorts are also one of the best styles that make you less conscious about your thighs standing out. These shorts hug the upper part of the waist tightly and make the thighs look slimmer and smarter. They look extremely classy along with any fitted shirt and make you feel confident.

Shorts Bermuda

To make your thick thighs less prominent, the best way is to wear long Bermuda shorts. They are long, so the whole lower body feels like the same proportion. Thus Bermuda shorts are also a great option to choose for people with thick thighs.

All of the above-mentioned styles are the best shorts for large thighs, and you can choose anyone to feel confident, stylish, and slim.

Buying Guide for the Best Shorts for Thick Thighs

Apart from the style of the shorts, there are other factors that play an essential role while buying the best shorts for big legs. They are all crucial for giving a comfortable yet stylish vibe without exaggerating the thick thighs.                  


For people who are a little on the plus side, the length of the shorts matters a lot. In order to get a good fit and slimmer look, they should choose the length wisely. Smaller lengths will make your thighs more visible and wider. Therefore, a little longer-length short can be a much better option.  


The fabric of the garment is very crucial for the comfort of the owner. If you wear much fitted clothes and the fabric is not stretchable, they will feel extremely uncomfortable. The spandex of the fabric tells us how much stretchable the fabric is. Hence look for the made of the garment before buying it to get the best material.


The waistband is also very important in providing a great fit to the shorts. If there is no elastic and the waistband is too tight, you will not be comfortable and will feel constricted.


No summer is complete without wearing shorts. But plus-size people find it challenging to flaunt shorts without becoming self-conscious about their curves. Hiding their heavy thighs is a struggle they go through with every shot, but by wearing carefully selected stylish shorts, this dilemma can be overcome.

To have a stylish short outfit that doesn't make your thigh stand out, you should buy shorts that are

  • Not too short in length
  • Have belts to make your thigh less prominent
  • Have loose-fitting at the base
  • Have flares or A-line design
  • Have rips or cuts to ensure extra space
  • Have high waist
  • Have dark colours
  • Have stretchy fabric

All of these features make the shorts very comfortable to wear and give a boost in confidence. They hide the curves very well and make you look slimmer and smarter. Hence the best shorts for thick thighs are the ones with all of the above-mentioned qualities.

Apart from these tips, there are things to avoid so that you don't look overdressed and wide in shorts like

  • Don't wear big flashy belts as they will look cheap
  • Don't wear too many ornaments as they will make you look heavier.
  • Don't wear too flashy tops as they will bring out the curves more.
  • Don't wear shirts that show your belly, as they will make your thighs more prominent.
  • Avoid stiff fabrics with less stretch as they won't be comfortable.

Therefore choose wisely and make the most out of the summer fun.


What kind of shorts is best for big thighs?

The best shorts for big thighs is the one that has the following qualities

  • The length is not too short
  • The fabric is soft and stretchable
  • The waist is high
  • The fit is not too tight but a little baggy or A-line
  • The colour is dark and solid

By wearing shorts with the above-mentioned features, you can have a great fit and flaunt the curves even more. These shorts will make you look fabulous and smart.

Can I wear shorts if I have big thighs?

Yes, people with heavy thighs can easily wear shorts. Just make sure that the length should not be too short or too long; it should be enough to cover the fatty area nicely. 

Also, do not choose shorts that are very tight fitting as it may cause the thighs to look even wider. By choosing the right style and fabric, you can pull any short off. Thus choose wisely and enjoy.

How do you make your thighs look smaller in shorts?

There are many things that you can opt to make your thighs look slimmer in shorts. Firstly choose shorts with belts to take the spotlight away from the thighs. Secondly, choose high waist shorts that will give the illusion of length, making your waist look slimmer. Lastly, choose the shorts with a little loose fit so that you don't feel too constricted and out of proportion.

How do you keep your thighs from chafing when wearing shorts?

In summer, the sweats and heat may cause chafing between the thighs. It is very common among people with big thighs. In order to avoid this, you can work with some tips

  • Wear shorts of some length
  • Use powder to keep the thighs dry
  • Use oil to keep the thighs lubricated and smooth.
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