Top 10 Best Washing Machine For Cloth Diapers - Buying Guide

Environmental pollution is the biggest concern of today’s demanding world. No matter how much we talk about it, it's still increasing day by day. However, if we take baby steps towards reducing the pollution it surely will go a long way.

Cloth diapers are a very eco-friendly and waste-reducing option. They are highly budget-friendly and can be used for multiple children. Parents are thus choosing cloth diapers either exclusively or in combination with disposable diapers.

Best Washing Machine For Cloth Diapers

Although these diapers are excellent in reducing trash, washing them is a challenge in itself. Hand washing them is very tough due to many reasons such as an extremely time-consuming, more energy-requiring, increase in drying time, risk of bacterial exposure, and most importantly the repulsive stink!!!

Thus the best option is to use the best washing machine for cloth diapers to do all your dirty work safely and effectively. Using a cloth diaper washer machine can be a life-saving way to take care of all your little one's soiled garments.


Rules for washing diapers

It doesn’t take any science to wash soiled diapers but for getting the best result we should consider some basic rules. Along with the importance of choosing the best type of washing machine, how do you use it is also extremely crucial.

These steps help keep cloth diapers clean and intact along with your machine effective. The five basic rules to consider are as follows:

  • The used diapers should be kept in a dry place for at least three days before washing in the machine.
  • The prewash or fine rinse options should be selected along with the draining.
  • The best temperature to wash the cloth diapers is 60°C with choosing a whites and coloureds program or cotton program. Never choose an eco or savings program.
  • Always use a heavy-duty detergent powder and softener if necessary. The heavy-duty detergent contains oxygen bleach that cleans the cloth diaper thoroughly and a softener will make the fabric soft for further use.
  • Cloth diapers should be dried quickly by tumble drying or gentle drying.

The correct diaper washing program

Now a day’s mainly automatic washing machines are used. All these cloth diaper washer machines have some pre-set options which are required to wash different fabrics. Following is the list of settings that will help you in choosing the best option for your cloth diaper.             


A prewash is usually used before the main wash program followed by a good rinse program. Draining out all the prewash water is necessary as:

  • It flushes out most of the urine
  • Residual stool remains are also rinsed out.

The prewash soaks and relaxes the fabric fibres, shortening the time of dirt and stain removal. Also, detergents are not used in the prewash program so it is not a wasting process.

Cotton and coloureds program

Soft cotton cloth diapers should be washed in the cotton or boiled laundry program. The combination of temperature, time, and mechanics in these programs efficiently cleans the absorbent material of the cloth diaper.

Water load

Overfilling the machine is not ideal at all as it will cause spills and overworking of the machine. Always have a hand's breadth of upper space which enables the diapers to get good circular movement and through cleansing.

Hand wash

Apart from the majority of materials, only some require hand washing like wool and silk. Many Washing machines have hand washing-like programs that result in soft wash by reducing rotation and slow churning.


By reducing the spinning to 1000 rotations, the wear and tear of the cloth diaper are also greatly reduced. The insoles are also preserved and the resulting energy consumption is quite considerable. Different materials require different spinning speeds such as wool needs 800 revolutions or may result in compression. Others may be able to endure higher speeds. The diaper usually comes with care descriptions so adjust the speed accordingly.

How to Wash Diapers In a Washing Machine correctly

The best washing machine for cloth nappies comes with washing guidelines. You simply cannot dump the used diaper in the washing machine. There are some simple steps to follow. a cloth diaper washing machine index is also present which helps in identifying the amount of detergent as well as the prewash and wash cycles necessary for the cloth diaper

Cloth diapers are always washed separately due to obvious reasons. Also dumping the dried poop in the toilet is an extremely important part before washing the soiled diapers.

Following are some simple steps for washing cloth diapers with the best washing machine for cloth nappies                        

1. Scrap Off Solids

As mentioned earlier the dried solid poop should be completely removed from the diaper. Also, you can scrape off any other remaining residue by dumping it in a bucket of water and then putting them in the machine. This will allow your machine to quickly and efficiently clean the diaper and prevent it from getting bad afterward.

2. Run Cold Water Cycle

Start the washing cycle by running a cold water cycle first. It is the prewash with no detergent and will result in rinsing off all the residual urine and poop present in the diapers. Having diapers washed in hot water first makes the stain tougher to remove. Thus always use cold water prewash first.

3. Run Hot Water Cycle

The next step is the hot water cycle in which detergent is added so that the diapers are washed vigorously to get a thorough cleaning. There are also some home remedies like adding baking soda or lemon juice for better cleaning of stains and refreshing results.

In this cycle, the washing index is checked to avoid any damage to the material. It will indicate whether the cloth of the diaper is sensitive to bleach or softener and how much detergent is needed.

4. Do An Extra Rinse

If there is an option available with your machine do an extra rinse. It will result in cleaner diapers and fewer chances of any residual detergent or bleach present. This gives a thoroughly cleaned and smelling refreshing cloth diapers.

5. Air Or Sun Dry Your Clothes

After washing the cloth diapers thoroughly now comes the drying part. If possible you should always dry your baby’s nappies in the sunlight. This has so many advantages including the killing of germs by sunlight and complete dryness resulting in a refreshing clean diaper.

However, if sun drying is not possible use the machine's air-dry setting and chooses low heat. High heat can cause damage to any elastics and waterproof linings of the diaper rendering them unusable.

Now that we have covered the basic washing guidelines we will focus on the major part of diaper washing i.e. the best washer for cloth diapers.

In the following article, we will discuss all the available options in the market with their pros and cons.

Best Washing Machines For Clothes Diapers

Choosing the best washing machine for nappies can be overwhelming if you are new to this. There are hundreds of thousands of options available ranging from low cost to highly expensive ones. Although the main function of all of them is to clean the laundry still you cannot just randomly buy any.

But don’t worry we are here to help you choose the best type of washing machine which fits your budget and have effective results.

1. LG WM3998HBA Front Load Washer & Dryer

LG WM3998HBA Front Load Washer & Dryer

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Notable Features

  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Front-load
  • Washer/dryer
  • Ventless dryer

LG WM3998HBA Front Load Washer & Dryer is the best washer and dryer for cloth diapers. It has the largest washing capacity as it is 4.5 cubic feet and has a dimension of 27″ x 39″ x 30".

If you have a large family this is your no. 1 choice. It is equipped with six-motion technology. This technology uses rolling, stepping, scrubbing, tumbling, filtration, and swinging which results in thoroughly clean clothes. This process allows for removing stains effectively and cleaning diapers efficiently.

The machine has a cold wash cycle that preserves the elastic and rubbers of fragile cloths such as sportswear, undergarments, and diapers. This wash cycle also effectively saves energy as less time and detergent are required for the actual wash after this.

The LG WM3998HBA is a very modern machine with the LG ThinQ mobile app. This means that you can operate the loaded machine with your mobile from anywhere. Even if you are at work or enjoying some family time, you won’t have to be present to start and stop any wash cycle.

You can also use voice commands as the app is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant on your phone.

It is the best portable washing machine for cloth diapers with 14 wash cycles and many options for washing. From normal to heavy-duty, and slow-to-speed wash, it has options for everything. 

Amazon.comLG WM3998HBA Front Load Washer & Dryer


  • Good at saving water and power.
  • Has a ventless condenser that assists in drying the laundry.
  • Extremely simple to operate.
  • Easy to use control panel


  • Has a flaw in the quick-dry feature.
  • Occupies large space due to its size.

2. Giantex ‎EP23113 Full-Automatic Washing Machine

Giantex ‎EP23113 Full-Automatic Washing Machine

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Notable Features

  • Top load
  • Multifunctional Control Panel
  • Dimension of 19.7″x19.8″x33.6″
  • Clear top lid
  • Capacity 10kg

Giantex is a very convenient portable fully automatic washing machine. It has a capacity of 1.34 Cubic feet which is much less than LG but this makes it good for small spaces. If you have a small family and no large space, Giantex ‎EP23113 Full-Automatic Washing Machine is the best option. It gives up to 10 wash programs, a spin with a drain pump, and multi-functional control panel.

Although it may be not very advanced in technology it surely has a very unique sensor. The sensor can detect whether the laundry is dispersed evenly or not. If there is any imbalance, the vibrations of the drum send signals detected by the control panel. It can then balance the load automatically and adjust the laundry.

The Giantex washer is very user-friendly and easy to operate. The control panel is very smartly designed with proper functions that are easily understandable.

This best washing machine for cloth diapers is also equipped with a child lock feature ensuring the safety of children as well as people with mentally challenged abilities.

Its small size, slender body, and lightweight design make it the best machine for small apartments. Also, the low capacity means you can have frequent smaller washes which are highly needed for diapers. You can load up to 4.5 kg per wash meaning 10 to 15 cloth diapers at one time.

Thus it is the best top-loading washing machine for cloth diapers with an affordable price and small size.

Amazon.comGiantex ‎EP23113 Full-Automatic Washing Machine


  • Conserve Water and energy.
  • Requires less space.
  • The clear view of your laundry from the lid.
  • Frequent small wash
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  • Not ideal for large loads.
  • Not good for a large family.

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3. Super Deal 2in1 Mini Portable Washing Machine

Super Deal 2in1 Mini Portable Washing Machine

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Notable Features

  • Capacity 11 pounds
  • Smart gravity drain
  • Aluminum and plastic body
  • Timer controlled

The Super Deal 2in1 Mini Portable Washing Machine is a very budget-friendly washing machine with good quality and powerful wash.

Its body is made up of durable plastic which is very long-lasting. The aluminum pump gives it a longer lifespan with powerful cleaning.

The size of this twin tub is compact with a lightweight body making it best for small spaces. Its low weight makes it a good portable machine for people who switch apartments quickly. The machine is also very quiet resulting in washing cycles without disturbing your kid's sleep.

The Super Dear twin tub washing machine has a very large capacity of about 11 lb. this capacity accompanied by its small body makes it the best washer and dryer for cloth diapers. As parents of newborns or toddlers, we always search for budget-friendly and efficient products. This machine is the best definition of it. As it is not fully automatic you can adjust how much load you want and for how long. Thus, no matter how quickly you run out of clean shirts or pants you will always get them ready in just a matter of time.

The machine is not just perfect for small garments but can easily wash linens and bedspreads saving you the cost of washing them at the laundry.

There are two tubs separately for washing and spinning resulting in saving time of total wash. It just takes 15 minutes to wash and 5 minutes to spin to 90% dry. This is a very quick complete wash compared to other automatic machines.

This also results in saving and greatly reducing electricity as well as water consumption.

Amazon.comSuper Deal 2in1 Mini Portable Washing Machine


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight and small in size
  • Powerful wash
  • Energy saving
  • Good enough capacity
  • Shorter wash cycle
  • Spin to 90% dry


  • Small Spinner basket
  • Short Hoses
  • Gravity drain

4. Panda ‎PAN56MGP3 Full-Automatic Portable Machine

Panda ‎PAN56MGP3 Full-Automatic Portable Machine

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Notable Features

  • Top load
  • Fully automatic
  • 10 washing programs
  • Stainless steel body
  • LED control panel
  • Dimensions 20" x 19" x 34"

The Panda ‎PAN56MGP3 Full-Automatic Portable Machine is a fully-automatic top load washing machine. It has a 1.34 cubic foot washer design to fit in small spaces. The machine is budget-friendly and provides a powerful wash making it ideal for a small family. It can thoroughly clean not only small garments but also large bedspreads.

If you are looking for a cloth diaper washer machine, Panda is definitely worth buying. It has many options for cleaning different types of loads. 

The machine is very smart in the consumption of water as there are built-in sensors. These sensors monitor and regulate the usage of water in the entire wash resulting in the conservation of water without compromising the cleanliness of garments.

The stainless steel tub of panda machines makes them highly durable resisting corrosion. Also, there is the exclusive lining which helps them avoid chipping.

The lightweight and durability make it the best portable washing machine for cloth diapers. Also, the quality is excellent with a flexible body making it extremely user-friendly. Thus with small children, it is easily manageable and amazingly long-lived.

Panda machine is equipped with an electronic LED control panel monitor. It is very easy to use and its location makes it easily accessible and far from the reach of tiny fingers.

With 310 Watts of motor rate, it has a lower electricity consumption resulting in lower bills.

Amazon.comPanda ‎PAN56MGP3 Full-Automatic Portable Machine


  • Electronic controls with LED display
  • transparent lid to monitor the cloths
  • large capacity of up to 10lbs
  • Low cost


  • May wobble a lot during spin cycles
  • Not for a large family

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5. Electrolux EFLS627UTT Front Load Washer 

Electrolux EFLS627UTT Front Load Washer

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Notable Features

  • Automatic Water-Level Adjustment
  • Nine wash programs
  • Stain Soak option.
  • Steamer
  • LED Interior Lighting Delay
  • LED Display
  • Automatic water level adjustments

The Electrolux EFLS627UTT Front Load Washer is a fully automatic 4.4 cubic capacity machine. It is a front-loader model with a slim body and great efficiency. The small stature having dimensions of 40 x 34 x 29inch makes it the best option for small laundry spaces.

The top loaders machines usually use scrubbing with an agitator resulting in a decreased life span of the diapers. However, this front loader uses paddles for washing the diapers which are less aggressive than top loaders.

This best washing machine for cloth diapers is equipped with different temperature programs which can be selected according to your requirements. This is a high plus point as we use different temperature cycles for cloth diapers.

The gentler circular washing with nine cycles results in thorough washing of soiled garments. The machine is also equipped with many notable features including spin speeds, lux care, and fast wash. The steam option is very helpful in killing the germs present in the diapers. Also, there is a sanitize option, which is especially added for cloth diapers washing.

As it is really helpful to presoak diapers for better stain removal the machines Stain Soak option is a gift no other has.

The LED display is quite easy to operate and makes it user-friendly. It is also very good at conserving energy and water. Thus it is one of the best cloth diaper washer machines with low cost and easy operation.

Amazon.comElectrolux EFLS627UTT Front Load Washer


  • Water and energy efficiency
  • Well-fitted controls.
  • Easy to use.
  • Many wash program options.
  • The front loader doesn’t wear out your cloth diapers.


  • Some users reported door leaks.
  • Customer support is not good.


6. GE GTW685BSLWS Washer


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Notable Features

  • Stainless steel basket
  • Pre-programmed stain removal control
  • Dual-action pole agitator
  • Capacity 4.5 cu. ft.
  • 14 cleaning cycles
  • Agitator
  • Jeans option

If you are looking for a budget-friendly machine without compromising on the luxury feel and efficiency, GE GTW685BSLWS Washer is the right one for you. The GE top load washing machine does an extensive cleaning with some of the best wash program settings. Some of the pre-programmed stain-removing settings include the options for everyday stains such as tea, grass, tomato, etc

As baby diapers have a variety of stains, you can choose any option and get the best results.

GE is a very efficient washing machine as it cleans the clothes by agitating them in different cycles. This results in thoroughly clean and refreshing diapers. Thus it is the best top-loading washing machine with an agitator.                                

As the baby diapers can be heavily soiled sometimes, washing with a dual-action agitator will make them clean in no time. The powerful wash, rinse and spinning cycle results in clean diapers ready to be reused.

The machine also comes with an Auto soak option that loosens stains by soaking the clothes before the wash cycle. Also, there is a quick wash setting for lightly soiled items that are washed and dried in very little time. Thus, when you want diapers in a hurry this option comes in very handy. All in all, it is the best washer and dryer for cloth diapers.

Amazon.comGE GTW685BSLWS Washer


  • Modern simple knob controls.
  • glass lid enables monitoring of the wash while
  • A stain removal guide.
  • The pole agitator is very effective in stain removal


  • It is noisy
  • The agitation may cause wear and tear

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7. Speed Queen TR5000WN Top Load Washer

Speed Queen TR5000WN Top Load Washer

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Notable Features

  • Agitator
  • Pre-Soak
  • Extra rinse
  • Deep fill (fills entire tub)
  • No-Lock lid
  • Top load
  • Stainless steel tub

It is a washing machine with efficiency, durability, and result like no other. The speed queen top load washing machine has a very good capacity and the stainless steel tub prevents it from rusting easily. The machine has powerful cycles that will clean cloth diapers with ease and perfection.

The Speed Queen TR5000WN Top Load Washer is used by cloth diapering designers and manufacturers themselves. Thus they are the best washing machine for cloth diapers.

The top-loader has an agitator, a pre-soak, and an optional rinse setting that results in the perfect wash every time.

The no-lock lid allows opening the lid even during the washing cycle. This enables us to check whether the cycle is operating correctly or loading more diapers in. This is a very impressive option as other machines available in the market may not have one. Thus it is the best washing machine with agitators.                  

There is also a Time Remaining Display that clearly shows when the laundry will be finished.

Amazon.comSpeed Queen TR5000WN Top Load Washer


  • Build quality is excellent
  • Heavy-duty wash performance
  • Best warranty from the company
  • Faster wash cycles
  • Time remaining display


  • Old look
  • Expensive than other
  • Less technology-based

8. KUPPET Portable Mini Washing Machine

KUPPET Portable Mini Washing Machine

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Notable Features

  • Top Loader
  • Twin tub
  • 1300 RPM
  • Built-in drain pump
  • Easy to use

The KUPPET Portable Mini Washing Machine is a high-efficiency washing machine. Even with its large capacity, it is highly portable. The dual washing and spinning tubs can either be used separately or at the same time. 

The machine can wash up to 18 pounds of laundry at one time. This is equal to 15-18 diapers on a single go. Similarly, the spinner can dry an 8 pounds garment after washing. With 1300 RPM spinning power it can dry the load pretty quickly.

It takes less time as the washer and dryer can work simultaneously. It is equipped with a built-in drain pump which effectively drains dirty water within minimum space.

The old-fashioned timer knobs are easy to control and manage. Also, the simple buttons on top enable a user-friendly operation. All of these features make the Kuppet the best cloth diaper washer machine.

The quality and durability of the machine are outstanding. It is the best fit for large families with small spaces.

Amazon.comKUPPET Portable Mini Washing Machine


  • High-efficiency washer/dryer is
  • Easy to use knobs.
  • Excellent after-care service.
  • Best size for a larger family.


  • It uses more power
  • Uses old technology.

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9. COMFEE ‎CLV16N2AMG Portable Washing Machine

COMFEE ‎CLV16N2AMG Portable Washing Machine

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Notable Features

  • 1.6 cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Top load
  • 6 wash cycles
  • 20.7x20.3x 36.6 dimension
  • Delay start function

The COMFEE’ is a fully automatic portable washing machine. It has 6 basic pre-installed programs of quick, normal, delicate, bulky, heavy, and spins only. Any of these programs can be chosen according to your desired requirements. There is also an “Extra Rinse” button so that you can have another rinse for heavily soiled diapers.

COMFEE ‎CLV16N2AMG Portable Washing Machine is also equipped with different selections of water levels (large, medium, small) and temperatures (hot, warm, cold). These options allow flexibility for different laundry.

The clear lid provides an easy view of the load while washing. The remaining time is also displayed on the LED display. This sleek and stylish washer has a dimension of 20.7W x 20.3D x 36.6H making it fit for smaller spaces without compromising on efficiency.

The stainless steel inner tub makes it highly durable preventing rusting. Also, the Child Lock option locks the control panel and makes it unaffected by kids.

Amazon.comCOMFEE ‎CLV16N2AMG Portable Washing Machine


  • Impressive features and performance
  • Good energy efficiency rating


  • Limited capacity

10. ZenStyle Laundry Washer/Spinner

ZenStyle Laundry Washer/Spinner

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Notable Features

  • Top Load
  • 1300 RPM max spin speed
  • Energy Efficiency
  • LED Display
  • 5 Standard Cycle

The compact and lightweight design and powerful washing make it the best washing machine for cloth nappies.

The ABS and PP plastic makes it extremely durable. The inner tub has a honeycomb shape which can thoroughly wash loads up to 8 pounds at a time. The powerful 1300 RPM motor is fully capable of washing, rinsing, and spinning the cloth diaper to perfection.

The machine has a built-in drain pipe that quickly drains out water. The compact size and light weight of the washing machine enable it to be moved and transported easily.

All in all, ZenStyle Laundry Washer/Spinner aka the best washing machine for cloth diapers is very budget-friendly and easy to use, and perfect for a small family.

Amazon.comZenStyle Laundry Washer/Spinner


  • Fully automatic washing machine
  • LED display control panel


  • Little noisy

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of washing machines for cloth diapers?

There are mainly 2 types of best washing machines for cloth diapers

  • Top loading that uses agitators for cleaning
  • A front-loading washing machine that uses paddles to clean the cloth diapers.

How to wash cloth diapers in top loaders?

For effectively washing the diapers in the top-load machine follow these simple steps


Scrape off all the solid residues.


Use prewash options to thoroughly rinse most of the urine and poop.

Main wash

Use detergent and set wash cycles to completely clean the cloth diapers.


Spin dry or sundry the clean diapers for refreshing results.

Why do we need to use a diaper washing machine?

Choosing a washing machine over hand washing can put some concerns into parents as it might sound a little drastic. But believe us, it has more pros than you can imagine.


The first and foremost advantage is it is a highly time-saving option as you can have multiple diapers washed in less than an hour without being actually present. All you have to do is dump them in the washer and do other important stuff or enjoy free time.

Safe approach

As much as we believe that the little ones are not infectious their poop is a different story. There can be many different bacteria present in the used diapers that can cause severe infection if taken lightly. Thus using the best washer and dryer for cloth diapers is extremely good in terms of hygiene.


After reading the above article it will be easy for you to choose the best washing machine for cloth diapers according to your requirements and budget. In order to choose the best options consider the following specs for the washing machine.

  • Top load or front load
  • Option of cycles
  • High efficiency
  • Capacity
  • Water level options
  • Cycle speed
  • Spinning speed

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