Top 10 Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 - Buyer's Guide

In today’s era where the economical crisis is increasing day by day, people are looking for smart choices to reduce the burden. Cutting luxuries from life is the best choice everyone is opting for. As the price tag on everything becomes heavy people are struggling to meet their daily needs.

Choosing small spaces and buying low-cost appliances are getting popular. One of the most important electronic appliances that every household need is a washing machine.

As small spaces and small families do not need high-grade and multi-function washing machines, people are looking for other options. A smart, portable, small and, budget-friendly machine is their buying criteria. Due to this many manufacturers have gone into building simple models with less price rather than high-cost ones. But not all of them are perfect and still need some research before buying. 

Best Cheap Washing Machines Under $200

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When looking for a new washing machine, you want to find one that you can afford. After all, even if you can afford a new one, you may not want to make a large investment in something that you may only use a few times a month. 

There are a lot of options out there and the cheapest ones don’t always come with the best washing machine but they work out fine in the case of a small household. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the cheap washing machines under $200 that will successfully clean your clothes without breaking the bank.

Cheap Washing Machines Under $200

Following are the cheap washing machines under $200 which you can check to see if any of these suits you. Make sure you look for the required features in order to pick what's best for you.

1. Giantex EP21684 Portable Mini Washing Machine

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine


  • Capacity: 17.6lbs
  • Spin speed: 1350 RPM
  • Washing type: semi-automatic
  • Power: 300W

Being under $200 Giantex EP21684 Portable Mini Washing Machine is one of the best portable washing machines. The Giantex portable machine has two separate tubs for washing and spinning making it very convenient. The two tubs are made up of plastic resulting in great durability. This also makes the machine very light in weight hence a very portable washing machine. 

If you have small apartments or travel in RV this is the best machine for you as the motors are very powerful. You can enjoy your adventures and small space and still get your clothes cleaned in no time. The washer tub also has a filter on the side to trap any unwanted dirt and material and get your clothing extremely clean. The lid of the spinner makes sure that no garment is peeping out and gets damaged.

The machine has very minimal operating controls making it extremely easy to use and saving your time considerably. This is a semi-automatic washing machine and requires human interference, but you can simultaneously use both tubs and save time. This also results in conserving energy and water, thus reducing bills and saving money.

The spinning speed of 1350 RPM makes sure that your laundry gets completely dry even when there is no sun. The large capacity of the tub means a huge amount of laundry gets cleaned in less time. Hence don’t worry if your kids get their clothes dirty or have many bed linens, this washing machine has got you covered. It is the best portable washing machine under 200 with great power and an excellent body.             


  • Can fit in small spaces
  • Portable
  • Durable body
  • Great washing and spinning power


  • Not fit for large families
  • Maybe a little loud.

2. SUPER DEAL ‎SD2304 Compact Washing Machine

SUPER DEAL Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine


  • Capacity: 13 lbs
  • Spin speed: 1300 RPM
  • Washing type: semi-automatic
  • Power: 300W

Just like the previous one, SUPER DEAL ‎SD2304 Compact Washing Machine also has a dual tub that makes it quite convenient. This means that you can even dry separately any clothing you want. 

It is slimmer and has a capacity of 13 pounds which is good enough for small families. However, the spinning power is still great and you won’t feel any difference compared to other high-end machines. It also has a gravity-powered drain that can easily drain all the dirty water and dry your laundry with ease.

The easy-to-operate knobs let you control how long the wash and drying time you want. You are in full control of the washing and drying of your laundry and can do any load with ease. The washing machine is designed with heavier bottom and a light upper body so that there is less vibration and more stability while washing heavy loads.

You can also choose washing settings for different types of clothes. With just a spin of a knob, you can switch to gentler washing for delicate clothes to protect them from damage. Also for heavily stained clothes, there is an option of the regular wash so that your laundry gets completely clean in less time.    

The best feature of the best portable washing machine for apartment is its pulsating water flow technology which results in cleaning laundry with fewer twists and turns. This makes your spinning so much easier as you don’t have to untie the clothing separately before putting them in the spinner. It is the best portable washer and dryer combo for apartments and small spaces.


  • Separate water inlets for washer and spinner.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Stable weight distribution 
  • Less noise 


  • Short drainage hose.
  • The spinner is much smaller which leaves some laundry out after washing a heavy load.

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3. Gootrades EBAA5A06-MW Washing Machine

Mini Foldable Washer and Spin Dryer-Super Energy Saving


  • Capacity: 1.8 lbs
  • Washing type: fully automatic
  • Power: 40W

Planning a long road trip, camping for days on a breathtaking view, or living on wheels has never been as carefree as with this Gootrades EBAA5A06-MW Washing Machine.

The fully automatic foldable machine can be compressed and carried in a bag or stored in compact spaces without any hassle. Simple functions are easy to operate and can spin-dry and wash clothes in a single go. So no need to worry about dirty shirts, infants’ clothes, or smelly socks, this machine has got you covered.

As it is a very small machine it consumes very little energy and water. Therefore, it is a very eco-friendly washing machine with a very economical price. 

The bottom of the washier machine is equipped with suction cups to hold the machine firmly on the ground while working the load. Thus, you don’t have to worry about vibrations and getting spills. The stability causes all the dirt particles to get settled down resulting in completely clean clothes.          

Even with such a small size it can wash and dry the clothes with ease, just load your garments, set the time, and relax.

There is also a drainage tube that makes sure all the dirty water is completely drained out. Hence you get a refreshing laundry with no hassle.  The power of 40V is enough to do small laundries, it is the best mini portable washing machine under $200.


  • Very easy to carry
  • Requires very less storage space
  • Energy efficient
  • Fully automatic
  • Best for travelling


  • Cannot wash heavy loads
  • Not for regular use.

4. Garatic ‎MM-19L Compact Washing Machine

Garatic Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine w/Wash and Spin Cycle,


  • Capacity: 13 lbs
  • Spin speed: 1300 RPM
  • Washing type: semi-automatic
  • Power: 300W

The Garatic ‎MM-19L Compact Washing Machine is really handy and one of its kind. It has the best washing powder and spinning speed making your whole laundry ordeal very easy. If you have a small apartment and small kids and need a budget-friendly washing machine without compromising on the results, this is the one for you. Design to fit in small bathrooms, dorms, or RVs it takes very little space. Also, the body is completely plastic making it an extremely lightweight and portable machine.

However, the lightweight or small stature doesn’t hold you back. The powerful spin speed of 1300 RPM completely drains water out from your garments in less time. So even if you are having bad weather or don’t have any drying space, your laundry will be ready in no time.

The drainage hose is gravity-powered and will effectively clear all the dirty water and rinse the clothes to clean and refresh them. 

In order to have the most of the machine, you should always read the manual and follow the instructions carefully. If you overload the washer or spinner it will definitely put a strain on the motor and cause the machine to break down. 

As it is a small machine it consumes less water and can clean your clothes using less detergent. Thus, it is the best portable washer and dryer combo for apartments which is very pocket friendly.        


  • Energy efficient
  • Portable
  • Requires less space
  • Powerful washing and spinning


  • The hose is short and may leak
  • Not for heavy linens

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5. COSTWAY 24961-CYPE Portable Washing Machine 

COSTWAY Portable Washing Machine, Twin Tub


  • Capacity: 17.6 lbs
  • Spin speed: 1300 RPM
  • Washing type: semi-automatic
  • Power: 300W

Another gem on the list of cheap washing machines under $200 is the COSTWAY 24961-CYPE Portable Washing Machine. Don’t get fooled by the size of this sweet little machine. It has the power and efficiency of the big overly priced machines present in the market.        

With a full plastic body and see-through lids you can easily transport the machine to any place and clearly see the washing process. Forget to load some clothes in the washing, don’t panic you can easily add the garments mid-washing cycle as much as you want.

The washing and spinning timers give you full control to set time according to your ease. You can have as many cycles as you want to completely clean the clothes or wash a single item quickly for, reuse, this machine can do all. Fit for any small space the washing machine can spin clothes to almost completely dry. So no dripping clothes or waiting for the sun to come up, any day can be a laundry day.

For people who don’t have a lot of time or toddlers that spoil their clothes often, this is an angel sent from heaven. Very energy-efficient and cost-effective, the twin tub takes less time and completes the laundry. The machine uses very little power and can be even powered by solar energy. It is the best outdoor washing machine for RV travellers.                  


  • Reduces electricity bills
  • Consumes less detergent
  • Different washing settings
  • Doesn’t tangle the clothes


  • No wheels for transporting
  • Small hose pipe

6. Giantex ‎EP20313 Washing Machine

Giantex Washing Machine, Twin Tub Washer and Dryer Combo,


  • Capacity: 20 lbs
  • Spin speed: 1300 RPM
  • Washing type: semi-automatic
  • Power: 300W

This Giantex model has all the goodness of the previous one along with a much larger capacity. It has added benefits and still feels light on the pocket. If you have a large family or get very soiled clothes due to outdoor activities this machine suits you the best.

Even with the large capacity the Giantex ‎EP20313 Washing Machine is still lightweight and portable and can fit in small spaces easily. It also has handles on both sides to assist the transporting of the machine. The design of the twin tub is most elegant and modern than any other machine in this price range. Even if it is kept in a visible place you won’t find it a sour for the eye.

The powerful spin gets the clothes to almost 97% dry resulting in the laundry that is ready to be reused quickly. So if you need the clothes for the morning meeting or don’t have clean undies for tomorrow, don’t worry! the machine can make your outfit set in no time. 

As the machine has a large capacity the motor installed in it is also quite efficient and durable. This results in a long life span of the washing machine which is a great cost-cutting feature. Hence, it is the best cheap washing machine for under $200 with the highest load capacity and powerful motors.


  • Best for large families
  • Can easily wash huge loads
  • Great drying speed


  • Short cord length

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7. ZENY Portable Clothes Washing Machine

ZENY Portable Clothes Washing Machine Mini Twin Tub Washer


  • Capacity: 9.9 lbs
  • Spin speed: 1300 RPM
  • Washing type: semi-automatic
  • Power: 300W

Having trips to washing Laundromat can be expensive as well as time-consuming. Also, the hassle to carry the dirty laundry to the area and bring back the load is another level of hard work. But many people are forced to do these extensive trips due to small spaces of apartments or very low budget. 

What if there is a machine that can fit in a very small space and can do all your laundry within less time and save all the trips? Yes, it is not a dream, but a reality. The Zeny portable washing machine can do all this and cost less than the Laundromats. 

Designed to be very efficient, this mini twin tub washing machine is the best you can have. Washing T-shirts and small garments were never as easy as with this machine. As it has a small capacity of only 6 lbs in the washing tub, you cannot wash heavy linens, but for students living in dorms or camping and road trips, it is the perfect mini portable machine.

Even with a small build it comes with all the good features like washing and spinning timers, washes settings, water inlet, drains pipe, and a durable plastic body.

With 15 min of the wash cycle and 5 min drying and rinsing you’ll be finished with your laundry in very little time. Also, you can control the time of your laundry by the timers present. Using spinning and washing at the same time also cut the time shortly considerably. Thus all in all it is the best mini portable washing machine with a very pocket-friendly price.                           


  • Highly efficient
  • Small space for storage
  • No vibrations 
  • Very quiet


  • Not for heavy laundry
  • Not for a large family

8. Auertech Portable Washing Machine

Auertech Portable Washing Machine


  • Capacity: 20 lbs
  • Spin speed: 1300 RPM
  • Washing type: semi-automatic
  • Power: 300W

The Auertech portable washing machine is just like the Giantex 20 lbs one. It has a great body made of purely plastic which makes it rust-resistant and extremely lightweight. The plastic material affects the cost of the machine making them low in price and very economical to use. 

This one of the cheap washing machines under $200 is equipped with wash settings, which can be chosen for different fabrics. The gentle wash makes sure that the delicate fabrics are not worn out or damaged by the agitation. Whereas for hard stains the regular wash setting is used to get vigorous agitation resulting in cleaner clothes.

For people with no laundry room or enough space, this washing machine is the perfect choice as it can be kept in other storage areas and hidden when not in use. So whether you are an adventurer who loves taking trips or a budget-friendly person that lives in small apartments, this machine works wonders. 

The large capacity and high power motor make it ideal for people having heavy loads and large families. Also, the machine has a pulsating water feature to ensure untangled laundry and clean clothes.

The spinner lid prevents the clothing from flying out during spinning and getting damaged. In order to store safely, the machine has a power wire holding hooks. Thus it is the best portable washer and dryer combo for apartments


  • Large capacity
  • Good power motors
  • Pulsating water technology
  • Power wire hooks for safety 


  • Needs to be put on height for draining water
  • Small drain pipe.

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9. Greenvelly Portable Washing Machine

Greenvelly Portable Washing Machine


  • Capacity: 26 lbs
  • Spin speed: 1300 RPM
  • Washing type: semi-automatic
  • Power: 240W

The Greenville portable washing machine lets you do laundry anywhere anytime. The powerful motor and large capacity fit all your regular loads. The agitation results in thoroughly clean and fresh-smelling clothes.

The gravity-powered draining pipe can fit in any place thus no need for a sink or drain, you can clean all the dirty water on any ground or bucket. It is also very long as compared to some other machines available in the market, so you can easily drain water even if the sink is very far.

The spin dryer does a great job in draining maximum water so no dripping wet clothes. The garments can be dried outside even when there is no sun. The machine is made of durable plastic which is rust-proof increasing in its life span. 

The sleek and modern design is very user-friendly and adds beauty to the interior of your home. Also, the machine is very stable and makes less noise while operating. All in all, it is the best portable washing machine under 200 that is packed with features.


  • Very large capacity
  • Modern design
  • Long drain pipe


  • The power is less
  • The spinner doesn’t dry properly

10. ZenStyle Compact Mini Twin Tub

ZenStyle Compact Mini Twin Tub


  • Capacity: 17.6 lbs
  • Spin speed: 1300 RPM
  • Washing type: semi-automatic
  • Power: 240W

The ZenStyle Compact Mini Twin Tub washing machine is ideal for doing laundry in a compact or moving environment. It is fit for students and people living on the road as it is very economical in price and good for energy conservation. With the frequency of 60Hz, the power is enough to get completely clean clothes and almost dry loads. 

The easy-to-operate and large buttons are also perfect for older people with no external help. As it is very lightweight they can easily move it to any desired location. As the elder citizens need appliances that are durable, economical, and easy to operate, this washing machine is a perfect candidate for them. 

As ZenStyle Compact Mini Twin Tub is a mini portable washing machine you should consider that in every sense of the word. Washing heavy loads or washing garments daily may cause a decline in the performance of the machine. Also not cleaning the machine properly and draining the dirty water completely may cause dirt buildup that may result in malfunctioning.

The machine has a very quiet motor, so if you have small toddlers and want to do laundry during their nap time you can easily finish the job, without disturbing the kids. Also by setting the timer you can take a nap too, and refresh yourself. Thus it is  


  • The very quiet washing process
  • Good for light laundry
  • Good for small spaces
  • Easy to operate


  • May gets leaks

Buying Guide for the Cheap Washing Machines Under $200

Washing machines come with many different features and specifications which need to be considered before buying the best washing machines under $200 so that your money does not go to the drain. As the saying goes the more you play the more you get, but if you are under a budget you have to choose the best possible option in that range. Cheap things do not always turn out bad if you take care of them well. Also if you know what you need you can buy the product that suits you best and lack in other features will not be a problem.

The Material of Washing Machine

The durability of any product depends upon the material it is made of. There are 3 materials with which the washing machines available in the market are made up of 

  • Stainless steel 
  • Plastic
  • Enamel

The best material that is durable and strong is stainless steel. However, it is expensive and may get rusted easily if not taken care of. The stainless steel washers have great power and are heavier than other ones.

The plastic washers are more lightweight and portable. These are more suitable for small apartments and small families. They are rust-free and have a longer life than other materials. The only drawback is that they are less powerful and can vibrate tremendously with heavy loads. 

Lastly, enamel washers are the least durable machines. They require a lot of caring and can get damaged easily. The only plus is that they are very cheap so people with a very low budget are inclined to buy them. But spending a little more can get you a more durable and effective product.

Washing Load capacity

The load capacity is the amount of fabric the machine can wash and dry in a single go. Usually higher the load capacity means higher the price of the machine. Small families can use a washer with less capacity easily but people with extended families should always opt for the large capacity washing machines. Search for the washer and dryer under 200 that provides the highest capacity.

Power of washing and spinning

The power at which the washing machine washes and spins the laundry is very important. Higher power means washing more loads in less time. Machines with good power should be considered if you have more laundry in less time.

Wash settings 

Generally, the washing machines come with different types of wash settings. They can be gentle, standard, or extreme. Depending upon the types of clothes you can choose the preferred setting. This gives you many advantages like water-saving, less time-consuming, and more stain-removing power. Thus machines with extra settings are better for washing any type of clothing and any stain.

Spin drying 

The spin-drying power is indicated in revolution per minute. The higher the RPM the more the drying power of the spinner. Your clothing will get dried in less time resulting in covering more laundry. So RPM should be carefully considered while buying the best cheap washing machines under $200.

Type of machine

Nowadays there are a variety of machines available with different types of functionality. The two main types are


Machines that require human interference to some extent like taking laundry out from the washers and loading them in the spinner for rinsing and drying. They come with two separate tubs and both can be used simultaneously which reduces the time of the total washing considerably.

Fully automatic

Machines that do not require human interference can wash, rinse and dry the laundry in one go. They have a single unit for all the processes and a single cycle takes a longer time than the twin tub one.

If you can give hand in the washing process you can opt for semiautomatic machines otherwise go for fully automatic ones. But price-wise the fully automatic washing machines will be more in cost than the semiautomatic ones. 

All of the above-mentioned features differ in different machines, you should choose the washing machine that best fits your need. When buying cheap washing laundry machines under 200 first ask these questions

  • How much laundry do you wash?
  • How often do you wash?
  • How much space do you have? 
  • How much time do you have to wash the laundry?

By answering them you can find the best possible choice that can take all your worry away.


No doubt the machines and electronic appliances make our life so much easy, but they all come with a cost. For people who don’t have the luxury of a heavy budget or those that live on roads, buying expensive gadgets can be a lot of hassle. Hence they keep searching for low-priced yet effective products. Owning a cheap and powerful washing machine is very economical due to many reasons like

  • Saves time
  • Saves trips to laundry rooms and shops
  • Saves money on each laundry load
  • Can get the laundry done along with other household works

After one time of investment, you get a lot of benefits. But in order to have the best washer and dryer under 200, watch out for certain specs like

  • The material of the body
  • The spin speed
  • The washing power
  • The capacity

By carefully observing these features you can select the one that fits best your need. Even your delicate clothes that you think will get ruined in machines are fit to be washed with a gentle wash option. In this article, we have discussed all the budget-friendly machines with their features to let you know all the pros and cons.


Which washing machine is good with the lowest price?

The cheapest on the list is the ZENY Portable Mini Clothes Washing Machine. It has the power like all the other machines present on the list and is very portable. It also can be fitted in very small spaces due to its compact size. 

That being said it has a very low capacity, so if you want a mini washing machine that has light loads this one is the best. Whereas for heavier loads the best portable washing machine under 200 can be Giantex Washing Machine, Twin Tub Washer and Dryer Combo with 20Lbs Capacity.

How long can a cheap washing machine last?

The cheaper models have bodies and materials that are designed to last as long as they could. With minimum features and manual controls, they have a good enough life span. But caring for the machines is also an important factor in determining the life of the machine. At best they can last for 5-7 yrs, but having such low prices and advantages that they provide, it is worth every penny.

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