Top 12 Best Free Video Editing Software for Marketers 😍🔥

In modern days, digital marketing is an integral part of the marketing strategies of most firms. Studies show that 73% of marketing professionals create at least two videos every month for social media marketing. 

The immense popularity of video marketing has led to this rapid adaption, and the figures are expected to rise in the coming days. In such a situation, there is intense competition among brands. You need to create stellar videos if you want to catch the audience’s attention. 

Best Free Video Editing Software for Marketers

Here are the top 12 tools that will allow you to create poignant videos and get you the sales and conversions that you expect.


  • Best Free Video Editing Software for Marketers
      • InVideo
      • Headliner
      • Clipchamp Create
      • Quik by GoPro
      • Splice by GoPro
      • Adobe Premiere Clip
      • Filmora Go
      • Typito
      • Soapbox by Wistia
      • Biteable
      • FlexClip
      • Promo
  • Conclusion

Best Free Video Editing Software for Marketers

1. InVideo

InVideo has over 5000 video templates that you can use to create high-quality marketing videos. Once you upload your video footage and choose the template, you get to decide on the aspect ratio of the edited file. You can color correct the video, trim it, and edit it to your perfection. InVideo also lets you add textual content, alter the font, style, and color and personalize your video.

InVideo has a diverse media library, and you can add images, videos, music, and other stock media into your prepared video. The USP of InVideo is that it allows you to create videos in over 70 languages.

2. Headliner

Understand that a good fraction of social media users has their devices on silent while browsing through social media. If you intend to share your marketing videos on social media platforms, you need to add captions to give context to your videos. Headliner is the finest tool for adding captions to your social media videos.

Here, all you need to do is upload a video, and the tool automatically transcribes the relevant captions. Alternatively, you can upload an audio file or an article, and Headliner will make it into a video. The tool is available for free, and you have the option of adding images, video clips, or GIFs to the prepared video.

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3. Clipchamp Create

If your business is operating on a tight marketing budget, then Clipchamp Create is the best option for you. The free version of this tool gives you access to all the basic tools and lets you create unlimited video projects in 480p resolution. Moreover, the videos created with the free version come without a watermark. The only catch is that the video will get a watermark if you use any stock image.

To remove the watermark, you can upgrade to the Premium plan starting at $9 per month. The Business plan that is available at $19 lets you download your edited videos at a higher resolution. Clipchamp is a versatile video editing tool that has the provision for webcam recording, video conversion, and video compression, thus making it an ideal choice for marketing videos.

4. Quik by GoPro

Quik is a simple video editing tool that lets you create and share content from your GoPro, Android, or iOS device. There is minimal effort on the part of the content creator as the tool automatically analyses the available footage and identifies the best clips. Appropriate filters are added, and the clips are joined with beautiful transitions.

Quik also syncs the video to appropriate royalty-free music and gives you the prepared video. This tool is especially useful for smaller businesses that operate on limited resources and cannot afford to devote a lot of time to video marketing.

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5. Splice by GoPro

If you want to go beyond the basic video editing of Quik, GoPro offers you a professional video editing tool as well. With Splice, you get the power of a high-end video editing tool at your fingertips.

The tool provides a huge library of free soundtracks that allows you to set the mood for the video. With Splice, you can alter the transition style, trim the clip, change its video speed or add textual content. Splice is one of the few free video editing tools to allow this level of control on your video.

6. Adobe Premiere Clip

A mobile video editing tool from the pioneers in video editing, the Adobe Premiere Clip lets you automatically create a highly customized video. Once you upload a clip, you can add titles, transitions, music, and a lot more. This tool is ideal for creating slideshow videos, and you can add a series of images to the feed.

The Premiere Clip is an Adobe Creative Cloud app, and you can use this with the Premiere Pro CC, Capture CC, Lightroom, and other relevant apps. The tool gives you 2GB of cloud storage for free.

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7. Filmora Go

Filmora Go is an advanced video editing tool that gives you the luxury of desktop-like video editing from your Android or iOS device.  If you want to do basic editing on your marketing videos, you can use this tool to add texts, transitions and set the theme of your video. For more complex editing, Filmora Go lets you reverse a clip, control the speed, alter the aspect ratio, trim, split or crop the footage.

The tool allows a picture-in-picture mode of video editing, and its audio mixer facilities allow you complete control of the sound. You can import your voiceovers, upload music, or choose from the media library. Filmora Go is available for both Android and iOS and comes as a free app. The best part of this free tool is that there is no cap on the video length, and the edited videos do not come with a watermark.

8. Typito

If you wish to add branded banners to your promotional videos, then Typito is the ideal video editing tool. This is especially useful for brands that are eyeing social media. Typito lets you resize your video into seven forms depending on your editing needs. That way, you can edit a video and then save it in multiple sizes for multiple social media platforms.

Typito is a basic editing tool, and you do not need a background in video editing to do justice to this tool. It is an online video editor and has a free plan that leaves a watermark on the video. Typito allows you to remove watermarks by paying a $5 per video basis.

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9. Soapbox by Wistia

Soapbox is the ideal tool for product demos, DIY guides, and other presentation videos where you need to record the screen and webcam simultaneously. A chrome extension, Soapbox is a tool that lets you record, edit, and share your presentation videos. A clean split-screen function allows you to view the screen and yourself simultaneously. This lends an air of authenticity to the videos.

With the free plan of Soapbox, you can create unlimited videos, alter the player color and customize the video thumbnail. You can also add a link at the video end screen. However, to download the video or use any of the analytics and tracking engagement features, you need to go for a subscription that is priced at $300 per year.

10. Biteable

If your video marketing strategies are mostly based on social media, then Biteable is a perfect choice. It allows you to create videos, slideshows, and ads that can be shared across multiple platforms. The videos created with the free version of this tool have a watermark and can only be shared through a Biteable link. Also, the free version does not let you upload multiple video clips at a go.

When you opt for the premium version at $29 per month, you do away with such restrictions. You then get access to more than 85,000 extra stock footages and advanced video privacy features.

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11. FlexClip

FlexClip is one of the most powerful video editors available in the market, making it a great contender in the list of free video editing tools for marketers and can really help you in your workflow. The best thing about FlexClip is that it is available for everyone and even a rookie can handle the work on it.

It has a simple yet intuitive interface that makes it an instant favorite among users. Though it is simple, it has some pretty amazing features. For marketers, you can directly customize the ready video templates for your social media, website homepage, or video ads.

12. Promo

Promo is an online video maker and editing tool wherein you can create and edit videos easily. Promo is a great video marketing tool. Not being an expert in video making is not a problem. 

Promo has ready-to-use templates to easily create video ads, product videos, social media videos, and more. Promo helps promote business, widen the reach, attract and engage customers.

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Coming up with a marketing video requires dedicated efforts. You need to brainstorm the story and content flow, film the video and then edit it. The post-production phase can change the face of a video and is one of the most important stages. 

By choosing any of the best free video editing software for marketers discussed above, you will do justice to the post-production stage and give your marketing videos the superior finishing touches that they deserve.

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