Torrent as an Easy Escape from Expensive Service Providers

Streaming is a hefty resource and uses unnecessary processing speed and bandwidth. Torrenting is a much more efficient form of information dissemination. Streaming puts all the information into the hands of one controlling company as it allows individuals much more access and control.

Torrent as an Easy Escape from Expensive Service Providers

While business interests want to see libraries and other forms of sharing ended and made illegal, torrenting is a 21st-century solution to censors. People use Torrent as it's the only best alternative to download everything legal or illegal. Torrent sites keep developing alternative sites to bypass government blockages to expand their territory.

Nowadays, one can download anything via Torrent from movies games to software without any cost, whereas if you want to buy a movie or pc game, you'll spend a lot of money and valuable time. 

Many people do not realize that torrents offer a legitimate and legal way to distribute large files using shared resources. If they are used to distributing pirated content, it is not the torrents' fault. Many kinds of open-source software are commonly shared via torrents. Torrents are also used by hardware manufacturers to make support software and drivers, available. Some sites are blocked but can still be accessed through VPN servers that bypass your ISP blocks.

Pirate Proxy Bay to the Rescue

Pirate Proxy Bay to the rescue

The Pirate Proxy bay is a website that hosts torrents. The Pirate Bay contains torrent files, which are not the actual files but links to someplace on the internet that stores the files that you intend to download. Torrent allows people to cooperatively share files that may be copyrighted without extensive institutional involvement. 

Sharing via Torrent can be very efficient for popular files as the more the number of people who share it; the faster your downloads. This makes it a highly efficient solution for sharing large files. There are two types of people or computers in Torrent; peers and seeders. Peers are the computers that do not have the complete file; they then download those files, and seeders are those computers that have the complete files and are only uploading them. 

There is one torrent file that contains the details of files and addresses of the tracker. The tracker keeps track of peers who are currently downloading the file. Either after downloading a complete file or while downloading the file, the peers upload the pieces they have. In this way, files are distributed to other peers. Everyone participating in the Torrent uploads the files which they have and the one having the full copy of the file is the seeder. 

The main job of the seeder is to distribute pieces of the files that it has. The torrent protocol has downloaders help send the files to other downloaders, reducing the burden on the original owner. In this way, all the participants can download the file quickly.

Choose your Torrent Provider Wisely

There are many torrent sites on the internet, some are legit, and some come packed with viruses in the guise of your favorite TV show or software which you badly need. Thus, it is advisable to use torrents with caution. Unlike other prominent download methods which are prevalent in the market, Torrent maximizes transfer speed by gathering pieces of the file you want and downloading these pieces simultaneously from people who already have them. 

The entire process enables popular and huge files, such as videos and television programs to download much faster than is possible with other protocols. Unlike some other peer-to-peer downloading methods, Torrent is a protocol that offloads some file tracking work to a central server called a tracker. Another difference is that it uses a highly efficient principle called tit-for-tat, meaning that you will have to give files first to receive them. This solves the problem of leeching and free-riders.


Torrents are a great way to download files from the internet, whether you want to download large files or just something small. You can find just about anything on torrents, from movies and TV shows to songs and games

Torrents are also a great way to download software since most of the time you will find the same software on torrents for free as you would on the software's website, we'll not recommend using something for free that you are supposed to use after paying for it. 

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