Top 10 Reasons Why We Have To Write Essays 😍🔥

Essay writing is the most common assignment students receive in high school or college. It is the source of constant irritation and nightmares for some, but in general, it is a great tool for the educational system. No matter how miserable students may feel about essay writing, they benefit greatly from it.

reasons why we have to write essays

In case you wondered “why we have to write essays”, or consider essay writing outdated, something redundant, we have collected this list of reasons. Who knows, maybe you will get a little bit more inspired about your next assignment. There should be a reason that in different essays writing is still a part of academics for hundreds of years.


  • Why writing essays is so important
      • Best way to check a student's progress
      • Develops creativity
      • Teaches students to do research
      • Develops analytical thinking
      • Broadens students’ horizons
      • Prepares students for more complex tasks
      • Prepares students for professional assignments
      • Teaches planning and discipline
      • Strengthens literacy
      • Can be fun
  • What to do when you don’t have time to write your essay 

Why writing essays is so important

We bet some of these reasons look obvious for you, but we wanted to collect the most comprehensive list of reasons why we have to write essays. Next time you feel reluctant to start writing your essay, check on this list again for inspiration.

1. Best way to check a student's progress

Let’s face it, maybe it would be better to focus on individual progress, talk with every student about his take on the problem, etc., but it is simplу impossible to create such an educational system. Essay writing is a perfect balance between standardized learning and a creative approach.

2. Develops creativity

Previously, essay writing was all about combining facts and presenting them in writing, but now, creativity becomes more and more valuable in academia. They say that the more creative your job is, the less likely it will be taken by robots in the nearest future. Essay writing is one of the ways to boost your creativity in any field.

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3. Teaches students to do research

Yes, not all the essays are strong in this sense. For example, if you need to write a reflective essay or an essay on your pet, it is not very likely that you will do too much research. However, in most cases, you need to spend several hours looking for relevant sources to write a quality essay. 

4. Develops analytical thinking

Once you are done with collecting sources, structuring, and verifying them, you need to analyze the information given in them and turn them into 3-6 arguments you will use to support your thesis statement. It is a valuable skill that doesn’t lose actuality for years to come — both in academia and in real life. 

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5. Broadens students’ horizons

Some essays are boring, some essays are interesting, but in the end, while doing research and analytical work afterward, you learn new things, you broaden your horizon. At some point it may feel like a “house of useless knowledge,” but you will soon understand that knowledge cannot be completely useless, as it forms your understanding of the world.

6. Prepares students for more complex tasks

The more advanced your year of education is, the more writing you need to do, the more complex it gets. Research papers, term papers, thesis, dissertations, analytical works, case studies — you won’t be able to deal with all those without some profound essay writing background. 

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7. Prepares students for professional assignments

Life is not limited to assignments you need to deal with in college or university. The goal of your education is to start a career, and once you do, your experience in essay writing — stating a problem, collecting information, analyzing it, putting it in comprehensive writing, following instructions and deadlines — comes in handy. 

9. Teaches planning and discipline

The biggest problem about essays — they have deadlines. Often, those deadlines intersect and you have a hard time planning everything right. It can be overwhelming and annoying, but at the same time, it makes you more disciplined and experienced in working under time pressure. 

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9. Strengthens literacy

Most probably it is the ultimate goal of essay writing in general — increasing literacy across the board. From what we can tell, it works. However, it would be better, if professors paid more attention to students’ business and adjusted essay writing load accordingly. 

10. Can be fun

Some topics are just very interesting, some essays require watching movies or going to a museum, or doing some project with your friends. There are some ways to have fun while writing essays, and we recommend enjoying all of them.

What to do when you don’t have time to write your essay 

Everything written above is just amazing, but often the reality is much more complicated. You may be 100% sure that essay writing is a very useful practice that makes our world better, but at the same time, you may not have the time or energy to actually write your paper. It happens more than often and to most students, so there is no reason to be stressed or ashamed. 

Students are snowed under assignments. Having more tasks on your to-do list than humanly possible to complete, you start procrastinating, because your brain doesn’t see a way out. That is why it may be a wise choice not to postpone essay writing endlessly, but address one of the professional websites that will write essays for you similar to the WriteMyPaperHub service and pay someone who can do high-quality papers online. Of course, we don’t mean you should fully delegate all of your assignments to writing experts and go have fun till the end of the semester. 

However, paying for one or two essays will make your schedule much lighter and you can focus on tasks you really care about right now. Such services hire experienced writers comfortable with almost any deadlines, so you can address them with urgent orders as well. 

The key idea is to plan your essay writing routine based on your real-life and workload, not on your vision of a perfect self that doesn’t exist. Let professional writers help you out from time to time — this way you will have more time to actually enjoy the essay writing and benefit from it more.

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