6 Ways Spinners Can Get More Wickets 😍🔥

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6 Ways spinners can get more wickets

Now a game of cricket is never complete without spinners. Spinners exist to get the maximum number of wickets! And there are various ways to achieve the same. Shane Warne, for example, was a great spinner in his time. In this regard, you must understand that there are various types of spinners. And the techniques of one might differ from another. Here, we will talk about 6 ways to optimize the number of wickets


  • Ways spinners can get more wickets
      • Spin
      • Line
      • Length
      • Flight
      • Use of crease
      • Sets
  • Conclusion

Ways spinners can get more wickets

1. Spin

All spinners must aim to get the maximum number of revolutions on the ball. Therefore, you must put together all the elements to deceive the batsman, such as giving it a rip so that it turns more, drifts in the air, dips late in its flight, etc.

However, it is seen that not many spinners use this way and tend to roll the ball gently; a huge mistake as this does not deceive the batsman.

2. Line

Off-spinners have two main lines of attack when it comes to right-handed batters. The first one is around the wicket bowling at off stumps so that the ball straightens. The second being, over the wicket - outside of stumps so that the ball turns back to the stumps. The first one is more difficult to play in a leg-side biased field.

 Moreover, it can complicate things for short-legged fielders. The second one incorporates the classic "through the gate" dismissal. 

Left-arm spinners who like to play in an orthodox way generally bowl around the wicket at off stump so that the ball straightens.

These sportspeople, compared to off-spinners, bowl from a wider angle so that they can hit the offline balls easily. However, they should be careful about the number of turns as well. On the other hand, leg spinners bowl a similar line, making the ball turn more and bowling from a less acute angle.

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3. Length

The very famous left-arm spinner Headley Verity once said that the spinner's length should be as short as possible so that the batsman can play forward. Therefore, one should understand the importance of distance when it comes to spinning. It allows the ball to have its own sweet time to turn and bounce, but the batsman has less time in hand.

Do not commit the mistake of bowling short to watch the ball turn. However, the batsman has more time on the backfoot to watch the ball and prepare for the unexpected move. So when in doubt, think about what Hedley Verity has said.

4. Flight

Spinners perform better if they give the ball flight. However, this rule varies from one spinner to another. While some throw with many spins, others can be more concerned with staying accurate and loop it less. It depends on the playing strategy of the spinner.

Many bowlers tend to be more effective against tail-enders. Both the styles can be a hit or a miss depending on the situation. If you are a good spinner, you should have control of your flight. 

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5. Use of crease

Spinners tend to use less crease area than they think. Using the crease needs practice, and most spinners lie behind in this area. They place their front foot in the middle and find it difficult to go anywhere else.

Some get too close to the stumps or end up far away from the stumps, both being wrong, though! You have to understand that the position from which a spinner bowls changes the angles of attack dramatically. The wider the angle, the chances of the ball hitting the stumps fall. But if a spinner can learn how to move around both sideways and backward, he can easily deviate a batter and play with his timing.

Just keep in mind that bowling from the return crease will make the ball land in different locations than bowling from next to the stumps. So it would be best if you also were careful of the field.

6. Sets

In this blog, we have discussed the methods of individual balls. However, spinners have also to deviate batters for getting the most of their bowling.

This technique is also known as bowling in sets. One of the most classic sets for a spinner is a couple of balls with a lower spin followed by a big rip to catch the batsman via the gate or get a bat-pad chance. 

You can even go subtle with that. An experienced spinner will test a batsman with a wide array of lengths, angles, and flights until he notices a weak spot that can help him gain more wickets. So these are a few ways in which a spinner can get more wickets.


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