Essay in an Hour: 5 Hacks that Will Save You Time

Essay writing is an academic standard that every student will go through at a certain point in their education. Therefore, essays can come with a different range of difficulties depending on your educational level. In turn, the difficulty level influences the amount of time spent writing your essay.

Although writing an essay requires a certain skill level, writing one in an hour may be too much to ask. Most demanding essays can even require more than 24 hours.

Essay in an Hour: 5 Hacks that Will Save You Time

Nevertheless, writing an essay in one hour is not entirely impossible. However, for this to be possible, you need to have one thing in abundance: practice. It would be best if you had written different essays under various time constraints and understood their structure.

If you ever wondered who can write a paper for me quickly and how? This piece is for you. This article will provide five tips that'll slow downtime and give you that extra speed when writing an essay. We'll also go through some basic essay information.


  • What is an Essay?
  • What are the Essays Types?
      • Narrative Essays
      • Descriptive Essays
      • Expository Essays
      • Persuasive or Argumentative Essays
  • How to Write Essays in an Hour: 5 Helpful Tips
      • Plan, Plan, Plan
      • Follow Your Created Outline
      • Save Your Introduction for Later
      • Use Writing Tools to Speed up Editing Processes
      • Order Your Essay
  • Conclusion

What is an Essay?

Before we begin, you need to understand what an essay is. An essay or a composition is a form of written work that outlines the writer's thoughts and cohesively presents a story. Essays are usually short pieces of writing that are closely related to regular papers or an article. They exist in formal representations, as well as informal ones, and often tackle essential topics.

What are the Essays Types?

Although this cohesive piece of writing often exists in two writing forms, it is divided into four types. We'll discuss them briefly below.

Narrative Essays

As the name implies, this essay writing style is from the narrative perspective. So it is when the writer explains a set of events while writing the essay. Narrative essays are generally in the first person, as they aim to involve the reader as an onlooker to the narration.

Descriptive Essays

Again, the name carries out the bulk of the explanation. Descriptive essays are focused on vividly describing every element of the story being told. In this essay type, the writer describes the location, personalities interacted with, objects, and the exact nature of events that unfolded.

Descriptive essays evoke the reader's senses by using the illustrative elements of the human senses (sight, smell, touch, etc.). When executed correctly, a reader can efficiently channel the writer's senses to experience their emotions.

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Expository Essays

Expository essays are more academically inclined and usually require an optimized study of a particular subject matter. This essay type requires voluminous study and research to lecture the reader on the topic being discussed accurately.

Unlike the previous essay types mentioned, there is no room for emotions or storytelling in this essay. Instead, it is focused on explaining hard facts and using various data to back them up. Also, this essay type may be broken into sublayers like cause and effect essays, contrast essays, and others.

Persuasive or Argumentative Essays

Persuasive essays come with a simple objective, to bring up two arguments and persuade the reader to choose one. However, a persuasive essay goes beyond the simple presentation of facts and attempts to subtly convince a reader to side with the writer's point of view.

This essay type requires opposing arguments to function. However, the main objective is to convince readers that one argument holds more weight than the other.

How to Write Essays in an Hour: 5 Helpful Tips

5 Helpful Tips

If you're looking to write a quick essay, you're on the right track. However, it is essential to remember that you must have studied the topic of the essay extensively beforehand.

Without prior planning and preparation, you cannot write an essay, especially the advanced forms, in just under an hour. Although some students are blessed with fast writing skills and proper articulation, everyone requires a little help when writing essays.

So how do you write an essay in one hour? We'll show you the five tips below.

Plan, Plan, Plan

The first thing to do is create a feasible plan of writing. Working under the one-hour mark, you have just 60 minutes. You can allocate a few minutes for outlining, 30 minutes for writing the body, 10 minutes for the conclusion, another 10 for the introduction, and 5 minutes for revision.

It's vital to spend the little time you have productively; hence, you need to ensure you take measures to guarantee that. For example, avoid being distracted by texts, videos, or other elements, and find a quiet place to focus.

On average, you need to spend nearly a quarter of the time outlining your essay. Then half the time, writing a body, with the rest periods allocated to the introduction, conclusion, and revision. Never forget to revise your essay, especially after writing one hastily.

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Follow Your Created Outline

While planning, you should have created a good outline that helps you structure your entire writing process. Getting your outline right determines how much time you can save and how well the other parts of your essay writing turn out.

Generally, the outline for essay types can vary, so make sure you know the required structure of your essay. In addition, you can browse the web for common essay outlines to speed up the process.

However, your outline should provide structure and key elements of the writing process. It should contain the points you need to include, citations, and other required components.

Save Your Introduction for Later

Even while not under pressure, the best way to write an essay is to write your introduction last. The introduction can be one of the most challenging things to write first because you're not entirely sure how the rest of the essay will turn out.

It is often hard to start with a blank page, and the hook required in introductions can take some time to develop.

You can save time by doing this last and coming up with parts for your introduction while writing the essay body. Then, when you're done with other parts of your essay, the introduction will naturally be less challenging to tackle.

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Use Writing Tools to Speed up Editing Processes

Editing and proofreading can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of preparing an essay. Locating errors is a tedious job, and with the 60 minutes time frame, you don't want to rush your editing process.

Writing tools are handy for checking grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and even inappropriate writing structures. Grammarly is an excellent example of a writing tool that can shoulder your editing burden and save precious time. Still, ensure to do a quick manual review afterward as AI's can make mistakes.

Order Your Essay

We saved this option for last because it is the most efficient method to get your essay done in under one hour.

Online writing platforms with writing experts can easily shoulder the responsibility of writing an entire essay in 60 minutes. They have more practice, organization, resources, and speed to deliver under time constraints.

You would need to send your request alongside the details of the essay to receive your work before the deadline. And, of course, this will come at a price because of the fast-tracked nature of the work.


Writing an essay in just one hour can be extremely difficult, but it is quite possible with proper preparation and planning. Follow the tips we have provided and remember to be as calm as possible, even under the pressure of little time. Luckily, you can finish your paper and meet your deadline without any setbacks.

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