Top 10 Tips on Writing a Great MBA Essay

Top 10 Tips on Writing a Great MBA Essay

Writing business school essays can be difficult. It takes many things to make a business school essay successful. This article will show you how to create an MBA application essay that stands out from others. So, if you are thinking “How to write my MBA essay in the best way?” - search no more. Here are the top tips.


  • Tips on Writing a Great MBA Essay
      • Pay attention to the structure of your essay
      • Consider the tone of your essay
      • Include the School-Specific Information
      • Select an event or situation that matters to you
      • Use storytelling tricks
      • Be careful with plagiarism
      • Do not submit a complex essay
      • Get your MBA essay ready before the deadline
      • Define your goals
      • Understand the essay question

Tips on Writing a Great MBA Essay

1. Pay attention to the structure of your essay

The setup is your opening paragraph of your essay. This is where you tell admissions officers about yourself, who you are, and what you've learned.

The pivot point is the moment when you move from talking about what your skills are to discussing what you need to improve. Mannix calls this a lightbulb moment. It is when something clicks and you realize you could be more successful in your job if one or two of these areas were covered.

Your last section of the essay will allow you to explain how learning and skill in the specific area that was identified as a pivot point will improve your career. Successful essays are personal and there is always a story behind them.

2. Consider the tone of your essay

It is important to be honest in your essay. Admissions committees want information about you and your personality. Write something that matters to your heart.

Another key element you should include in your essay. We suggest that you incorporate aspects of your personality into the essay. Highlight your creativity, humor, or other unique qualities in your essay. This helps admission committees get to know you better. Don’t be too formal, show yourself!

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3. Include the School-Specific Information

This may seem obvious. Business school essays are written about the school. It's a great chance to highlight your research and tell why you are interested in this school.

Have you looked at the school's curriculum? If you're accepted, have you looked into the school's extracurricular offerings? Are there research centers you would like to be involved with?

4. Select an event or situation that matters to you

Make sure that the topic you choose for your MBA essay is meaningful to you. This will allow you to be authentic and also meet the word count.

This is the best way to avoid writing something that admissions directors will not like to read. World peace is great, but how does it interact with your personality? Instead, write an organic story that has personal significance.

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5. Use storytelling tricks

MBA applicants want to know how you approach commitment and leadership in your essay for admission to business school. But if you only describe an experience and do not reflect upon it, your motivation and dedication will not be highlighted.

By sharing personal stories and anecdotes the best writers can outline the characteristics that business schools are looking for. But how do you do that? The answer is simple: show how your experiences have affected you. Do not just tell about it.

It can be difficult to illustrate how your life experiences impact your values or motivations. This process requires reflection and a lot of self-reflection. It is important to draw on real-life examples and show how they reflect your values.

The STAR technique can be used to achieve this. The STAR technique can be broken down into four steps.

  • Situation - Describe the situation, and when it occurred.
  • Task - Describe the task and explain the goal.
  • Action - Give details about the actions you took to get there.
  • Result – Conclude with the outcome of your action.

6. Be careful with plagiarism

Plagiarism is big business. Even if the student isn't intending to plagiarize another's work, colleges will likely detect it. Colleges that detect plagiarism will most likely reject an application. UCLA's Anderson School of Management rejected 52 MBA candidates for applying plagiarism.

By following too closely MBA essay examples, applicants may accidentally and easily plagiarize another person's work. They are helpful because they can give you inspiration and help you reflect on your experience. You can't duplicate someone's experience, but they have written it.

You can be original if you're worried about plagiarism. Admissions committees will want to hear from you about your experiences, motivations, and opinions.

Writing well is only possible if you are authentic. This will make your writing more real and reflect your true thoughts and experiences. You can use reliable and inexpensive plagiarism checker tools, such as Copyscape.

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7. Do not submit a complex essay

You can use your own words to write the essay as if it were a professional conversation with a colleague. Your essay will sound simpler and more personal, and you'll be able to build a deeper connection with your reader.

Complex sentences are great for laws and official documents. In your essay, you are up to build understanding with your audience, so go simple.

8. Get your MBA essay ready before the deadline

When the essay questions become available, you can start planning your essay. You can take time to make an outline for each essay to help you plan your writing.

Start well in advance of the deadline so you have enough time to revise and write without feeling stressed or rushed. Also, it will allow you to revise your work and edit if necessary.

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9. Define your goals

To gauge your interest in a program or institution, admissions committees for business schools use your essays. You should outline your career goals and why you want to get an MBA from a particular school. Admissions officers look for applicants who have clearly defined goals.

For example, you may tell that schools alumni are the best managers, so it has a really good manager program which you are keen to attend. Or maybe it’s a great international business school? Think about what attracts you to the school.

10. Understand the essay question

Last, but not least. To write a good essay, you should understand the question asked. The first step is to find the keywords within the question. This will allow you to understand what the admission committee wants to know about you through the essay.

Then, you will answer step-by-step. It’s a great way to start the essay when you don’t know what to write. From this draft, you’ll be able to develop a whole new piece.

We are happy if those tips helped you to write the essay!

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