Holiday Travel Tips for Dog Owners to Keep Your Dog Safe

Planning a trip with your fur baby? Well, it can be really exciting, especially if your pet loves to travel. As a pet mom, I want my baby to explore different destinations with me and have the best time. This is why I try to take her with me as much as possible.

Holiday Travel Tips for Dog Owners

Travel planning with a pet can get tricky, especially if you are just visiting a place to explore it for the first time. Traveling alone is one thing, but you need more planning with your pet as not every place is pet-friendly. Here are a few holiday travel planning tips with your pet.


  • Holiday Travel Tips for Dog Owners
      • Choose Mode of Transport
      • Plan in Advance
      • Carry all Pet Essentials
      • Find a Pet-Friendly Place
      • Measure Your Pet Food and Carry Along
      • Take a Familiar Pet Blanket Along
      • Carry a Long Leash
      • Pack Travel Medication
      • Get Tick Medication
      • Do Not Forget Your Dog's Toys
      • Make an Itinerary
      • Spend More Time with Your Dog
  • The Bottom Line

Holiday Travel Tips for Dog Owners

1. Choose Mode of Transport

This is important as there are restrictions when you travel with the pet. The best way is to drive your car. Use a dog seat to ensure the dog does not fall in between seats while traveling. Also, use a dog seat belt for additional safety. 

But if the destination is too far and you need to take a flight, you will have to choose one that allows pets. You also need to get a safe crate for your pet for travel. Train your pet to spend time inside the crate and leave it alone for at least 1-2 hours. Remember, your pet will be alone in the crate during the flight duration; hence make sure your dog can stay calm. If your dog gets really anxious, you can talk to your vet for some calming medication. 

For owners of small toy breeds such as a Havapoo dog, you can carry the dog with you inside the cabin on several flights as it is a lap dog that weighs less and cannot withstand cargo conditions like large breed dogs. You will have to get a pet carry-on bag to carry the dig inside the flight.

2. Plan in Advance

Planning is essential, especially if you travel with a pet. You need to plan every step and create an itinerary that is also pet-friendly. If you want to enjoy the place thoroughly, learn everything about it through online research before visiting the place.

3. Carry all Pet Essentials

Every pet is used to a different lifestyle; hence as per your pet needs, ensure to carry all essentials. You need to carry the usual pet things such as a harness, dog bowls, leash, travel bed, and water. Also, carry along some treats to ensure your pet listens to you when outside. Especially if your dog is as food motivated as mine, treats work wonders, and she behaves well. Make sure the things you carry are lightweight not like the vacuum cleaner for dogs that won't fit with your luggage. 

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4. Find a Pet-Friendly Place

Not every hotel is pet-friendly, which is why do your research well. You can also opt for an Airbnb, which will give you more privacy. I used to always book hotels before I had a pet, but now I only prefer a pet-friendly Airbnb plainly because I can book the entire property. 

This means my dog can be let off-leash inside the property, and she also enjoys the vacation as much as I do. As I live in a rented apartment, it makes more sense for me to book an entire property where my pet gets to run around and play the whole time.

5. Measure Your Pet Food and Carry Along

If your pet eats dog food of a particular brand, then you need to carry that along. Calculate the number of days and measure the food you are carrying. Take 1-2 meals extra just in case.

6. Take a Familiar Pet Blanket Along

Take a Familiar Pet Blanket Along

Taking your pet to an unfamiliar pet can make them feel anxious. To avoid that, take your dog's blanket along so that it feels familiar. This will help the dog calm down, especially at night, as the familiar smell always calms the dog's nerves.

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7. Carry a Long Leash

You are taking your dog on vacation, and your dog can have a lot of fun when off-leash. If the property is fenced and dogs are allowed off-leash, then well and good. If not, you can always use a long leash where you know you have control, but your dog gets to explore the space better. If your dog is still not trained to be off-leash, even if the property allows it, I would still say use a long leash for the dog's safety.

8. Pack Travel Medication

If you are going to a place out of the city, it may be tough to find a vet. Carry an emergency medication kit for the dog just in case.

9. Get Tick Medication

It is easy to be pest-infested for the dog on a hike, so get tick medication, which acts as prevention before you travel. It is not just for the dog but also for you because ticks can be dangerous for humans.

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10. Do Not Forget Your Dog's Toys

Remember to pack your pet's favorite toys to keep them engaged. My dog has to carry her ball everywhere she goes as she is a retriever and loves to play fetch. Identify your dog's favorite toy and carry it along.

11. Make an Itinerary

I would suggest planning a vacation that feels like a vacation for your dog too. There are places such as beaches where your dog can have fun like you. You can also plan hikes with your dogs. But traveling to destinations where you need to visit historical places is not a good idea with a dog as the dog will not be allowed. You will have to leave your dog in the hotel with a family member then.

12. Spend More Time with Your Dog

Spend More Time with Your Dog

I am pretty busy in my day-to-day life and do not find much time with her. When I go on vacation with my dog, I allocate more time cuddling her up to make her feel loved. I ensure my holiday is also when I can pay more attention to her. If you take your dog on vacation, spend more time with him too, just like you do with other family members.

The Bottom Line

The holiday you plan should not just focus on fun for your family members but your dog too as it is also a member of your family. Ensure your dog is comfortable wherever you go and enjoys as much as you do.

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