Top 10 Tips for Designing A Small Bathroom 😍🔥

Design tactics need to be applied so that a small bathroom is comfortable to use. The reason is, the bathroom is one of the rooms with a special character that requires various things to function properly. A small bathroom must be able to accommodate the needs of sanitation, drains, lighting, ventilation, and the aesthetic needs of the interior. Mistakes in arranging a small bathroom can have long-term effects. That's why you should follow the tips for designing a small bathroom.

The bathroom is unlike any other room that can be rearranged at any time. Some elements, such as sinks and toilets, have been installed permanently so they require renovation if you want to change the layout of the room. Find various types of furniture for your bathroom by visiting Bathrooms and More Store

Tips for Designing A Small Bathroom

For more content, please visit our website RT Ten. Here are some mistakes that are commonly made when designing a small bathroom:


  • Tips for Designing A Small Bathroom
      • Blends wet and dry areas
      • Divide the area with a closed baffle
      • Place the toilet directly in front of the door
      • Storing items at the top of the wall 
      • Put the lamp above the mirror
      • Using wood, wallpaper, or natural stone as a coating
      • Using electronic devices
      • Fill the bathroom with decoration
      • Forgetting outdoor air sources
      • Color choices for your small bathroom

Tips for Designing A Small Bathroom

1. Blends wet and dry areas

Judging from its function, the area in the bathroom can be divided into wet areas and dry areas. Wet areas are bathing places, while dry areas are used for sanitary activities, such as urinating and brushing your teeth. 

A small bathroom that doesn't separate wet and dry areas can increase the risk of accidents, such as falls and slips. Because when the wet area and the dry area are put together, the whole bathroom becomes damp and slippery. Conditions like this can also invite disease bacteria and accelerate the damage to walls, floors, and other devices.

2. Divide the area with a closed baffle

For a small bathroom to be safe when used, it is necessary to divide the wet and dry areas. However, the two areas do not have to be separated by a wall or a partition that covers the entire wall. 

This kind of insulation can actually give a closed impression that makes a small bathroom look even more crowded. Use a room partition with a transparent appearance like glass so that the small bathroom looks more spacious. In order not to be slippery, choose a tempered glass type that has a rough texture on its surface.

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3. Don't Place the toilet directly in front of the door

The toilet which is placed right in front of the small bathroom door is not only unsightly but also disturbs the need for privacy. Alternatively, place the sink in front of the small bathroom door. Meanwhile, the toilet can be placed next to the door if the dry area is in front of a small bathroom. 

4. Storing items at the top of the wall 

Small bathrooms also need to provide space for storage needs. However, installing a cabinet or shelf on the wall actually makes the small bathroom look narrower. Take advantage of the bottom of the sink as a storage area. A cabinet without legs can be the choice to solve storage problems in a small bathroom.

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5. Put the lamp above the mirror

We commonly make this mistake when we are designing a small bathroom. When doing facials or shaving at the sink, you really need more lighting. Direct lighting (task light) mounted above the mirror can produce distracting shadows. 

For optimal lighting, attach task lights to both sides of the mirror. Just make sure you buy high-quality products from a company like Vonn Lighting instead of going for a cheaper product

6. Using wood, wallpaper, or natural stone as a coating

The cost of maintaining a small bathroom can increase if you choose the wrong coating material. Wallcoverings such as wallpaper are more easily damaged and weathered when used to protect bathroom walls, especially in wet areas. Humid conditions and hot steam from the water heater make the wallpaper prone to peeling. 

Natural materials, such as wood and natural stone, are also prone to erosion when used as floor coatings or bathroom walls. Ideally for a small bathroom, use a waterproof coating material, such as bathroom tiles or mosaics. Nowadays, there are also innovative materials such as gypsum walls that are both cost-effective in construction and practical to install. 

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7. Using electronic devices

Humid and wet conditions are dangerous for the use of electrical devices in small bathrooms. Even so, the need for lighting is still unavoidable, so you should use lamps that are protected by waterproof or moisture-proof glass. If you want to use electronic devices, the surface of the socket should be covered with a waterproof layer. 

8. Fill the bathroom with decoration

Apart from bathroom furniture, such as a toilet, bidet, or bathtub, decoration is also important. This is because the needs of a modern lifestyle make the bathroom have another function, where the bathroom is now used as a place of relaxation where the owner will spend more time there. 

So it is very natural if you want to decorate your small bathroom with various knick-knacks so that it looks more beautiful to the eye. However, the excessive decoration can also reduce comfort. Decorative plant pots placed in the corner of the room can add a relaxing atmosphere in a small bathroom.

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9. Forgetting outdoor air sources

One element that is often overlooked in designing a small bathroom is the opening. Even though openings can help improve air circulation in a small bathroom. One of the models of openings that can be used in a small bathroom is a vent and a skylight. You can also enjoy the outside view area while relaxing in the small bathroom. 

Take a look at your tiny bathroom, have you made some of these design mistakes? For those of you who are new to designing a small bathroom, don't make this mistake!

Besides furniture, you also need to pay attention to the colors you use for your small bathroom. Determining the color and choosing paint when designing a house is one of the most important aspects. The choice of color must be done very carefully and very carefully. In choosing the color itself, it must be related to its function and also the aesthetics of the space. The choice of wall paint color is also one of the most important elements and also an inseparable factor in all parts of the interior design of the room, including in the bathroom. 

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10. Colour choices for your small bathroom

Combination of White and Gray

Everyone knows that white is the go-to color for making a room look bright, open, and clean. The combination of white and light grey can provide a refreshing color. Plus, this classic color combination looks great when paired with other textures of bathroom items.

Striking Teal

Don't worry about using a bold color like teal (turquoise color) for a small bathroom. Colors like this can make a narrow room look more trendy. Try painting the walls and ceiling of your bathroom with a striking teal color, then combine it with ceramics and furniture of different colors.


A warm, bright yellow can provide a pop of color for a tight space. Due to its warm base color, yellow is suitable as a wall paint color even if your bathroom does not get direct sunlight. No need to paint your entire bathroom yellow, just use yellow to make stripes, or only use it in certain parts. For a yellow bathroom, it's better to use minimalist furniture so it doesn't seem excessive. 

Powder Blue 

If you don't like colors that are too flashy, you can use soft colors like powder blue. The blue color gives a calm effect while making your room look bright and open. This soft blue color is suitable for small bathrooms that are not exposed to natural light because it can make the room look bright and attractive.

Soft Green

You can show your nature lover through the bathroom atmosphere, including the color you choose. The soft green color will add texture to your small bathroom. Also, green can provide a calm and calm atmosphere for your bathroom, especially if you combine it with white on the other side of the wall, or if you use white and dark brown bathroom furniture. Dark brown will further emphasize the natural effect in your bathroom.

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