Top 10 Best Relaxation Techniques To Reduce Stress

Don’t know what's happening inside your head. Don’t know what to speak or say to people, can’t decide what’s right or wrong. No mental clarity on thoughts, feelings, and emotions? This could be stress controlling you and your thoughts pushing you out of the real world.

Best Relaxation Techniques To Reduce Stress

Stress takes you to another world where you constantly have something to worry about. It leads to suppression of ideas, making you more vulnerable to sadness. The bond between you and your stress gets stronger as you start keeping it to yourself.


  • What Is Stress?
  • Best Relaxation Techniques To Combat Stress
      • Exercise
      • Meditate
      • Healthy Lifestyle
      • Seek Help
      • Laugh Out
      • Jot Down Your Troubles
      • Mindful Breathing
      • Work On Your Goals
      • Guided Imagery
  • The Bottom Line

What Is Stress?

Stress is now a common term as most of the world’s population is affected by the problem. It can be triggered due to small or big happenings in your life, like relationship problems or pressure at work. The stress response that appears during some dreadful situations:

  • Rise in heartbeat.
  • Elevated blood pressure levels.
  • Increased anger or fear.

Stress is not only a response to negative situations, but it can come up during positive changes too.

Best Relaxation Techniques To Combat Stress

Stress is manageable. You can take the help of different techniques to help yourself deal with stress. Read on to learn more on the same.


If you ever get hit by stress hit it back with exercising. No wonder, exercising is a boon, but most people fail to utilize its full potential. Exercising is a perfect answer to your stress problem. 

The reason behind the magic is that exercising helps drop down the cortisol levels in the body and promotes the release of endorphins. Move your body even at times you don't feel like it. Perform different exercising techniques like yoga, aerobics, tai chi, etc. You can also get a lot of exercise equipment for home.


Mediate to know about your thoughts. Mindful meditation will teach you to know about your thoughts and let them flow. Meditation helps you bring all your focus to the present moment, leaving the worries of the past or future behind. Practicing it for five minutes daily will make you calmer and more relaxed.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthcanal’s articles lay emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle. Get foods you love, take care of your body, exercise, stay connected, and do stuff you love. Don’t be harsh on yourself by consuming excessive alcohol or getting addicted to cigarettes, nicotine, or tobacco. Make a good lifestyle a habit.

Seek Help

Don’t feel shame in talking about your stress problem. It’s normal, and talking about it to someone you trust will make you feel lighter. It’s better to let your feelings out; rather than become a victim of emotional suppression, which has its own disadvantages. Call your friends and family and talk about your problems. 

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Laugh Out 

Be your best friend, make yourself laugh, and let the stress out. This will help release natural stress reliever like oxytocin to help you ease your mind screams. Watch fun movies or series to help your heart feel lighter; engage with people around you, and connect as much as possible.


Not getting enough sleep can cause stress. Many publications revealed that sleep deprivation can cause you to lose focus, pay less attention during the daytime, and decrease short-term memory retention. Spend time in bed without a mobile phone and make yourself comfortable. 7-8 hours of sleep daily can help you ease stress. 

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Jot Down Your Troubles

Journaling is one way to talk about your problems. If you can’t talk about it, just write it. Writing your feelings in a paper helps to have clarity on messy-stressed thoughts. If you want to write the solutions, it's way better. Practice gratitude as it will make you more positive every day.

Mindful Breathing

Deep breathing exercise is a technique to calm down your sympathetic nervous system and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Different breathing exercises help you become aware of your breath and bring focus to the present time. Breath in through the nose and let your belly expand while the chest remains in place. You can try out different techniques like mindful meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and relaxation to music. 

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Work On Your Goals

Try to divert all your stress energy towards your goals. Stress will not touch you here until your goals are realistic. Set your goals and work on them every day. It is the best way to channel your stress energy into positivity. 

Guided Imagery

In this technique, you look up soothing scenes or views to help your mind relax. Choose images from a place you find soothing like greenery, nature, or the city side. The images or videos over the internet will help your screaming mind relax. It will help to have a positive impact on your stress problems.

The Bottom Line

Stress is the seed of many problems that can cost you health and your peaceful life. If you water the seeds of the stress by keeping it all to yourself, you will definitely see a tree with thorns with no fruits. 

Not all stress is bad stress is good at times. It enables you to make quick responses in difficult situations. If it stays longer, it can cost you your mental health, which slowly will start affecting your physical health too. You need to try different techniques to see what works to combat stress. 

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