5 Best Practices for SVG SEO in Google Image

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an easily adjustable file format, which can be easily adjustable despite the resolution of the screen. You can find various devices that have a proliferation of high-resolution devices. This is the main reason Google, YouTube, Twitter are going to use the SVG format, due to the small bandwidth size of the file format. You can say the SVG is the best SEO serving file format and developed specifically for that purpose.

Best Practices for SVG SEO in Google Image

We are going to concentrate on the fact, why SVG file format is becoming the most popular file format for SEO purposes.


  • Best Practices for SVG SEO in Google Image
      • Tag the images
      • Scalability of images
      • Editability of the images
      • Inline SVG and SEO
      • The quality of the images
  • Conclusion

Best Practices for SVG SEO in Google Image

1. Tag the images

Tagging the images can be difficult when working with the JPEG and PNG image. This problem is best handled in the SVG file format, as it is an XML-based image, and easily compatible with HTML code. 

Tagging the SVG images can be best for the web developer, and for monetizing the content on social media. It can be one of the most viable options to use free PNG to SVG converter, making sure to convert png to vector SVG. 

2. Scalability of images

The real-life images are best described by the JPEG and portable images in the PNG. This is best to describe the extreme resolution of the images. The Scalability causes blurry images, as the pixel definition is not well defined, but you do not have this problem in the SVG file format. 

This image is based on lines and shapes instead of pixels. So you need to convert these files into the SVG file format. The free PNG to SVG converter by theonlineconverter.com can be a great tool in this respect and to convert png to vector SVG to serve the scalability of the SEO images.

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3. Editability of the images

The SVG images are editable, can be reorganized according to your requirement. You need to use only a text editor to convert the images, size according to your table size. This provides the webpage in the best frame for SEO purposes. 

This provides the web developer the option to adjust the different portions of the webpage. The SVG is the ultimate solution of the web developer.

4. Inline SVG and SEO

High-quality images in JPEG, and PNG is always a dream of graphic designers. But when it comes to SEO the Inline SVG is the ultimate priority of web designers. The inline SVG tags like <img>, provide flexibility to the web developer. So they are always looking to turn the designer's PNG and JPEG images into the SVG format. This can be used for SEO and monetizing your web content.

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5. The quality of the images

The best quality of the images is possible in the Portable Graphics Format(PNG), it is the best choice of the designers, but when you are talking about the SEO. The SVG is the preferred one, due to its size and compatibility with various operating systems.

It can be resolved by using the free PNG to SVG converter, the png to vector SVG is the preferred option for the SEO experts. They are going to prefer to convert PNG to SVG color, to satisfy their requirements.


Whether you are a web designer, SEO content specialist, or even an information architect, there is a lot of ways to utilize SVGs for SEO. We hope that you have found this article useful and that you are able to utilize the information you have read. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime at contact.rtten@gmail.com. We always love to hear from our readers!

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