Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use BlueVPS 😍πŸ”₯

Several companies are offering VPS hosting services all across the world but to find the authentic one with appropriate features is not a piece of cake, right? Some of them are offering premium quality hosting plans, but their prices always get out of budget. Some of them are offering cheap plans, but the quality is not appreciated. 

If you are here you must be looking for a VPS service provider with affordable yet quality specifications. Out of all those confusing deals, blueVPS is a VPS hosting provider just as you dreamt of with perfectly set up plans and security. 

You must be wondering about the specs and plans that blueVPS is offering, no need to worry, we have piled up all the necessary information below and tried to make it easy to absorb as much as possible that you can consider before purchasing any plans.

Reasons Why You Should Use BlueVPS

Here are the following reasons that can help you to consider blueVPS to be your virtual private server, so without any delays let’s get straight into it.


  • Reasons To Use BlueVPS
      • Easy Set up
      • Several hosting plans to choose from
      • Affordable pricing
      • KVM virtualization
      • Well built Security
      • Multiple Locations to choose from
      • Customer Support and Services
      • Remote access to VP
      • Utterly managed services
      • Better reach and great efficiency

Reasons To Use BlueVPS

1. Easy Set up

The reason why BlueVPS is highly recommended and why people prefer to use the BlueVPS website for a versatile and better VPS experience is its quick and easy setup that is the first step to enter into your own world of a virtual private server. 

Get access to your accounts through blueVPS amazing VPS hostings and blueVPS has made all this setup super easy and convenient for you. Just go to their website and after configuration, set up your suitable billing cycle whether you want it to be monthly, or annually, it’s just at the distance of one click, that’s simple it’s all.

2. Several hosting plans to choose from 

Another stunning feature that people love about blueVPS is its versatility in hosting plans. It is not restricted to just one plan, it provides resilience to its customers that they can choose according to monthly, annually, biennially, triennially, semiannually, and quarterly basis just how they find convenient.

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3. Affordable pricing

BlueVPS has made it super easy for each and everyone to have access to their private virtual server at amazing prices that nearly everyone finds reasonable and budget-friendly. It has a total of eight hosting plans with different prices ranging from very basic, the cheapest price to a premium yet expensive hosting plan.

The lowest pricing plan that blueVPS is offering is the bKVM 256 plan that is just 2 dollars per month with unlimited bandwidth, 2.66 GHz CPU processor, availability of KVM virtualization, instant access to SSH and VNC, IPv4 and IPv6, speed of 1 Gbps, and RAM storage that is of 256 MBs and 10 GB HDD.

The premium plan is just 44 dollars per month, unlimited bandwidth, 12288MB RAM, KVM virtualization, 300GB HDD, access to both SSH, VNC along with IPv4 and IPv6. Incredible CPU of 4x2.66 GHz processor that takes your VPS experience to another level. The rest of the pricing lies between them, you can check them out and choose your perfect fit.

4. KVM virtualization

BlueVPS gives you 100% access to the kernel-based virtual machine that is an open-source virtualization technology built into Linux.KVM is a Linux host that can run multiple virtual machines or isolated virtual environments so that you can use it to run any OS whether it is an old form of OS such as Windows XP, FreeBSD, or any other feature related to Linux.

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5. Well built Security

Say goodbye to all the security concerns as security is the thing that can’t be compromised on how low-cost the deal is. If it can’t save your account attentively, it is of no use. BlueVPS provides custom measures or has several built-in programs to provide safety to your sites so that you can use them without any worries.

6. Multiple Locations to choose from

BlueVPS provides access to their hosting from any part of the world no matter in which country you are staying, this is not a thing to worry about anymore. It is providing more than 9 locations for KVM VPS installment. 

A few of those locations are:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • London
  • Toronto
  • Chicago 
  • Russia
  • Netherland
  • Poland 
  • Germany
  • France
  • Sweden
  • England

Do visit their website for further information and to understand their policy in a better way.

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7. Customer Support and Services

No matter how premium the services are or how ideal the policy plans are, without any reliable customer support, all of those golden aspects seem sketchy and dim. Genuine, trustworthy customer support is that strong pillar without which the services can’t go for a long run. 

BlueVPS is providing reliable, engaging 24/7 customer support, so that you won’t feel lost and clueless in case any ghost occurs. The whole team is committed to serving you in a better and more reliable way and that is also one of the most remarkable features that BlueVPS is offering.

8. Remote access to VPS

BlueVPS has access to both Linux and Windows operating systems with all available control panels. The expected control panels that blueVPS is providing include ISPmanager, DirectAdmin,cPanel, Virtualmin, or VestaCP, so the options are unlimited and advantages are phenomenal.

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9. Utterly managed services

After signing in for the membership of BlueVPS, get yourself free of all the worries related to maintenance and several other updates. Several trusted VPS providers including blueVPS are taking the hold of these demanding tasks like hardware and software maintenance and time to time updates. 

In addition to maintenance, blueVPS provides regular security checks to keep your accounts safe and free of the reach of hackers.

10. Better reach and great efficiency

With the availability of stunning features followed by incredible resources, BlueVPS proves to be a complete game-changer for you. Whether it’s a matter of ranking your services or a high level of audience engagement, quick user experience, or scaling of resources, BlueVPS has got your back in every manner. 

It provides an amazing user experience on both sides and security to your accounts is guarded by authentication processes.

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