Top 10 Best Welding Helmet Under $200 – Buyer’s Guide

The helmet is an important piece of equipment for our lives. Which is used daily in our daily life to protect ourselves from harm. Helmets come for different purposes, but if you are looking for the best welding helmets to use, then you land in the right place. 

Here we are reviewing the best welding helmets for your daily use. If you're tight on budget and wanted to buy the helmet under $200, then we're all here to guide you to buy the best product for yourself.

Best Welding Helmet Under $200

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A welding helmet is a barrier, a cover that is used to cover your face while doing various types of weldings. It is used to protect the eyes and face from the rays, protect the neck from flash burn, and also protect from infrared light, ultraviolet rays, and heat.

Having the best and good quality helmets can save your money, your time, and your life too. It’s necessary to have a good product for a sufficient amount of money. So we are here representing you with the helmets which will fulfill your requirements that are also within the budget of $200.

So without wasting your time, let’s start the review of the Top 10 Best Welding Helmet Under $200.

Best Welding Helmet Under $200

1. Hobart 770890 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet -Best helmet under 200

Hobart 770890 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

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One of the best helmets for welding under $200 is Hobart 770890 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet. Hobart helmet is a well-known helmet used for welding tasks. Its matte finish looks astonishing. The helmet is made up of polyamide nylon which's why it's lightweight. 

This best helmet under 200 is a auto-darkening welding helmet is designed to fit almost everyone. The lens is 3.95 x 2.395 in dimension, which is quite huge. Compared to other helmets of the same price, it has quite a broad viewing screen. On the viewing screen, 4 arc sensors detect spark and darken the view within 1/25000 seconds, which is too fast. The sensors will protect you from harmful radiant. There is headgear inside the hood, which is used for adjusting purposes. 

There are headbands on the headgear that give you relief. At the back, tightening ratchets are also there, which can be easily handled even when you are wearing gloves. The shades and the sensitivity are also adjustable. Shade ranges from 8-13, which makes it possible to weld from low amps with thin metal up to 300 amps.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Auto-darkening helmet
  • Extra cover lenses
  • Durable hood
  • Comfortable


  • Lacks outside adjustment knob
  • Not hard hat compatible 
  • No external grind

2. Jackson Safety Insight HXL-100 Welding Helmet -Best welding helmet under 200

Jackson Safety Insight HXL-100 Welding Helmet

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The next best helmet is Jackson Safety Insight HXL-100 Welding Helmet with the digitally adjustable auto-darkening feature. It is built with four independent sensors with lithium batteries, positioned to reduce the possibility of blockage during welding. 

This best welding helmet under 200 has a lightweight nylon frame for maximum comfort. Its tightening mechanism is easy to use. Automatically darkens with an arc light, but remains clear for welding tasks. Variable shades 9-13, have digital controls that are easy to use and have separate adjustments for various tasks while enabling welders to enjoy enhanced visibility and color recognition. 

The auto-darkening filter has an area of 3.94”x 2.36” and gives a reconstructive view throughout the task of welding. It's durable and made so well to use in any way possible. It is the best helmet under $150 with good quality and is really easy to use.


  • Good visibility
  • Good adjustments 
  • Great auto-darkening
  • Comfortable 


  • Neck coverage issue

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3. Lincoln Electric VIKING 1840 Black Welding Helmet -Best welding helmet under $200

Lincoln Electric VIKING 1840 Black Welding Helmet

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Moving on to the next position, the best welding helmet is the Lincoln Electric VIKING 1840 Black Welding Helmet. It’s a reasonable auto-darkening helmet that delivers the best optical clarity as compared to today's welding helmet. It has a quick and easy shade-changing functionality. 

This best welding helmet under $200 gives preferable headgear for wider comfort and optimal fit. It is lightweight and made from top-quality nylon and polycarbonate materials which make it super comfortable for long sessions of welding. It doesn’t cause the neck strain that is common with many other welding helmets. 

Lincoln 1840 has a broad area of viewing that gives the welder a full and clear view of their task. 4C lens technology is a remarkable feature in it. This helps to reduce the traditional green color spectrum in the helmet and gives you a creative blue viewing panel that extensively reduces eye strains. It’s the best welding helmet for long-term work under $200. 


  • Wide viewing area
  • Comfortable 
  • Lightweight
  • 1/1/1/1 optical classification 
  • 4C lens technology 


  • Only have two prominent arc sensors
  • The price is a bit high 
  • No peripheral vision 

4. Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight Insight HSL-100 -Best welding lens on the market

Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight Insight HSL-100

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This helmet is an ultra-lightweight shell that helps to reduce neck tension. Variable shade 9-13 is also present in it to protects eyes from radiant energy produced during welding. It's made up of Nylon material which gives it a smooth surface. 

This best welding lens on the market has a wide area viewing 3.93”x2.36” also. There are four independent auto dimming sensors with lithium batteries with easy access, that are positioned to reduce the possibility of blockage during welding. Furthermore, it has the sensitivity and delays adjustments for different tasks. Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight Insight HSL-100 will allow welders to enjoy better visibility. This helmet also features easy-to-use digital controls. 

It can be used in different weldings like ARC welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, etc. The ADF enables welders to adapt quite a lot of work by controlling the shades of the lens. This auto-darkening welding helmet is compatible with HLX 100 and HSL100 shells as well.


  • The auto-darkening lens is great 
  • Affordable price
  • Good adjustment 


  • Little bit heavy 
  • A small field of view

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5. TGR Panoramic 180 Welding Helmet -Cheap welding helmets auto darkening

TGR Panoramic 180 Welding Helmet

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TGR Panoramic 180 Welding Helmet has 4 independent ARC sensors with changeable sensitivity and delays controls. The helmet is made up of Nylon that makes it smooth and soft to wear while welding for long sessions. 

Lens auto-darkens in 1/10,00th of a second, which is quite impressive. This cheap welding helmets auto darkening has a good gripe in adjusting the headgear, and it's light in weight. The optical class is safer and comfortable with an auto-darkening window. Moreover, it has grind protection against flying particles. 

The viewing area is 4.53”x 3.35”, which is quite fine. It has an extended throat guard for protection. Its dark shades adjust is from 4-10 to 8-12. This helmet has shades up to 16 to protect eyes from getting harm from ultraviolet radiation and infrared wavelengths that may produce while welding. This is another best helmet under $200


  • Great auto-darkening lens
  • Easy to use 
  • Comfortable
  • Large viewing area


  • The screen gets funky in outdoor light

6. Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight Welding Helmet -Best jackson insight welding helmet

Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight Welding Helmet

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This Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight Welding Helmet is made up of 4 auto-dimming sensors with easy-to-use controls that are placed to give comfiness during welding tasks. With adjustable shades from 9-13, the welder will get the sensitivity and delay adjustment. It allows welders to adjust numerous working environments by keeping the shade of the lens. 

The switching speed of the lens of jackson insight welding helmet is 1/15,000 seconds. The auto-darkening filter helmet has a viewing area of 3.93”x 2.36” and offers a cleared view during all phases of the welding method without lifting the hood. 

Because it’s lightweight, it is comfortable to use also. You can easily choose from grind to weld modes, on this value-centric welding mask. This helmet has the best user review and is in the budget for everyone because it is available for under $150, that’s great. Now you can buy a budget helmet with great features.


  • Easy Shade selection 
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Good for professionals


  • Flimsy
  • Small in size

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7. Weldcote Metals Ultraview Plus Welding Helmet -Best extra large view welding helmet

Weldcote Metals Ultraview Plus Welding Helmet

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Weldcote Metals Ultraview Plus Welding Helmet has 4 arc sensors like most of the welding helmets that are mentioned above. It has a quality grind function. Its viewing size is 100x83.4mm. The dark shade number is from 5-9/9-13 which is good for adjustments. 

You can adjust this extra large view welding helmet as you want according to your need. The light shade number of this extraordinary helmet is 3. It has sensitivity and delays adjustments also which will prove to be quite helpful during welding. Its switching lens speed from light to dark is only 0.1-0.9s. 

The inside lens is 106x89.5x1mm and its outside PC lens is 114x133x1mm. It has mask space, especially for the ears, and bottom flare for neck protection. The helmet shell is made of high impact-resistant special Nylon which gives it a classy look. It uses an LCD of high quality and has a multilayer optical interference filter which gives permanent ultraviolet and infrared wavelength protection. This is a helmet with a low budget of under $150 with great functionalities and features. 


  • Comfortable 
  • Best darkening mode
  • Large view area
  • True Color technology
  • Charged by solar battery


  • Gives flash before AD
  • The strap at back is of plastic

8. Eastwood XL View Auto Darkening Welding Helmet -Best welding helmet for tig

Eastwood XL View Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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This helmet is durable, lightweight, and has impact-resistant Nylon and a multi-adjustable Headband that can be changed according to the requirements of the user. Its optical clarity is 1/1/1/2, and it also has a true color feature that allows a realistic color perception, so you have a much clearer view of the work you are doing. 

Moreover, Eastwood XL View Auto Darkening Welding Helmet's cartridge size is 4.5 inches X 5.25 inches, in other words, 114mm x 133mm. The window size of this best welding helmet for tig is 3.9x3.6, which is wide enough to see everything outside. The shade control is outside and easy to use. The lens changes from light to dark in 1/25000 sec., and the delay control from dark to light is 0.15 sec.

Furthermore, it has other features like adjustable welding sheets, sensitivity control, etc. The Li-MN and Solar combination with ARC changing will allow you to use it for up to 3 years. This is another best welding helmet for overhead within the budget.


  • Reliable hood
  • Good adjustment 
  • Comfortable 


  • Headgear not repaired easily
  • Lens get fade 

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9. Miller Electric 282000 Welding Helmet -Best miller welding helmets amazon

Miller Electric 282000 Welding Helmet

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The Miller Electric 282000 Welding Helmet has a clear light lens which provides extra clarity and contrast. Three independent arc sensor lenses are best suited for an obstructed and low amp welding. A vibrant light lens allows more colors of the visible light to come over the lens for usual tones.

The main feature of this miller welding helmets amazon is it has three modes: weld, grind and cut. The headgear provides extensive adjustability and pivoting too for a better fit. Digital controls allow the welder to adjust the shade, delay, and sensitivity without any problem.

It has an auto on/off power control trigger lens at the strike of an arc. The optical clarity is a 1/1/1/2 that allows for a lighter state while not welding. This is another good helmet within budget.


  • Easy digital control
  • Lightweight 
  • Good welding hood


  • Can get slipped

10. Jackson safety lightweight SmarTIGer Welding Helmet -Best welding helmet under 200

Jackson safety lightweight SmarTIGer Welding Helmet

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This helmet has a clean view with variable shades from 9-3. If you want a helmet for different tasks and for long durations, then it will assist you with its sensitivity and delay adjustments. This best welding helmet under 200 allows welders to enjoy better visibility and color recognition. Its lightweight plastic covering defends your eyes, forehead, neck, and ears from flashes, and the helmet has great density also.

A curved front cover plate offers reduced flash, thickness, and heat. Jackson safety lightweight SmarTIGer Welding Helmet will protect the welder’s eyes during MIG, WIG, or ARC welding. This product comes with three accessories that will support you while welding.

The headgear is super comfortable, and the hood is light. The lenses are easy to change, now you can change lenses without any kind of extra hassle. The shade dial is 9-13 which gives an adjustable range with a half shade past 9 or 13. 


  • Great visibility 
  • Adjustable darkening 
  • Headgear works smoothly 
  • Lightweight


  • Fine-tuning needed

What to see before buying the Best Welding Helmet?

The main and most important thing is the credibility of the helmet, its weight, its features should be good, protection lens should be great and should have a great viewing screen. And then you should look up the budget. 

To select the right welding helmet, you need to understand a few simple specifications like the auto-darkening feature and the selection of shades. If you're new to welding, then you should pick one after knowing the basics of welding helmets. If you choose a helmet randomly without knowing what you actually want, then it may cause harm to your body. 


Why do I need the best welding helmet?

If you are having daily basis work or a career in this field, then you should look for the best welding helmets. The best helmet will protect you from radiant rays, ultraviolet rays and will prevent you from danger.

The best welding helmet will give you great visibility so that you can work easily without hesitation. These kinds of the helmet that are specially made for welding has perfect lens and darkening setup that will be easy to control.

What is the best helmet?

The best helmet is the one with great capabilities and features and should be within budget. It should have safety measures and enhanced additional features to give a great experience. 

The best welding helmet in our opinion is Jackson safety Ultra-lightweight Insight Variable, and it's under $200. 

What is the best welding helmet for MIG/ARC?

Many helmets can perform this task, but the helmets we review are best to use for MIG/ARC welding. But it depends upon your choice that what you actually need and why you need it. 


So here is the list of the best welding helmets. If you are wondering and searching where to buy the best helmet within a budget, then let us tell you that we've provided you with the links from where you can buy these items. These are affiliate links, and we might or might not share some revenue of the item, but it doesn't affect the actual price of the product. 

You should have a look at reviews before you buy something. See if it’s worth your money because you should not compromise on your money or health. You must read through these reviews to gain a better understanding. 

The best welding helmets are the following:

Hopefully, the above buyer's guide and reviews will support you in choosing the best welding helmet.


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