Top 10 Portable Camping Sink With Pump - Buyer's Guide

If you're going on camping or you're a camper, you might need something to wash your hands or to wash your dishes. It'll become problematic if you don't have a proper portable camping sink with pump. 

Choosing the best product is not an easy task, after all, you're spending your money on that. No one wants to buy a useless thing that doesn't fulfil his need so here we are to guide you for buying the best portable camping sink with pump. If you're planing for camping then you might need Plug-In Cooler for Car.



Portable Camping Sink With Pump

If you're out for camping then these ordinary sinks aren't gonna work because they need some plumbing system for water connection. This is a critical problem for those who want to keep clean and neat even outdoors. This is the point where portable camping sink with pump kicks in. These sinks almost have all the features that an ordinary sink have. 

The following list doesn't contain any portable pump that has an electric pump because they're heavy and need an external battery to run. So let's get started with the list of Top 10 Portable Camping Sink With Pump.

Why You Need Portable Camping Sink With Pump?

There are some of the advantages of using these portable camping sinks. Here are some.


These portable sinks are best for use if you're out for camping and looking for something to fulfil your need of washing stuff. These sinks will be convenient in the areas where access to a proper wash is limited or non-existent.

Easy to Use

These portable camping sinks with pump are easy to use. There is a foot water pump attached to them for pumping water to the sink. These sinks come with their own water tanks one for fresh and clean water and other for dirty water.

No Installation Required

These sinks are not connected to any kind of plumbing. Therefore, they are easy to install and not proper installation is required. These sinks can be assembled in no time and can be operated anywhere.


Most of the portable camping sink with pump come with wheels that make them more portable and easy to move from one place to another. That's why they are best for camping.

Portable Camping Sink With Pump

10. HooLeen Portable Camping Sink

HooLeen Portable Camping Sink

HooLeen Portable Camping Sink is lightweight, which is easy to move and made up of high-quality material to prevent any damages like scars or broken sides. If you are looking a sink for worksites, camping, social events, and boating, then it is the perfect sink to use at these sites. 

The tank attached to the sink can store 24L water in it, so there is no need to worry about the temporary storage of water. It can be fixed and arranged without any effort and tools. There are rolling wheels attached to this sink; you don't have to carry weight. 

The hand sanitizer tank is also available with this set; it means this portable camping sink with pump not only care for your comfort but also your health. The material which is used to construct this sink is highly reliable and non-toxic. This is specially designed for the outdoor use to wash hands and feet; also, you can again wash food in this sink.

Key Features

  • Sink can store 24L water
  • Material is HDPE
  • The height of the wash table is 83cm.
  • The capacity of hand sanitizer is 3L.
  • Product weight is 14.33lbs.

Additional Information

9. Giantex Portable Camping Sink

Giantex Portable Camping Sink

If you have a party or gathering outside the house and you are worried about how to manage cleanliness their, then you need to purchase the Giantex Portable Camping Sink. It has a separate tank for water storage. 

You can apply this portable camping sink with pump at any site like the workplace, medical area, and anywhere you need water to wash hands and feet. It has a portable toilet which is extra convenience; you don't need to run towards the washroom when you are outside. 

Giantex Portable Camping Sink has a separate hanging place for the towel to dry hands with it. 4 wheels attached to the bottom of the sink to move it quickly to any place where you need it. The foot pump used to drain water to wash feet; there is no need to use hands to wash feet.

Key Features

  • The dimension of the water tank is 20*13 (L*W)
  • The dimension of water sink is 13*9.5 (L*W)
  • Wheels diameter is 2
  • The total weight of the product is 7lbs.
  • The storage capacity of the water tank is 5 gallons.
  • Liquid soap volume is 1 gallon.

Additional Information

8. kleankin Portable Camping Sink

kleankin Portable Camping Sink

No matter if you are living in the cold area or hot, the kleankin Portable Camping Sink which is one of the best portable camping sinks with pump works fine with the independent of temperature. 

A tremendous amount of water which is 4.5-gallon water which is stored in the tank is attached to this sink with the 6.3-gallon recovery tank. If you are worried about the damage of the sink, there is no need to worry because it is made up of HDPE plastic for long term use. 

Easy to carry and hand sanitizer is also attached to the product. It has all necessities for your convenience. There are no tools required to fix it outside, very easy to assemble and disassemble. 

Key Features

  • Material is HDPE
  • Water tank dimension is 20"L13.25"W*6.75"H
  • Sink height is 32.75"
  • Water flow through each pump is 0.05 gallon.
  • Water tank capacity is 4.5 gallon.
  • Very easy to pull all parts together

Additional Information

7. VINGLI Upgraded Portable Sink

VINGLI Upgraded Portable Sink

Next, we have the VINGLI Upgraded Portable Sink. Just advance on the foot siphon to get a surge of water. 180ml new water will be siphoned out consistently by one stage. 19L new water tank will give you over 100 washes by a solitary top off. Ideal for outdoors, climbing, chasing, making the most of your BBQ or other outside exercises. 

With updated spigot switch, water can be controlled physically. The new plan meets both indoor and outdoor requirements. No pipes required when utilized in a nursery associated with a garden pipe. Likewise, it very well may be used freely or helped out versatile latrine or additional water tank. 

Compact, detachable and could be collapsed into a cuboid. HDPE makes the sink lightweight convey. Implicit conveying handle and moving wheels spare your energy in any event, when filled w/water. No instruments are required for the establishment. High thickness polyethene guarantees food-grade wellbeing. Ok for washing hands, nourishments or in any event, drinking.

Key Features

  • Package weight is 8.16 pounds.
  • Size is 5 gallon
  • HDPE material

Additional Information

6. Hike Crew Portable Outdoor Foot Pump Camping Sink

Hike Crew Portable Outdoor Foot Pump Camping Sink

You can now enjoy events like backyard parties, picnics BBQs etc without the worry of running out of the water thanks to this Hike Crew Portable Outdoor Foot Pump Camping Sink that comes with large pedestal sink and 19L water tank. 

This camping sink has the innovative foot pump that is able to shoot 180ml freshwater through the faucet for better hygiene and cleanliness. With its large water tank you'll be able to wash more than 100 times that's enough for even a group of people.

Moreover, Hike Crew Portable Outdoor Foot Pump Camping Sink has a lot more that are worth mentioning like it can hold up to 6 pints of liquid detergent, has a handy stainless steel towel rack, washbasin and much more.

Key Features

  • 19L water tank
  • Can hold up to 6 pints of liquid detergent
  • A handy stainless steel towel rack
  • Washbasin
  • Best suited for large parties

Additional Information

5. HELLOLAND Outdoor Garden Portable Camping Hand Sink

HELLOLAND Outdoor Garden Portable Camping Hand Sink

HELLOLAND outdoor garden portable camping hand sink is a lightweight champing sink with pump. You can use this sink for a long time because of its build quality. It will not get damaged easily because of its HDPE material. Its tank has a capacity of 19 litres that is enough to wash a lot of dishes.

HELLOLAND outdoor garden portable camping hand sink has a foot water pump for a portable sink. By pressing this foot water pump, water will come off from tap little yet sufficient amounts. It also has wheels and a carry handle for easy to move.

Its best feature is its huge and large enough washbasin. Its washbasin is sufficient for different washing activities. Its tap has additional interjected towel holder. This holder can also be used as a tissue holder. This one is not like the other ones because it requires an external pump, and doesn't have any built-in foot pump like rest others.

Key Features

  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly.
  • 19-litre water tank
  • Large hand washbasin
  • Flexible drainage hose.

Additional Information

4. Coldcreek Outfitters Outdoor Washing Table and Sink

Coldcreek Outfitters Outdoor Washing Table and Sink

If you want a portable camping sink to have more space, then Coldcreek outfitters outdoor washing table and sink is just for you. It's washing table has 2 deep sinks that are enough for any kind of use. They are specially designed to be compact and collapsible, so it's easy to take it from one place to another place.

One of the sinks is 1.5 inches deep, and the other one is 4.5 inches deep, and both sinks have removable drain plugs. This sink has 33 inches height that is ideal for standing height. You can wash hands and wash dishes comfortably in these deep and huge sinks.

You don't need to worry about its durability because this portable camping sink is made of high-density polyethene. Its material delivers long-lasting durability and stability. Also, the material is lightweight, so it is even easier to move. Coldcreek outfitters outdoor washing table and sink is easy to use and quickly lets you clean camping supplies.

Key Features

  • 2 Large-sized sinks
  • Sinks with different depth
  • Durable
  • 33 inches height
  • Easily portable

Additional Information

3. GYMAX Portable Wash Sink

GYMAX Portable Wash Sink

GYMAX Portable Wash Sink is suitable for a wide range of food & other products because of the fact that it is made from high-quality eco-friendly HDPE plastic. As you know HDPE is high-quality plastic so that this wash sink is durable and long-lasting. You will also get the option to collect the used water for recycling.

This product is the same as the previous product, it also has a built-in carry handle and wheeled water tank. These features are helpful to carry it easily, even fully filled. Its large water tank has a capacity of 19L which is sufficient for camping. It features a foot pump that dispenses out 180mL of water

GYMAX portable wash sink is also equipped with other worth mentioning features like a towel rack, soap tank that can contain 3L of liquid soap, 1mL soap dispenser and flexible hose for draining. Its installation is too easy because it doesn't require any kind of tool.

Key Features

  • HDPE plastic
  • High quality & safety material
  • Portable camping sink
  • 19L large capacity
  • Easy to assemble & use

Additional Information

2. zhihuitong Outdoor Garden Portable Camping Hand Sink

zhihuitong Outdoor Garden Portable Camping Hand Sink

Next portable camping sink with pump from our list is zhihuitong outdoor garden portable camping hand sink. This product is best for people who have hygienic issues because it is made off HDPE material that makes it eco-friendly and toxic-free.

The setup of zhihuitong outdoor garden portable camping hand sink is easy because it doesn't require extra instruments for installation. The one remarkable feature about this product is that it comes with an extra waste tank that has a capacity of 24 litres and the freshwater tank capable of containing 19 litres of water.

Like the other products of this kind, it also has tissue holder and liquid sanitizer dispenser. You don't need to carry and extra soap to wash dishes or hands because it has built-in soap container with 3 litres space. Furthermore, with all the benefits and features, it also has two moving wheels and easy to grab handle for more easy movement.

Key Features

  • 24-litre waste water tank.
  • 19-litre freshwater tank
  • Foot pump
  • Rolling wheels and handle
  • 3-litre liquid soap dispenser
  • Built-in tissue or towel holder

Additional Information

1. SereneLife Portable Camping Sink

SereneLife Portable Camping Sink

SereneLife portable camping sink makes water accessible when you're not in your home and out for camping. It is one of the best portable camping sink with pump that has made water accessible for washing hands, washing dishes and other stuff.

This product is lightweight and has a handy design that helps you to carry it anywhere you want, whether it is camping or for any other purpose. It is made from HDPE plastic that is non-toxic and safe for the people having hygienic problems. It is safe for the whole family, and its material won't harm anyone.

SereneLife portable camping sink has a built-in liquid soap dispenser for storing soap in it, stainless steel towel holder for holding a towel or even tissue if required and a flexible drainage hose for direct drainage. This portable camping sink with pump has the capacity to store 19 litres or 5 gallons of water in it for washing purposes.

Key Features

  • Durable plastic
  • 3.5-litre basin
  • The 5-gallon water storage capacity
  • Drainage pipe
  • Wheels and carry handle

Additional Information

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to stay clean while camping?

You can stay clean while camping by using portable camping sink with pump because it will be useful in washing your hands and these wash sinks have an additional place to put a towel or tissue. This holder will be helpful in drying your hands after washing it.

How portable sinks work?

These water sinks contain water in them, and most of them have a pump. The portable camping sinks that we mentioned above has a foot water pump that will pump clean water from tank to the tap, and after that, used dirty water will go to the dirty water tank through a hole in the sink.

Do I need a camping sink?

If you're a camper or you want to go with your family and friends for a picnic, then you surely need to buy one for you to stay neat and clean and also to keep your dishes and stuff clean.

Do these sinks require expertise to install?

Absolutely not! These portable camping sinks are perfectly easy to install. You don't need to have special expertise or any kind of external tool to install it. Just pour the fresh water into its tank and carry it anywhere you want.

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So that is the list for portable sink with pump. I hope you find it informative. There are also some portable sinks with an electric pump in the market, but we only told you about the sinks that have a foot water pump. Foot water pumps don't need any kind of electricity or battery, that's why they are lightweight and easy to carry. 

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