Top 10 Strongest and Powerful MCU Villains 😍🔥

We've seen a lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe's movies from the Avengers to the Guardian of Galaxy. MCU gave us a lot of exceptional superheroes like Iron man and Thor. But a superhero movie is not complete without a compelling villain. Today's article is dedicated to the strongest and powerful MCU villains. The list is based on how mighty these villains are not how many fans they have. So without any further delay, let's get started with the Top 10 Strongest and Powerful MSU Villains of all time.


      • Thanos with IG
      • Dormammu
      • Ego: The Living Planet
      • Surtur
      • Hela
      • Ronan
      • Loki
      • Ultron
      • Kurse
      • Abomination

10. Abomination

Top 10 Strongest and Powerful MSU Villains

We start off our list with Abomination. We've seen Abomination in the movie Incredible Hulk. It was the creature that almost killed Hulk, and it was nearly equal to Hulk in every term whether it is strength or intelligence. Emil Blonsky was a soldier who was assigned to catch Hulk, but in an experiment, he was injected by Super Soldier Serum and Gamma Radiation. These Gamma radiations were the reason why Bruce Banner became Hulk. This mixture makes Abomination more massive and more powerful than Hulk. We've seen in a battle between Abomination and Hulk in which Abomination had an upper hand in every regard.

9. Kurse


At number 9, we have an underrated villain that is Kurse. Kurse is a very underrated villain in MCU, but he showed us in his short screen time that why he should be on this list. We've seen this villain in Thor: The Dark World movie where he fought with Thor and crushed him badly. The MCU's Kurse was weak as compared to its comic version. Still, he is stronger than Thor, which is remarkable. In the fight between Thor and Kurse, Kurse almost defeated Thor. Thor was unable to do anything to defeat this mighty villain. We can estimate the power of Kurse by the fact that he was able to easily change the direction of Mjolnir with his hand. Kurse was defeated because of the intelligence of Loki.

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8. Ultron


At number 8, we have non-other then Ultron. Ultron was the creation of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. At first who was just artificial intelligence robot, later he became a threat to humanity. Ultron who was made of Mind Stone had a plan to wipe out all the humanity. At first, he was just a robot, but by using his abilities, he made a Vibranium body for himself. Ultron was able to overcome almost every Avenger in the battle of Sokovia. Iron Man, Thor and Vision's combine attack was not able to defeat this enemy. Ultron was not just powerful, but he was also intelligent. Why not he be intelligent, after all, he was made by MCU's two geniuses.

7. Loki


At number 7, we have Loki. If you talk about intellect and tricks, we can't just ignore Loki. Loki can defeat anyone with his tricks and intellect. I think Loki is one of the few villains who is liked by a lot of people. Loki learned magic from his mother Frigga. It took Odin some time to break Loki's spell. Loki's tricks are his strongest weapon and in term of physical strength, he is nearly matched with Thor as we saw them fighting in Avengers 1. Loki is now dead in MCU's main timeline but he is still alive in a lot of fan's heart.

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6. Ronan


Coming up next at number 6, we have Ronan. Ronan was seen first time in Guardian of Galaxy Vol. 1. Ronan is an extremely trained Kree soldier that has superhuman strength. Besides all these, he has Kree army's most powerful weapon "Universe Weapon". By using Universe Weapon, Ronan can manipulate matter. Ronan was too strong for the team of Guadian of Galaxy, he almost defeated them. The reason why he is on this list is that he was able to bear Power Stone. If we see the record book, we can know that only Thanos was able to bear Power Stone. After putting Power Stone in his weapon, Ronan defeated Nova Force with just single energy blast.

5. Hela


At number 5, we have the Goddess of Death Hela. We've seen this character in Thor: Ragnarok movie where we came to know that Hela is the sister of Thor and firstborn child of Odin. When Odin saw the growing power of Hela, he put her into jail. Now after the death of Odin, she came back to Asgard. Hela had defeated the whole armies whether it is Valkyrie or Asgardian. She even destroyed Thor's Mjolnir with her single hand. Hela is such a strong being that overcame Thor a lot of times, who himself is one of the strongest Avenger. Hela gains her power from Asgard. The longer she remains in Asgard the stronger she will become.

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4. Surtur


At number 4, we have fire demon Surtur. The one who was able to defeat Hela was non-other than fire demon Surtur. In Marvel Comics, Surtur had defeated Odin and Thor many times and also destroyed Asgard. He had defeated Hela once who was seems to be unbeatable in Thor: Ragnarok movie. Surtur survived Hela's massive weapons that were enough to destroy ships. Surtur is larger than a mountain that we've seen in Thor: Ragnarok movie.

3. Ego

Ego: The Living Planet

At number 3, we have Ego: The Living Planet. Ego is a Celestial, and the universe's one of the oldest beings. Because of Celestial heritage, he has infinite power. Ego can do anything virtually, and even Guardians were not able to do anything against him. Only when Star-Lord unlocked his Celestial powers, he was able to defeat this powerful and strong being. Ego: The Living Planet has a vast range of abilities like Exceptional intellect, Matter manipulation, Vast psionic powers etc. Only if his brain gets destroyed, he will get killed. Otherwise, nothing can harm this villain.

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2. Dormammu


Coming up next, we have Dormammu. The one thing that gives Dormammu upper hand over Ego is that Dormammu is so powerful that he is a threat to a lot of dimensions, but Ego is just a threat for only one dimension. Dormammu is the ruler of the Dark Dimension and wanted to conquer other dimensions. Dormammu's magical abilities give him limitless powers. He can do almost anything like changing his size, matter manipulation etc. In which scene we saw Dormammu where there were some circles around him, these circles were actually the planets that he captured. Doctor Strange was only able to capture Dormammu in time by using his Time Stone. Doctor Strange never defeated Dormammu, he just captured him in a time loop and forced him to go away.

1. Thanos

Top 10 Strongest and Powerful MSU Villains

We all know who should be on number 1. Yes, it is Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet. Because of Infinity Gauntlet Thanos is universe's most powerful being. Otherwise, without IG he will not be able to on even top 3 in our list. Dormammu or Ego was not that powerful to defeat Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet because with Infinity Gauntlet Thanos has a vast range of powers like time, matter, soul, reality, energy etc. If you're MCU fan then you'll know that Thanos can wipe out half of the universe with just one snap, and he did it actually in Infinity War.


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