Dish and DraftKings Combine Sports TV Streaming

With the continuous demand for digital streaming and gaming, Dish Network and DraftKings can’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to combine the first-of-its-kind app integration of the DraftKings app on the DISH TV Hopper platform.

Dish and DraftKings Combine Sports TV Streaming

This strategic agreement between the two companies aims to bring DraftKings’ daily fantasy sports directly to DISH customers nationwide, also allowing them to subsequently deliver the same experience to DISH Network’s Sling TV and Boost Mobile in the years to come. 

First things first, let’s talk about the individual companies.


  • Introduction of Companies
      • DISH Network
      • DraftKings
  • Dish and DraftKings Partnership
  • DISH Network’s Hopper HD DVR
  • The Rising Demand for Sports Entertainment During the Pandemic
  • Final Thoughts 

Introduction of Companies

DISH Network

DISH Network Corporation is a company that offers the leading satellite TV services in the United States. Its subsidiaries include Sling TV, Boost Mobile, Republic Wireless, Dish Mexico, and the best Spanish TV, DishLATINO. 

This company offers unmatched television entertainment and state-of-the-art technology to millions of consumers through streaming SLING TV and satellite DISH TV services. In 2020, DISH Network acquired Boost Mobile, making them a nationwide wireless carrier in the United States. It also developed the first cloud-native in the country, the OpenRAN-based 5G broadband network.


DraftKings Inc. is a daily fantasy sports contest company in the United States established to reveal the competitive side of sports fans through regulated gaming, digital media, and daily fantasy. 

Launched in 2021, this company is the sole US-based vertically integrated sports betting operator. As a multi-channel provider of gaming technologies and sports entertainment provider, they have over 50 operators in 17 countries.

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Dish and DraftKings Partnership

This exciting partnership between Dish and DraftKings opened endless opportunities for DISH customers, especially with the rapidly growing DISH TV Hopper platform. By amplifying the sports experience with this TV streaming, they are creating a one-stop sports entertainment hub. 

In a statement by Brian Neylon, DISH TV’s Group President, they are thrilled to collaborate with DraftKings as it boosts the sports-fan experience. They are also excited to extend DraftKings’ daily fantasy experiences across their services, like Boost Mobile and Sling TV. Additionally, this exceptional partnership has a tremendous potential application throughout their 5G wireless buildout in the following years. 

All DISH TV customers that are internet-connected to Hopper family receivers will have the chance to access the DraftKings app directly from their television. They can view fantasy contests, wherein they can participate in initiating contest entries, setting recordings, and watching live sports with their fantasy teams. Once an action is initiated, customers will be notified via text message, thanks to DraftKings technology. Then, they will complete the transaction through the DraftKings mobile application. 

According to Paul Liberman, co-founder at DraftKings, this deal engages customers in a different level of viewership experience for both TV streaming. With the excellent opportunity for sports fans to stream their favorite games, they have created room for further innovation down the road.

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DISH Network’s Hopper HD DVR

The Hopper is DISH’s DVR system containing incredible features. This user-friendly platform was firstly made available to the market in 2012 and has been continuously updated to meet the latest television demands. One of its hottest features is Primetime Anytime which automatically records primetime shows from major US television networks. You can also delete commercials in the recording so that you can enjoy smooth, continuous streaming. 

Due to this exceptional feature, the Hopper has an amazing reputation and encourages many people to opt for DISH Network. Aside from that, it also offers basic features included in most devices. The Hopper platform allows you to turn your standard television into a SmartTV by providing you access to different applications, such as Facebook, Hulu, Netflix, the Weather Channel, and more.

The latest Hopper platform is the Hopper 3, which has earned multiple recognitions for its highly advanced and innovative technology. With this newest cable box, you can record up to three different shows at the same time, but if you enable Primetime Anytime, you can even record up to six shows simultaneously. Furthermore, if you want to browse the web and access the additional features, you only need to connect to your Hopper to your wireless internet. 

The Hopper 3 HD DVR features include the following:

  • Primetime Anytime
  • WiFi Compatible
  • Integrated Search
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Parental Controls
  • Remote Finder
  • AutoHop
  • Netflix
  • Sling TV
  • Alexa Integration
  • Voice Remote
  • SiriusXM Channels

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The Rising Demand for Sports Entertainment During the Pandemic

With this industry-altering partnership between DISH and DraftKings, we will likely see tremendous growth in the sports TV streaming industry. Due to the COVID-19 cases surge and the new virus variants, going back to their old ways is still uncertain for avid sports fans. Nonetheless, they will need something to turn their attention to, and that’s what these two companies have been doing. Of course, nothing beats in-person sports events. However, the best choice would be to turn to this innovative approach to digital sports entertainment in the current situation.

Whether you want to view odds or participate in a fantasy contest of your favorite league, you won’t have any problem doing so on DISH Network. The DraftKings app is now available to the Hopper platform, giving you full access to its features.

With this powerful duo, you, your family, and your friends can now compete and follow your favorite leagues, such as the NBA, NCAA, and more. Moreover, it’s completely easy to use, allowing you to stay updated with your favorite leagues of all time with ease. 

Final Thoughts 

The partnership between DISH Network and DraftKings is definitely a gamechanger for avid sports fans who have been looking for sports entertainment at home. This innovative approach can alter the entire industry, as the benefits of TV steaming are undeniably excellent and convenient.

With this latest option for sports fanatics, their DISH TV can now deliver more than just the game they watch. They can even participate as long as their country supports the specific DraftKings service. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best ways to keep the fans engaged and entertained on a whole different level. 

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