How to Choose Fitness Tights that Match your Heart

When you decide to go shopping for buying good workout tights, you should find trending style, fit, and features that will keep you comfortable for a long time and keep them on forever.

How to choose fitness tights that match your heart

When it comes to leggings and exercise tight pants. We must say that there are many variations that you can carry. If you don't know which one to choose then with this guide, we will help you to answer your concerns. It's up to you to decide which tights to wear in which situations.

Buying Guide for The Tights

Use the right words

In order to choose the right workout leggings, you first need to know what the basic terminology is. When you know what should you search for, it will be easier to narrow down and make sure that the item you are wearing is the right choice for you.

Waist level (Rise)

This is where the pants rest on the body. Think of the point where wearing tights is the most comfortable for your waist, which is usually divided into… Mid waist leggings which are at the navel level or slightly below the navel. High-waisted leggings that are at the navel level or higher than the navel.


When you think to be fit, think of it. This term is used to describe the feeling of wearing tights and how close they are to your body. Most of us tend to choose a more or less firm fit based on the question of where to wear these tights. If worn as exercise leggings, the tightness maybe a little more. But if you wear it with casual clothes, the firmness here may be less desirable. 


This word describes how long the pants are and what the hem is for most people. If you are a small person or have long legs, the standard length might not be exactly what you want.

Maybe your wardrobe needs to have a wide variety of tights in case, as in addition to being an option to pick up according to the weather.

The length options are as follows.

  • Knee-length trousers (Capri), which are slightly down from the knees.
  • Crop leggings or 3/4 length, which reaches half-calf length.
  • Leggings are 7/8 lengths and reach slightly above the ankle.
  • full-length leggings which are long down to the ankle


These leggings have a fairly broad meaning and can be difficult, to sum up in a nutshell. By using premium-grade materials, Luxe tights are always versatile. This makes it one of the best workout tights. whether running training in the gym, practicing yoga pants, or relaxing, these pants go through it all. Look for soft pants with sweat-wicking properties, high-end and opaque.

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Choose the workout Tights that Best Suit Your Activity

After selecting which features you want next is the question of where to put these pants. Tights may be designed for a specific activity. Our recommended tights also have different models. Prepared to suit all types of activities. 

Tight running pants

Even as an entry-level runner, aim for at least 3 to 6 kilometers per week. Which would say it's easy, probably not. But no matter what your total distance is Running leggings need to show their performance.

The running tights are designed to meet all your needs. You can sprint, run, jog, or rework your PB without sacrificing your pants. The pants have the features you need:

  • Compact design which is able to maintain the posture throughout the repetitive movement long distance
  • Systematic ventilation zones for optimal ventilation.
  • Reflective parts for added safety
  • Multiple pockets for effortless running
  • Most Nike running tights are mid-waist. There is a drawcord at the waistband to adjust the fit. for long-distance runners.
Choose tights that are breathable and have multiple pockets. If you are a sprint runner who wants to run faster. Look for pants with smooth fabric and a wide waistband for comfort even at high speeds.

Gym leggings

If you intend to wear leggings to the gym. The leggings need to stay snug as you pull, push, lunge, squat, bend, and pivot. Nike Training tights allow your movement to be as flexible as possible because the leggings are the high-waisted type with hanging bag and there are various fit length options.

So tights from the brand meet the needs of your body's movement, whether you go to play weights play cardio machines, or attend a yoga class.

The firmabs Yoga Pants are made from soft, silky fabric and come in a comfortable high waisted shape. We use Infinalon fabric, and it's the perfect balance of flexibility, strength, and a gentle fit. Infineon is half the thickness but twice as strong as spandex, so no matter how you fold, it's a good fit. You can take it anywhere.

For anyone who likes a heavy sweat session. It's your everyday workout and every day likes to wade to the point where you just can't feel it. Firmabs tights go with you. The pants have a waistband that doesn't move. 

Use sweat-wicking fabrics and along the calf, there's breathable mesh to keep you cool and dry. These are workout tights that are both soft and stretchy. Ready to go with you wherever you go to achieve your goals.

Leggings (Athleisure)

Activewear or workout clothes have become a fashion trend in the mainstream. Thus causing the clothes normally worn in the gym to be worn during rest time and when going out. Activewear is perfect for errands or meeting up with friends to call it Sportswear tights but the truth is, it's good to wear them for exercise or to relax. Many of us choose to put it in our spare time or on vacation.

Sportswear tights are not only comfortable and stretchy. It also allows you to add more, usually with styles that feature bold colors and full prints. Because your tights don't always have to focus on functionality. 

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Find the fit

Now that you know the style and all the features you need, it's time to choose the right fit. because even if it is a very tight workout pant but comfort is still necessary for you, so try on some tights. Don't forget to check your fit with two simple tests:

Size Test

Between your tights and your body, one finger should fit comfortably around the waistband and ankles. Even though the pants are tight-fitting if more than 1 inch can be inserted, then you may need to go down one size.

Squat Test

Before you take your pants off, try squatting down a bit. The opaque tights you want need to stay in place from the waist. If there is a slippage try to reduce the size if tights start to look transparent. (You can see the body or underwear through the pants) try to increase the size. The area for squats should be well lit. 

When ordering, think about when you don't fit or don't like it. tight pants should return or exchanged even if ordered online training tights should be comfortable and reassuring, even when you're exerting yourself until your muscles are sore or you're exhausted.

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