Top 19 of the Best Business Names Ever

Starting your personal business is an exciting journey. There are many challenges ahead. One of the first ones is finding a name. Get some inspiration from the ten best business names ever.

In between these steps, entrepreneurs often forget about the most important task, i.e., naming their business.

Business names are the first thing that your customers see. It helps them to decide whether it's worth taking services from the business. A name can start a spiral of associations and be aware of this can make it hard to choose any name. The process of choosing a name for any business, brand, or service should be well considered.

Best Business Names Ever

Finding the right name can change the course of the business making it either flop or succeed. If you are an entrepreneur, all ready to start a new business, check this list of best business names for inspiration! And be sure to find a unique name as a business should not be mistaken with anything else.


  • Best Business Names Ever
      • Apple
      • Bape
      • Kodak
      • Nike
      • Samsonite
      • Virgin
      • Häagen-Dazs
      • Google
      • KFC
      • Facebook 
      • Netflix
      • Tesla 
      • Airbnb
      • Patagonia 
      • HBO
      • Twitter
      • Starbucks
      • Spotify
  • To Conclude

Best Business Names Ever


Steve Jobs wanted a friendly name that instantly connects with the customers. And so, Apple it was! As per co-founder Steve Wozniak, Jobs chose the name "Apple" during his stay in the Oregon commune. The place was surrounded by Apple trees. 

Regardless of its origin, the name is easy to pronounce and prevalent to the normal population. Presently, Apple is the source of the best smartphones and top tablets for working. 


Bape is a renowned clothing company established in 1993. The name Bape correlates with its business aims. Bape stands for 'a bathing ape'. 

It was primarily indicated to self-centered youth. With the name Bape, the company transformed its concept into a business name.


The founder of Kodak, George Eastman, believed in the importance of letters. So, he added the letter K to his business name.

Kodak was, in fact, a name that was catchy and unique. The innovative use of K in initials ensured that it sticks to the mind of customers. Such unusual tactics helped the company to sustain itself for over 100 years and counting.

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The term Nike means winged goddess of victory. It was decided to manifest a bunch of soccer shoes. 

As the main aim of the brand was to seize the victory, the name mirrored its objective. Thus, the initials inspired by Greek mythology became a huge hit and Blue Ribbon Sports turned into Nike.


The brand Samsonite is focused on suitcases and briefcases. Its founder Jesse Shwayder named the first case on Samson. 

Samson was a biblical figure that had supernatural powers given by God to defeat his rivals. It had an influential effect on the customers. After that, Shwayder utilized the name as his company initials.  


Virgin, the recording studio, embraced the idea of adapting who they are. As they were absolute newbies in the business, they decided to call the company virgin. The customers welcomed the name, and their business took off big time. 

These simple and direct names are quite impressive and customer-friendly. However, while deciding the business name, these initials do not click in our minds. To rescue such instances for your business, opt for a business name generator tool like These tools are designed to come up with the best initials for your business. They provide you with endless titles that are catchy and easy to pronounce. 

Also, these tools are quick! So, you won't be wasting your time unnecessarily. 

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The owners of the ice cream company wanted something unique and irreplaceable. So, they came up with the name Häagen-Dazs, which has no real meaning. The main aim was to come up with a foreign name. 


Google was a misspelled name for Googol, which means a large number. The term reflected the endless information present on the internet. 

The creators decided to modify the name and come up with something unique. So, they replaced some alphabets and ended up with Google.


The famous fried chicken company shifted from Kentucky fried chicken to KFC as it was easier to pronounce. There were fewer syllables, and it fitted better in signs. 

They wanted to show diversity in their services, so they chose KFC instead of Kentucky Fried Chicken (which focuses on a particular dish). Recently KFC removed its finger-lickin' good slogan due to Covid19. 

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Facebook has objectively seen an odd combination of words. However, when you figure out what this platform is meant for, the name makes sense. And with its 2.8 billion users worldwide this platform has proved that an immediate odd name can bring great success. Facebook is simple and easy to remember and there exists no brand with a similar name. 


Netflix is known to most. And the popularity of this streaming service has only increased in its existing years. And the saying ‘Netflix and chill’ is proof of its ever-growing number of fans and users. Netflix has a good ring to it, and it is undeniably a big part of the services success. 


Tesla is one of the first electric car brands and even though this makes it an interesting brand, it is also carried forward by a strong and fitting name. Tesla has a futuristic ring to it. The fact that the name fits the product makes is a good naming strategy. Finding something that communicates the ideal and vision is effective.

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Airbnb is short for ‘air bed and breakfast’ as a reference to the air mattresses the guests were sleeping on. In many ways, the name can be difficult for customers to understand as it is quite esoteric. However, this service has become known worldwide, and this off-beat name has proved its worth. Airbnb works across languages and is an effective name, that is easy to pronounce whether you live in Japan or Sweden. 


The clothing brand Patagonia has borrowed its name from the southern part of South America in Argentina. Using a known place to name a brand can be a great solution. However, it is not any place that has a fitting name. Patagonia is a pretty word with great and catchy wording. Besides the brand designs outdoor clothing well-fitted for the climate in Patagonia, wisely connecting the name and the product. 


HBO stands for Home Box Office which is not as catchy as the short version. However, since its release in 1972, it has been widely known as HBO. And the abbreviation has clearly been a good marketing strategy as this streaming platform is acknowledged globally.

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Twitter is another great example of a well-fitted name as it in combination with its logo, the little bird twittering reveals what this service is created for. This is a wise and catchy way to brand a platform. And the number of users is a testimony to its popularity. 


The American company Starbucks has been spread across many countries during its lifetime. And naturally, this has to do with its products, but the adaptability of the name and the franchise is a big factor in a brand like Starbucks as well. And the recognition of the name has no doubt played a part in this brand’s dispersion.  


Amongst all these brands there are a lot of them that are made up and Spotify is another one of these. The word does not bear a meaning, but it has a certain sound, that makes it catchy and memorable. Spotify has attracted a great number of users both due to their great streaming service and because of their great marketing strategy, here among its name.

To Conclude

That was our list of the top best business names ever! You could take inspiration from these companies and select a name for your business. If you are still clueless about the name, it's best to opt for a name generator.  

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