8 Things To Avoid When Collecting Luxury Watches 😍🔥

Are you planning to start a watch collection or do you already have one? You may have probably heard and read a variety of tips on how to ensure that your timepieces will last for more than a lifetime. Additionally, you may have already known how to invest in the proper timepieces to ensure that you will have a more positive return on your investments.

Things To Avoid When Collecting Luxury Watches

Aside from knowing the do’s in the field of watch collecting, it’s also important to take note of the things that you should never do. In that way, you will have a more holistic approach and strategy to ensure the quality and performance of your watch. Additionally, this will also help you identify the best brands and models to invest in so you will really get your money’s worth.


  • The Don’ts of Collecting Luxury Watches
      • Choosing unfamiliar brands
      • Spending more than you can afford
      • Wearing incorrectly
      • Failure to maintain watches
      • Repairing your own watch
      • Buying counterfeit products
      • Choosing aesthetics over performance
      • Keeping in storage for a long period
  • Conclusion

The Don’ts of Collecting Luxury Watches

In this article, we will highlight the different don’ts of collecting luxury timepieces. These can be your guidelines to have a more comprehensive and stunning collection of watches. Let’s take a look at each of them.

1. Choosing unfamiliar brands

If you are into collecting timepieces that promise a good return on your investment, it’s important to invest in brands that are known as experts in the watchmaking industry. Avoid settling for obscure and unknown brands because it will be a waste of money. 

For instance, you can consider buying a TAG Heuer watch if you are into sports. Aside from the fact that this brand is well-known in the sporting community, it has also released one of the most powerful timepieces in the world. TAG Heuer’s chronographs can track up to 1/2000 of a second. Because of that, you can be sure that reselling it for a more enticing price is a possibility.

It goes the same way for other types of timepieces. If you are into collecting elegant and classic luxury watches, you should go for more prominent brands such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, and Audemars Piguet. These companies have established a stunning reputation in the industry, which will ensure their reliability.

2. Spending more than you can afford

One of the biggest mistakes of watch collectors is spending more than what they can afford. After all, that’s what a credit card is for, right? However, if you are buying a luxury timepiece that costs almost double your income, it may cause trouble. 

You can go into so much debt that can affect your day-to-day spending. As much as possible, only buy the timepieces that you can afford. However, if you suddenly fall in love with a timepiece that is significantly more than your budget, it’s best if you will save enough money first to buy it in cash instead of using a credit card. 

The essence of buying a luxury timepiece is to celebrate a milestone or an achievement and not to cause more problems.

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3. Wearing incorrectly

There have been a lot of misconceptions about how to wear your timepieces properly. Some people are used to wearing their watches on their left wrist. However, it all changed when people noticed some prominent personalities wearing their timepieces on their right wrists. So, the question is, how to wear them correctly. 

The most basic answer is that it depends on your dominant hand. It is recommended to wear your watches on your non-dominant hand. In that way, there will be lesser activities that can be prone to bumps and scratches. The only reason most people wear it on their left wrist is that there are more righties than lefties.

4. Failure to maintain watches

Another important don’ts when you are collecting watches is failure to maintain them. Most people just wear them like you would other accessories. However, you have to keep in mind that timepieces are made with a complex and sensitive mechanism that needs to be maintained. 

As much as possible, make it a habit to at least wipe them with a damp cloth before storing them. This is highly recommended if you wore the watch outdoors or during physical activity. It’s because these timepieces could have accumulated dust and dirt that can build up to the internal parts of the watch.

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5. Repairing your own watch

For those who have been collecting timepieces for a long time, it’s common knowledge that if your watch is broken, you need to bring it in for repair. After all, that’s what warranty coverages are for, right? 

However, once your timepiece has passed the warranty, some people prefer to save money and repair the watches themselves. You should never do that. In any given circumstance, make sure to bring your timepieces to experienced professionals. 

6. Buying counterfeit products

If you want to be seen wearing a luxury watch, it’s best to wear an authentic model. Keep in mind that your fellow watch collectors will know if you are wearing a counterfeit watch. Additionally, if you choose to wear fake products, you won’t get to enjoy the full benefits of wearing a luxury watch.

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7. Choosing aesthetics over performance

Understandably, luxury watches need to look alluring because, at the end of the day, it’s still an accessory. However, you should not compromise choosing a high-performing watch over an aesthetically pleasing timepiece just because it looks more appealing. Make sure to always choose the timepiece that will enhance your experiences.

8. Keeping in storage for a long period

Timepieces are meant to be worn. If you are one of those people who have a lot of timepieces in their collection and only wear a few of them, you should think again. It is highly recommended to always wear your timepieces to keep their movements ticking. 

If the timepiece has been stagnant for quite some time, there is a high chance that it can affect its performance, especially for mechanical and automatic watches.


Since you are spending tens of thousands of dollars on luxury watches, it’s easy to say that it is practically an investment. Because of that, you need to make sure that you are doing it correctly. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending more than you can earn. 

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