The Best Places to Buy Investment Property 😍🔥

If you are thinking about making real estate investments, it pays to find locations that are both attractive and poised for growth. By taking the time to search for some quality areas, you'll be able to get the most bang for your buck when you're building your portfolio. 

So which areas should you consider when looking into investment properties? We're happy to shed some light. 

The Best Places to Buy Investment Property

Keep reading to learn more about the best places to buy investment property at the moment. 


  • Best Places to Buy Investment Property
      • Virginia Beach, VA
      • Las Vegas, NV
      • Dallas, TX
      • Austin , TX
      • Charlotte, NC
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Best Places to Buy Investment Property

1. Virginia Beach, VA

The Hampton Roads area of Virginia has been a best-kept secret for some years. It has an amazing location right by both the James River and Atlantic Ocean, and has beautiful springs and summers. 

Now that native Pharrell Williams launched the annual Something in the Water Festival, expect tourism in the area to pick up for the foreseeable future. Buying a vacation property in Virginia Beach can grow some healthy equity that you'll appreciate. 

2. Las Vegas, NV

It's never a bad idea to buy investment property in a city that is on almost everyone's bucket list. Though Las Vegas is a popular destination, the property values are incredibly reasonable. 

You can purchase a nice piece of property that can serve as an Airbnb or rental to travelers or residents year-round. Expect travel to Vegas to increase in the next few years now that the NFL's Raiders have relocated to Sin City. 

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3. Dallas, TX

The Dallas-Forth Worth area has been on the rise for the past several years. It's an emerging city that has great property values and lots of financial opportunity. 

Many professionals from all over are moving to the area to enjoy the quality of living in Texas, along with a low cost of living

4. Austin, TX

The city of Austin provides all the benefits of Texas living, with a different vibe that attracts young, artistic, tech-centric crowds. 

It's a city that is known for festivals and has lots of culture that brings in tourists and new residents on a regular basis. 

5. Charlotte, NC

Finally, consider checking out property in Charlotte so that you can lay down some ownership in a city that is considered to many a little Atlanta. Not only is Charlotte home to major sport franchises, but it's also becoming a new favorite city for startups and young professionals of all types. 

This is a very educated city that is also attractive for families. The weather is incredible, and the proximity to several locations up and down the coast makes purchasing property here a no-brainer. 

No matter which city you're looking into, make sure that you do your research to view what has changed in the area since the pandemic. 

Search for the Best Places to Buy Investment Property

The tips above point toward the best places to buy investment property right now. Start working with some real estate professionals that can assist you when you're ready to make a transaction. 

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