How to Buy a Diffuser For Essential Oils That Suits Your Needs 😍πŸ”₯

Life improves in myriad ways when you live in a sweet-smelling home. Those pleasant fragrances enhance your mood, improve your sleep, and reduce your stress levels, among many other positive effects.

How to Buy a Diffuser For Essential Oils That Suits Your Needs

And that’s exactly what you get when you invest in an essential oil diffuser!

These clever contraptions emit beautiful scents and calming vibes into any room you put them in. The tricky part’s knowing how to buy a diffuser for essential oils that’s right for the job. Know the struggle?

Keep reading to discover what to look for when buying a diffuser.


  • How to Buy a Diffuser 
      • Diffuser Coverage
      • Diffuser Output
      • Functional Time
      • Size and Weight
  • Time to Buy a Diffuser

How to Buy a Diffuser 

Diffuser Coverage

Most diffusers work by distributing essential oils into the air as a mist, which carries the scent around the room. However, there’s a limit to how far each diffuser can diffuse the vapor, which is known as the device’s “coverage area”.

It’s important to choose a diffuser that’s suitable for the space in which you plan to put it. For large rooms, pick one with a sizeable coverage area (perhaps up to 700 sq. feet). For smaller spaces, a coverage area of 150 to 215 sq. feet could suffice.

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Diffuser Output

Another key consideration is how much mist the diffuser produces. More mist creates a stronger scent and vice versa!

Want our advice?

Find a diffuser with an output control feature. Similar to the volume on your TV, you’ll be able to regulate the intensity of the fragrance according to your needs! Top tip: another way to do this involves increasing or decreasing the essential oil’s concentration.

Functional Time

We recommend that you buy a diffuser with a reasonable operation time as well. Trust us, there’s nothing more frustrating than having one that runs out of juice when you need it!

The simplest models have a fixed run time (usually around 5 hours). But you can find higher quality diffusers that come with controllable diffusion times. These run without stopping for 4-5 times as long and allow you to decide when they operate.

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Size and Weight

The size and weight of essential oil diffusers vary considerably too. From compact and lightweight models to large, bulky ones, make sure you pick one that’s appropriate for your specific needs. For example, someone who wants to move their diffuser easily from room to room will benefit from a smaller device.

A related factor here is the size of the diffuser’s reservoir. These vary in capacity from around 1 to 250+ milliliters. Larger reservoirs hold more oil/water, but they also impact the size of the diffuser itself.

Time to Buy a Diffuser

The best essential oil diffusers turn your home into an olfactory oasis. However, with a huge array of different models out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose! We hope the insights in this article help in that regard.

Keep them in mind and you should be able to buy a diffuser that’s perfect for your needs. Would you like to learn more about similar topics? Search “home” on the website now.

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