How to Change Odometer without Tampering the Mileage? 😍πŸ”₯

You might think that the odometer will work for as long as your car survives. This could be true in certain cases, but sometimes odometers break down. If they can’t be fixed, the only thing you can do is get a new one. Changing the odometer on your car isn’t the end of the world. It doesn’t cost that much and a professional can easily attach it to your vehicle. 

However, there’s one important detail that you should keep in mind – the mileage of your car should be matched with the new odometer. That’s the task that includes the most risk. You could correct the discrepancies yourself, but the chances are you’ll face trouble if you do that. Instead, you could use professional services. 

How to Change Odometer without Tampering the Mileage sells the odometer blocker which will help you test the performance of your car once you’re done with all the changes. Let’s see how you can change the odometer on your vehicle without any trouble.

Can you use the mileage blocker to correct discrepancies?

Technically, you can but you shouldn’t. You see, the odometer blocker sold at is a device that stops recording the distance once activated. It’s a tool that is meant for testing purposes. You can connect it to your vehicle in a controlled environment and make sure everything operates correctly.

You could use the mileage blocker to correct the discrepancies that are caused by the new odometer. However, this equipment is only meant for testing, not the open roads.

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What is the main purpose of the mileage stopper?

The main purpose of the mileage stopper from is to help you test the performance of your vehicle. Manufacturers tend to exaggerate the stats of their cars to make them more attractive to the customers.

It can be hard to tell if those specs are true or not unless you inspect your car thoroughly. The mileage stopper is a simple and affordable solution in that situation.

Sometimes people use it on public roads to prevent their vehicles from recording the mileage. However, such utilization isn’t the purpose of this tool.

Is the odometer blocker safe to use?

The odometer blocker from is completely safe to use. It comes with an original plug that you can connect to your car directly. You won’t have to mess with cables thanks to the plug-and-play module.

Moreover, the odometer blocker stops recording the mileage, which means its performance can’t be detected even with diagnostic equipment.

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Where can you buy the kilometer stopper?

You can purchase the kilometer stopper at It’s a reliable source that always delivers premium quality products. They offer competitive prices and tools that are tailored to the model and make of your vehicle. This way, the kilometer stopper operates perfectly no matter what.


Changing the odometer on your car isn’t a difficult task, but matching the mileage can become tricky. It’s better to use professional services to avoid any trouble. The mileage blocker can assist you in that process by testing the functionalities of your vehicle. Make sure to use it properly to benefit from all of its features and advantages.

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