PDFBear: A Quick and Easy Way to Add Page Numbers on Your PDF 😍🔥

You are ready to submit your PDF to your boss, only to realize at the last minute that he required you to put page numbers on the file, which you have not done. You only have approximately three minutes before the deadline. You may choose to get scolded by your boss, or you may find a solution to put on page numbers as fast as the remaining time allows.  

Quick and Easy Way to Add Page Numbers on Your PDF

That can happen to everyone. It may not have happened to you, but there is no guarantee that it will not happen in the future. Hence, the tips that you will learn from this article will come in handy. We will introduce a web-based platform that is guaranteed to resolve your problems regarding PDF. We will be exploring its impressive features and its hassle-free process. 


  • What is PDFBear?
  • How to add page numbers to your PDF using PDFBear?
  • Reasons to Choose PDFBear
      • Easy to navigate platform
      • Quick and hassle-free processing
      • Saves you from the hassle of software
      • High degree of compatibility across platforms 
      • Privacy Rights is secured
  • Takeaway 

What is PDFBear?

PDFBear is an online platform that allows users to modify their PDF, a file format that is non-modifiable by nature. With this platform, you are not just given a chance to add page numbers to PDF; you will also be allowed to make other modifications like adding texts and images, etc. More so, using this platform, you may also convert your file to any file format. 

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How to add page numbers to your PDF using PDFBear?

The steps are very easy to follow. Once you get familiar with it, you can already navigate the platform with ease. The first thing you have to do is upload your file to the server by clicking the select file or by dragging the intended file from your device. Wait while the upload is completed. Do not worry at all; you will not be waiting for long. The processing is quick. 

When your PDF is already uploaded, select the position you wanted to place your page number. Using PDFBear’s viewer, you can have a clear perspective of where you wanted to put the changes. Once content with the modification, click number pages. Wait for a while until you are brought to the download page, where you can secure a copy of the output. 

Reasons to Choose PDFBear

Easy to navigate platform

The thing about most websites, especially the recently made ones, is it is overly complicated. There are many buttons and hyperlinks that are confusing, especially for those who are not that well-versed when it comes to website navigation. Thankfully, the creators of PDFBear made sure to have a simple web layout so that everyone can quickly get familiar with the site. 

Quick and hassle-free processing

As mentioned, you do not have to wait too long for the processing to finish. The website guarantees that it will not take too much of your time. This is with respect to the common knowledge that time is always of the essence, especially for students and employees. Hence, this is a perfect platform for those who are always on the run to beat a deadline. 

Saves you from the hassle of software 

The software offers great tools, but along with it is a great hassle. From its ridiculously high price, tedious installation process to its tendency to slow down your device’s performance because of its file size. PDFBear will save you from these hassles. All you need is an internet connection since every step of the process is done online using cloud storage. 

High degree of compatibility across platforms 

The problem with most websites is their compatibility across platforms. This is the reason why some websites do not perform seamlessly with obsolete devices or operating systems or do not work well with web browsers that are not conventionally used. Fortunately, you will not experience this with PDFBear since it is tested across different platforms.  

Privacy Rights is secured

Violation of privacy rights is one of the prevalent problems in this modern day and age where information becomes accessible. For this reason, PDFBear ensures that the information of their users will be kept private. The uploaded files will be encrypted using top-notch technology. It will also be deleted an hour after the processing of the file is completed. 

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Modifying PDF is not as hard as it sounds. Indeed, it is almost impossible to edit a PDF file, but that is not the case if you are familiar with different platforms that can aid you. With PDFBear, adding page numbers has never been this easy. Not only does it give you high-quality performance, but it also ensures that you are given the utmost respect as a client. 

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