GoGoPDF: Ensuring PDF Conversion Quality and File Security 😍🔥

In this modernized world, it is a must to step up and learn more about our computers, devices, and electronic files. You might get left behind with the social and business trends if you stick too much to the conventional methods. Web-based platforms are pretty popular nowadays, especially since most successful business ventures are computers and digital marketing. 


Professionals and entrepreneurs usually seek a safe-to-use online platform to process their electronic files in a portable document format. One of the significant features of PDFs is that you can add password protection. How can we maximize these features if we do not acquire the appropriate Adobe programs? Lucky for you, GoGoPDF is available online for free! 


  • Why GoGoPDF is Your Best Choice For PDF Conversion
  • Lock-Unlock-Manage PDF Files
      • How To Password-Protect Your PDF
      • Unlocking Encrypted PDF Files
      • Managing Large-Sized PDF Files
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Why GoGoPDF is Your Best Choice For PDF Conversion

Before we discuss how to lock and unlock PDF, we will have a brief overview of GoGoPDF.  The top reason why professionals prefer using GoGoPDF for their PDF conversions is that it ensures quality. GoGoPDF’s PDF conversions are of top quality and ensure that your contents remain intact as with the previous format. 

GoGoPDF also allows you to convert your PDF to its most comprehensive format, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. As you visit GoGoPDF’s home page, you can see all the options you might need for PDF conversion. You can also avail of its 14-day free trial to access complete editing tools with your transfigured PDFs. 

On the other hand, GoGoPDF promotes an excellent consumer privacy policy and keeps your files for your eyes only. The web-based PDF converter platform itself is very safe to use. Plus, GoGoPDF has more functions to take advantage of, like adding password protection to your confidential records. It also has an extra function to unlock encrypted PDF files. 

Lock-Unlock-Manage PDF Files

How To Password-Protect Your PDF

If you handle confidential records or sensitive documents in portable document format, this GoGoPDF function is perfect for you! You can add strong password protection and take advantage of their 128-AES bit encryption to ensure the safety and security of your private document. You can use any web browser when using GoGoPDF as it is quite the versatile one.

On the GoGoPDF home page, choose the “Protect PDF” function and drag your file to its dropbox. After file upload, you can start inputting your preferred password to your PDF and click “Encrypt PDF” to seal it from any sneaky competitor.  So within less than a minute, you now have a freshly encrypted PDF ready for downloading! 

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Unlocking Encrypted PDF Files

Since we are now done protecting our PDFs with strong passwords, we can now learn how to decrypt them using GoGoPDF. This function is perfect for those who do not have the required Adobe programs, which usually come with a price. With GoGoPDF, you can enjoy the same functions at the same efficiency without having to spend a single penny. 

Using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge will not matter as GoGoPDF can work perfectly with any of them. Proceed to the “Unlock PDF” feature and upload your encrypted PDF. Input the PDF file’s password or passcode and click “Decrypt PDF.” As simple as that, you can now save your newly decrypted PDF! You can also copy-paste the file URL for faster online file distribution. 

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Managing Large-Sized PDF Files

This function may seem off the topic about PDF conversion and file security, but this can be very useful in the future when you handle volumes of PDFs. It is a common dilemma when people end up having trouble uploading and sending their files via webmail platforms, provided that they have limited capacity for their users in terms of file distribution. 

Even if your PDF file reaches 500MB or 1GB, you can still manage it using GoGoPDF’s PDF compress! This free and efficient PDF compressor allows you to deduct file size to its most diminutive form without comprising its base quality. Just click on the “Compress PDF” option, upload your oversized PDF, and GoGoPDF will do the rest! 

However, if you do not want to affect your PDFs’ imaging quality, you can use the “Split PDF” instead. With this function, you can select specific pages and detach them from your base PDF. You will not entirely delete the page as you can save it as an individual file. 


These stated functions are one of the best features you can enjoy with GoGoPDF. As you visit their home page, you will see more options and procedures that you might find helpful in your future PDF operations. 

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