6 Convenient PDFBear Features for the Employed or Studying 😍🔥

Wouldn't it be so handy if what you need is something you can get around the corner? What if I tell you that you can go somewhere for your school or work pdf needs? 

Convenient PDFBear Features for the Employed or Studying

Let us introduce PDFBear, a website that caters to your pdf problems. If you're not convinced, then read through these convenient features from the PDFBear.


  • Convenient PDFBear Features
      • Lock and Key
      • Protect PDF
      • Unlock PDF
      • Repair PDF
      • Compress PDF
      • eSign PDF
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Convenient PDFBear Features

Lock and Key

Whether you're a student going to university or an employee working from home, you put value to anything you're writing. Your thesis or financial reports are essential to you and the institution you're in. That's why they must be protected. PDFBear has developed features that can secure and unlock PDF, proving helpful in this regard.

Protect PDF

Putting up defenses is not just for yourself or your pc. It can also be done for your pdf files. Confidential business secrets and unfinished research papers are files that your competition would certainly like to get their hands on. There is no doubt that you would want to save them from their clutches. So, for you to do that, you need to use the site's Protect PDF.

In simpler terms, the program will put a password on your file so that the only ones who can open it are you and anyone else who knows the password. The process is easy and understandable. All you need to do is upload the pdf and create a password for it. Once the program does its thing, your document will now have an encrypted password on it.

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Unlock PDF

After you've presented or submitted your secured file, you'd probably want to file it somewhere or put it in an archive so you could open them again in the future. What's problematic with that is if you forget your password, you'll have a hard time accessing it. To avoid that kind of outcome, you need to remove your encrypted password before filing.

This is where the Unlock PDF feature comes into play. It is the opposite of the Protect PDF program, wherein it removes the password from your file. That'll make it possible for you to have an easier time further down the line. Similar to how Protect PDF works, you just need to upload it on the site and let it do its magic.

Repair PDF

Dropping your device or hard drive can cause you to lose or damage your documents' data file. When that happens, you could either start from scratch or try to go to a tech shop and let them try to restore what was lost. With the help of PDFBear's Repair PDF software, you won't need to do that anymore.

What it does is it will attempt to fix or repair your damaged or corrupted pdf file. It says attempt because there is no guarantee that it can completely restore the data to its original state. It would greatly depend on how broken the file was in the first place. If it can't repair it completely, it will still rebuild it to at least a workable file, so you won't have to start from square one.

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Compress PDF

Being organized and efficient can go a long way, especially if you constantly write weekly essays or monthly reports. You could have a file naming system so you'd instantly know what file you're looking for, or you could go a different route. The bottom line is that you can do other things to be organized, and using this compression tool is one of them.

Compress PDF is a pdf compression tool made by PDFBear. It compresses your pdf document so that it won't take up too much data space in your folders. You can also use it when you need to send large files through email. What's impressive about this program is that even though the file size becomes smaller, the document's quality isn't jeopardized.

eSign PDF

Now that the world needs social distancing and personal interactions are limited, the usual way of doing things has changed. Many of the operations and processes of daily life have transitioned online so that it'll be more accessible during this time. Included in those procedures are signing documents. 

Using the site's eSignature tool, you can add your signatures to all the documents that need it. The traditional way of doing long-distance signing is not available in every home, so this PDFBear feature will significantly help you with that.

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Convenience is something everyone is looking for and in different aspects of their lives, not just in school or work. It is good to know that you can get it through using PDFBear. There are many more features on the website, so if you want to know more convenient pdf tools you can use, visit PDFBear.

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