Why RARBG Is a Torrent Site You Shouldn’t Miss

RARBG is a website for file sharing through the BitTorrent protocol. This enables you to download varying content.

Multiple file formats are offered by RARBG torrents, including your favorite TV series, movies, and songs.

Why RARBG Is a Torrent Site You Shouldn’t Miss

Ever since being launched in 2008, RARBG has worked efficiently, but as most torrent sites, it has faced multiple blocks along the way. If it is also banned in your state, worry not. RARBG can always be easily accessed through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 


  • What is a VPN?
  • What happened to RARBG, and is it legal?
  • Why is RARBG worth a try?
      • Easy to find
      • Friendly user interface
      • Wide and healthy community
  • How to use RARBG?
  • RARBG mirror sites and proxies
  • Conclusion

What is a VPN?

For accessing RARBG, firstly, it’s essential to know the meaning of VPN. It enables a user to share data privately and provides security over a public network. In addition to unblocking restricted sites, it also protects your personal data from hackers.

While using an excellent VPN service, your internet protocol address remains hidden, and personal information stays private. Some of the free VPN services include - Turbo VPN, Proton VPN, and Windscribe VPN.

What happened to RARBG, and is it legal?

What happened to RARBG, and is it legal?

According to internet service providers, RARBG is responsible for committing copyright infringement on artists' original work from all around the world. For producing content such as movies, songs, and books that we download through torrents, artists, authors, movie stars, and other creative people invest a lot of money and hard work into them. So, the government gives them copyrights of their content by which they can rightfully earn what they deserve through the legal sale of their creations. 

However, because of the torrent sites like https://proxy-rarbg.org/, they don’t get the expected earnings and return on their investments. Consequently, numerous entertainment bodies like Universal are supportive of the ban on such sites. Furthermore, the government is also against piracy. Consequentially, RARBG is banned by various countries like India, Greece, Australia, etc.

If you look at things more critically, RARBG is not illegal because torrent sites are technically not committing any crime. Torrenting is legal because it is a form of technology for sharing things over the internet. This is because proxy sites are still operating in various countries.

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Why is RARBG worth a try?

Ever wondered why RARBG is one of the best torrent sites? 

Here are some undeniable benefits that will convince you to try this site at least once. 

1. Easy to find

After visiting the site, you will see recommendations of video files that you may like. Torrents are categorized in a way in which they are easy to locate. No matter what type of file or content you are searching for, the filter parameters help you find exactly what you're looking for. Also, torrent sites offer multiple options for the same file in terms of file size, video/audio quality, and language. 

2. Friendly user interface

To enable beginners to navigate the website with ease, the user interface is organized conveniently. Once you get the hang of how things work on any one of such websites, you will be able to browse smoothly without any hesitation or confusion. 

3. Wide and healthy community

The community on RARBG posts content regularly to keep the network healthy. Moreover, for keeping you safe from bad torrents, they provide their priceless feedback on torrent files. So, you can rest assured that you get only the best quality torrents in terms of security and authenticity.

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How to use RARBG?

Similar to other torrent sites, you can download RARBG games and movies in some easy steps. The website is like an online store where you can buy your product by typing your needs in the search box.

Take a look at different steps for downloading RARBG files.

1. Ensure you have a torrent client installed

Firstly, make sure that a torrent client is installed on your device. Do not fear being charged any additional fee because a majority of torrent clients are absolutely free. Some of the notable torrent clients are Vuze, Deluge, and BitTorrent.

2. Access the RARBG site

Download and install a VPN that will help your connection when you download a torrent file.

3. From a wide list, find a torrent according to your requirements.

4. After finding the required torrent, click on it for going to the file’s summary page.

5. Clicking on torrent will prompt your torrent client for starting the downloading process. If the download doesn’t start automatically, then click on the torrent's magnet link for manually inputting it into your torrent client.

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RARBG mirror sites and proxies

RARBG proxies and mirror sites are fast and offer similar content found on the main domain. Needless to say, all mirror sites are not the same. So, while accessing the internet for good torrents, it is suggested to have a RARBG proxy list with you.


RARBG is a public torrent website that is safe to use. It employs rogue advertising networks and allows users to share content through torrent files. As discussed earlier, the site is blocked in numerous countries due to legal reasons. However, you can securely unblock RARBG by using trusted methods like VPN (Virtual Private Network). 

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