Guest Posting

Guest posting is an act of writing and publishing an article on someone else’s blog or website for content marketing, SEO or blogging. Guest posting is one of the best strategies to increase traffic or Domain authority(DA) of your site. A website having higher DA will give you a strong do-follow backlink, but these high authority websites have high expectations, and there are fewer chances that your guest post will be accepted. So we'll suggest that you should contact those sites that have average domain authority.

We're pleased to tell you that we're accepting guest posts. But we have certain criteria before accepting any guest post. These criteria are following.

Guest Post Terms and Conditions

  • The article should be unique and written solely for
  • The article should be 100% unique.
  • Only Top 10 rankings articles are accepted. You can visit some of our articles for a better understanding of what we're talking.
  • Your links should link to the related site.
  • We may make some necessary changes to your post.
  • Article length should be at least 1300+ words without grammatical errors. You can try to remove any grammatical error. 
  • Your guest post will remain on our website permanently
  • We don't accept p*rn, s*x, dating, gambling, betting, poker, casino related links or sites.

What will you get?

  • Your guest post will get one do-follow backlink. We may add an extra backlink based on the quality of the article.
  • Your post will be featured at the top of our website until new posts get published. 
  • Your post will be published into our main categories. By publishing in main categories there will be higher chances to get more traffic on your post.
  • We might do SEO of your guest post as well.

How to submit an article

  • If you're interested in guest posting on our website. You can contact us or can email us at your content ideas.
  • We'll publish your guest post after reviewing it and will let you know about that.
  • We'll respond to your email as soon as possible. In the case of rejection if you don’t receive a response for one week. Please feel free to use your article elsewhere.