Things To Expect In The Fleet Industry For 2022

The fleet industry plays an important role in the entire business sector. Many businesses from different industries rely on vehicle fleets to operate, even those outside the transportation industry. It has become a vital part of today’s commerce and has changed and is still changing as time goes on.

Owning a fleet, regardless of size, is a challenging task. There are plenty of things to think about to manage your fleet effectively and yield great results for the business. Not to mention keeping track of the industry trends to keep up with the times.

Things To Expect In The Fleet Industry

Just like other industries, the fleet industry also changes now and then. Keeping up with them is necessary to adapt to the current trends that may help with fleet management. With that in mind, here are things to expect in the fleet industry for 2022.


  • Things To Expect In The Fleet Industry
      • Increased Adoption of Electric Vehicles
      • Uncertainty of Fuel Costs
      • Prevalence of Automation
      • Increased Fleet Data Accessibility
  • Conclusion

Things To Expect In The Fleet Industry

Increased Adoption of Electric Vehicles

More businesses will use electric vehicles (EVs) when forming fleets. Commercial organizations are now grasping the benefits of using them for business. This trend will persist this 2022 behind the increase in EV sales last year.

Other driving forces behind this trend include sustainability interests and environmental government mandates. Since EVs don’t use fuel, they don’t contribute to pollution. They are also powered by a more sustainable power source, making them more affordable to use in the long term.

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Uncertainty of Fuel Costs

The current fuel situation in the U.S. leaves fleet owners in a precarious position. It’s expected that an uncertain future in fuel prices will find fleet owners contending with fuel management. That is a vital area in fleet management because fuel is one of the top expenses in fleet operations.

As a fleet manager or owner, you should prepare yourself for challenges brought on by this uncertainty. For example, logistics and construction companies in the Philippines partnered with a tire manufacturer that produces fuel-efficient tires. Triangle Tires in the Philippines provides them access to quality tires to help address fluctuating fuel prices.

Prevalence of Automation

Automation will be a theme in the fleet industry this 2022. As a result, there will be an increase in autonomous vehicles in fleets alongside autonomous vehicle aftermarket technologies. In fact, automotive manufacturer Ford has already partnered with Argo AI to push their commercial self-driving vehicle business this 2022.

Fleet management software and solutions are also expected to be prevalent. The benefits of streamlining daily processes through automation made them rise to popularity. Outsourced maintenance automation, which also sped up outsourcing third-party fleet maintenance, will also be popular.

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Increased Fleet Data Accessibility

Fleet data accessibility is another helpful technological trend that is expected to be popular this 2022. Fleet managers will be able to integrate fleet solutions, including GPS, telematics, risk and safety solutions, and fuel cards in fleet management software to automate data reporting and keep them in one place.

More readily available data will allow fleet managers to make data-driven decisions that should improve operations. This trend will also bring about a shift to deeper data security. More managers will upskill in IT to learn more about how they can secure valuable fleet data.


These are some of the things you can expect in the fleet industry for 2022. Fleet owners and managers should be ready to adapt to these trends to have a smooth-sailing year. The bottom line is, whatever change may happen, there will be things to learn that may help you to operate your fleet.

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