Top 10 Best CoOntact Apps To Use 😍🔥

Coontact Apps are used to find out someone’s contact information and organize your contacts by giving different labels to it. You can organize your business and personal contacts by giving them different names.

Coontact Apps help you to backup and sync your contacts throughout the whole device that will allow you to manage, add information, and edit existing contacts as well. If you want to manage your contacts and don’t want to lose your contacts, then you can install contacts apps for this purpose.

Best CoOntact Apps To Use

If you want to manage your phone coontacts and don’t want to lose by back up them all, then you should give try to Coontact apps as they will help you to manage your contacts very effectively. We will show you some popular and best contact apps for smartphones to use.



  • Features of Coontact Apps
      • Contact+
      • Sync.Me
      • TruePhone Dialer and Contacts
      • Drupe
      • Contacts Ultra
      • Google Contacts 
      • Cardhop
      • True Caller
      • Simpler Contacts
      • Covve
  • Conclusion


Features of Coontact Apps

There are some exciting features of Contact apps. The best Contact apps also come to organize your phone.

  • It will help you to clear any duplicate contacts and make it easier to find the person you’re trying to reach.
  • Contacts app has their dialer that will help you to call anyone directly from the app.
  • You can download it on your android phones and iOS.

Here we are representing the 10 best apps for you to choose, the best Contact apps that will help you to manage your phone coontacts.


Best Coontact Apps To Use

1. Contact+


Coontact+ is one of the most popular Contact apps that has merged as all in one contact book. It works like a phone book and a dialer app. Its following features will help you to understand that.

The app creates a collective contact book and keeps contact information up to date that sync across many devices

  • It removes duplicate contacts by eliminating them.
  • It can double scan and can verify business card to save them in your contact list
  • Coontacts+ can backup and restore your contacts if they get deleted from your phone

Coontact+ presents the free version for its users, and it also has its premium version.


2. Sync.Me


Sync.Me is the world's most advanced app that helps you to know who is calling on your phone number, and from where in the world.

  • It can accurately identify the callers with their photos and much other information like where are they from.
  • Sync.Me keeps you up to date and syncs others contacts with their profile and additional information
  • It can record the calls, and it can back up all your contacts 

So, Sync.Me can be the best option to choose for syncing the contact and also let you find out the duplicate contacts and will help you to know that who is calling you.

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3. TruePhone Dialer and Contacts

TruePhone Dialer and Contacts

TruePhone is also the common app that works as a dialer and coontacts editing app. You can easily install it on your phone from the play store. It has the following features.

  • This app is highly customizable and makes your calling experience to the next level.
  • TruePhone app is free to download, and their users have a good experience while using it.
  • It can export and import contacts and their profiles very easily.
  • The dialer comes with different features including different layouts and shortcuts.

It is very easy to use and very effectively can access your previous and recent calls.


4. Drupe


Drupe is one of the most popular apps among other Contact apps used by millions of people as it has amazing features including.

  • On a single layout, you can use its features collectively.
  • Just swipe right on the app to get access to calls, messages, schedule your contacts, and swipe to use the navigation feature as well.
  • By using Drupe, you can identify and block spammers.
  • It has a built-in call recorder feature.

By using Drupe, you can easily communicate with others and easily can get rid of the hassle. Give try to Drupe to have a good experience.

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5. Contacts Ultra

Contacts Ultra

The Techcrunch Contact Ultra-App is a very common Contact app. It can not only edit your contacts but also maintain its statistics and history of your conversation.

  • It can easily navigate between contacts 
  • You can edit and easily add new contacts by using it 
  • Contacts Ultra automatically show profiles and sync them with your address book 

It will help you to view your contact's social media activity and Contacts Ultra will allow you to save specific contacts that come from a particular account, and the navigation of this app is very satisfactory.


6. Google Contacts 

Google Contacts

Google Contacts is the contact management app from Google. By using google contacts, you can associate various phone numbers with their email address. 

  • Google Contacts available in its free version. 
  • It can backup and sync your contacts very effectively.
  • It provides contacts in many categories with their profile information with widespread search functions.
  • The change you made in your contacts is automatically saved on your phone.
  • Google Contacts can easily find and merge duplicate or fake contacts.

Its simplicity and number of features make its use very convenient and make it one of the best alternatives to many other Contact apps.

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7. Cardhop


Cardhop is the best contacts management app for iPhone. The contact searching ability in it is very interesting, and it has the following features.

  • Cardhop is a very easy to use and quick access app, you can instantly find what contacts you are looking for, and the app handles the rest.
  • You can create a timestamp to watch your history of the conversation.
  • It will help you to pick up WiFi-cellular calls.
  • The app is available in different languages including English, German,  Italian, and Spanish.

It will assist you to search, add, edit and interact with your contacts in a very effective way. 


8. True Caller

True Caller

The true caller is free to use and easily available on the play store. It is one of the best apps that is used by millions of people due to its incredible features

  • True callers make it very convenient to keep all annoying and scam calls off of your phone.
  • You can employ the true caller to backup your contacts.
  • It will enable the feature that will let you know who is trying to contact you and from where in the world.

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9. Simpler Contacts

Simpler Contacts

Simpler Contact is a very classic app to manage your address book and give it a very minimal interface in the tail of your contacts, and make it very user-friendly with the following features.

  • It can merge all the duplicate contacts on your phone within seconds.
  • Simpler can automatically backup your phone contacts in a secure way, and you can even export your backup contacts to Gmail, Google Drive, on the cloud. 
  • By using Simpler, you can send text and emails to a single or a group of contacts.

Its interface features make it a faster and full-featured app.


10. Covve


Covve app work like a smart contacts managing tool and one of the best apps to use in 2021. It has amazing features that include.

  • Covve gives short reminders to its users to keep in touch with their contacts.
  • It can scan business cards very accurately and send them back into the form of digital business cards.
  • It is designated very well to keep your data private and safe.
  • In Covve, you can add contacts, import contacts, and can add favorite contacts to your address book.

Its free trial also available, but if you want to use all its premium features, then you can also purchase its paid version.



Here we have mentioned the 10 best contact apps for you. You can give try one of them to use the best Contact app to make your address book more elegant and useful that help you to manage your contacts.

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